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  1. Put some feelers out to local rescues. Nearest BC specific rescue is a few hours away, but there is a dog rescue in town that I got in touch with. Lady basically told me at 9 years old either leave him in a crate for the rest of his life or put him down. Not exactly the most promising of suggestions there.
  2. Shelter is closed for the day. Also might not be overly helpful as I am about 5 hours away from where I rescued the dog. I'll look up some local rescues. I believe there are a couple nearby that are even BC specific I'll definitely bring that up with my vet next time we go for a visit. Thanks!
  3. I haven't spoken to my vet here about this yet. I will at our next appointment. My fear of medication is how some described as a suppressant and that the dog still has the fear but is unable to react thereby making them feel trapped in their own body. Sounds terrifying to me but those descriptions may be unfounded. That said, I'm not entirely against it if a vet definitely recommends it. Apologies for being unclear. We rescued him from a kill shelter for 55 bucks. Highly doubtful they would offer any support unfortunately. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hey all. I adopted my BC Sam from a shelter back in 2009 when he was right around 2. He has always had some issues such as submissive urination and severe fear of thunder. My wife and I have dealt with these problems over the past 7 years but with our newborn on the way we want to figure out how to properly address these concerns. Some of the other things we've noticed with him are: Aggression towards other dogs when: they chase him at the dog park (he will nip/bite), have a toy he wants (he will try to steal it from another dog and often times will miss and end up inadvertently biting the
  5. On a sidenote, he wouldn't be crated for long. I have 2 roommates so someone is almost always home. I'll just make sure if you're the last to leave, he's in the crate.
  6. I agree 100000%, I know that chipping will not protect my dog from harm, but in the event that he does get out again I would at least like to prevent this scenario from playing out again and ending badly. Trust me, we are rebuilding the fences for security when he's out back, and I'm going to crate him when nobody is home, that way he is accounted for 100% before you leave the house.
  7. I'd like to start off by apologizing in advance for any profanity, but there is really no other way to express my emotions at this point. As posted earlier in another thread, my dog is quite the escape artist. Well while I was at work today my dog was just at the house. My roommate was getting ready to leave and forgot her sunglasses after she walked out, so she left the front door cracked and went to get them. Apparently this was my dog's chance to explore. She didn't see him leave so she had no idea he was even gone. He's a very quiet dog and naps alot, so she wouldn't have known the dif
  8. Sounds like I have it all wrong, which I kinda figured. Would you be so kind as to link the thread where you outlined it? Would a Kong with treats work the same function? If so I'll give that a shot this weekend.
  9. My technique that I've tried to use is the reward for actually giving the ball to me. I'll show the ball to him and call him over. I'll hand it to him and let him sit there and think about what to do with it for a second. If he turns and walks away, the ball gets picked up and the game stops. If he stays and gives it when I tell him to "give", he gets a treat. I've worked on this for a while now and no results. I was trying to start small and work my way up, just making it obvious to him that giving the ball back to me instead of just taking it somewhere else is beneficial to him, but it doesn
  10. welcome to my world... http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=28595 but I live in a neighborhood with lots of families and kids. I can only see the look on a parent's eyes when some dog comes following a kid home because hes just that playful. My entire neighborhood loves Sam by now
  11. So this happened a few weeks ago, thought I would share now that I have the time away from classes. I live in a house with 2 roommates. We each have a dog, a female pit, a female heeler and my border collie Sam. They get along great and love to go out back and play. Well I work all day on Saturday at a motorcycle dealer here in Denton so I'm busy from 8am till about 5pm. I got a few phone calls from some random number from my area code while I was at work. Apparently my roommates let the dogs out for a bit and Sam somehow got out. We still cannot find the hole he got out from and the yard
  12. He loves it, to be honest. He loves chasing the ball every time I throw it. If I had a bag of 100 tennis balls he would chase every one like it was the best thing in the world. I am just trying to work with him to bring it back. He has brought it back a few times in the past, I am just trying to figure out how to work on consistency.
  13. So it seems my border has a typical issue among others in that he LOVES to chase things that are moving fast, but once they stop, he loses interest. Same with playing fetch. It seems like I have tried everything and I am still at a loss. When I throw a ball he will chase it as fast as possible, pick it up, and maybe 1 time out of 50 he will bring it somewhere near me. Otherwise he just heads off in some random direction and drops it after carrying it for 20ft or so. If I call him to bring it back he will glance but keep on going. Seems to be that hoarding mentality of the dog, but how do I get
  14. I'll look into getting a crate for him. Its not a UTI, I just had him tested last week and this has been happening for months.
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