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  1. Tonya Betancourt (AgileOllie@yahoo.com) Lake Charles, La 1-2 Legs from Beaumont, Tx- Slidell, La Kia Sorento Have extra crates Willing to pull from shelters Can hold overnight Available most weekends, some weekd day evenings [transferred to database]
  2. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to the boards, but not new to agility, obedience and rally. I am (or will be tonight) a new owner of a Border Collie puppy who I adopted from the pound. I'm also not new to rescue (I'm the President of our Dachshund Rescue group). My question is that I noticed that AKC (ACK) is sort of a 4-letter word around here (which I totally get, when it comes to breed standard for the BC, amongst other breeds, ie GSD) But I wonder what venues do you participate in companion sports? USDAA is very rare around here, so when I was working with my mini schnauzer, we participated in AKC. What venues do you participate in?
  3. How scary. I hope he's back very,very soon.
  4. We've waited since Friday to bring our little rescue, Nick, home from the shelter. He will be neutered tomorrow and we can pick him up around 5. It's going to be a loooong 24 hours!! I can't WAIT! My 2 year old keeps asking "Nick?" LOL we're all so excited.
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