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  1. I am posting this by chance someone may be interested as I am not affiliated with these people and I have not seen a picture of this dog. jmdtf-3977908618@sale.craigslist.org [? 1 year old full blooded border collie free to a loving home. Not neutered. Great with kids; not so much with cats. He knows most basic commands. He will need plenty of space and attention. Not a house dog. We really hate to lose this dog, but a larger dog in the community is harming his safety.
  2. Here are some new pics His name is Popo and Trigger Previous owner named them I never changed them.
  3. Thanks for the advice its much appreciated. Oh by the way I am a HE lol.
  4. Here is an update on those 2 dogs, They are truly wondefull dogs and what matters the most is I am happy and they seem very happy too! I couldn't pass up on the sibling for only $25 dollars more he is precious.
  5. Good for you. Well spoken. Vet shots, dog food for 9 weeks, flea control, 2 dogs I think not! I had 3 dogs before and 1 was the border collie that was put down. 1 lab, 1 mutt also they don't need training to be good pets. These people weren't in business. I don't need a good stock dog for a pet nor need to spend $600 for one either. Still looks like they are definitely making money to me. I got all the advice I need from you folks believe me. Then some people would actually feel they saved a dog! No profit in $75 for 2 dogs sold out of seven and then considering shots, flea control, food for 9 weeks please. Maybe because other hard headed people think they always know best! I did not to rationalize anything I am done with this site for good. You guys have at your expensive dogs while believeing you are saving the breed. What a joke and a bunch of hypocrits we have here.
  6. I went today and looked at the dogs. Apparently this is the first and last time of BYB. It was an older couple and daughter there and the dogs looked to be well taken care of and I was offered one of the brothers for $25 if I took both. I saw the mother and other siblings also. I can't remember what happened to the sire. This people definitely aren't out to make lots money on dogs obviosly and from what I can tell even buying from a reputable breeder they are out to make money on their dogs. Perhaps they are worth the asking prices and they have near as much invested I don't know? But lets see here a liter of 6-7 pups at around $600 each yea sounds like they are in it for the money regardless. Its not the dogs fault here whether the BYB is right or wrong and the people have no intentions of breeding anymore dogs in future. I don't really care about papers but grew fond of the boder collie I had for almost 17 years and I like the breed and only want another. He had no papers cause I found him as a tiny puppy and have no idea where he came from. I have been looking for a dog ever since I joined this website and even made my intentions of doing so because my dog was getting old. I just never saw any that appealed to me and I plan on keeping a dog a long time. The way I look at it is I have possibly saved these dogs from who knows what. Should I have waited til they found there way to the pound then it would be ok? I am contemplating going back and getting the brother so they can keep each other company when I am at work. I was there with my dog when the doctor put him down so I feel for every dog that is put down but is there a better way to do this. Well the difference here is that my dog was crying out in pain I felt I had no ther choice.It was heartbreaking to me to watch and It brings this grown man to tears to think about it. Please don't hate me for getting these dogs and I can leave this forum if I am no longer welcome here.
  7. Yes I have looked at shelters here but I don't see anything but mixes mostly. I don't have $600 to spend on one either.
  8. Who are the good breeders close to alabama and how much would it cost me for one of these dogs? I am just looking for a pet.
  9. Please can anyone offer any help here I am very interested in this dog since my bc spot had to be put down not long ago.
  10. I found a BC on Craigslist from an individual who has 2 left from a litter the others went to relatives she says. What do I need to ask before adopting one. She wants a $50 adoption fee to cover cover shots, deworming, etc. Do I just need to ask if he is registered ABCA ,NASDS or AIBC and if none of these I should avoid getting this dog? Here is a link to the ad. http://bham.craigslist.org/grd/1839596660.html Thanks in advance.
  11. Today I had Spot put to sleep he was obviously in pain and he could barely walk. After approximately 17 years from when I found this sick puppy he is gone now gonna miss him. Bye Spot you were a great dog.
  12. This is funny but looks like it can hurt too. My BC does this but never gets up.
  13. My vet told me to stay away from the dog shampoo's (says they are no good) and instead use people shampoo. Anyone one else heard this?
  14. Thanks for the complement.I am located in birmingham alabama.
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