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  1. Are the parents of your dogs accomplished at open level in USBCHA sanctioned events? If not, I would avoid.
  2. I used to swap lessons with a very well-known big big hat, for artwork , or farm-sitting , or helping with sheep-worming/vaccinating. (I particularly endorse the farm-sitting option. It gives one and one's dog valuable SHEEP-TIME.) Accept no substitutes! You need sheep time to sort it out.
  3. Greetings fellow Potato-Stater, Heres a site for the Eastern Idaho Stockdog Association. http://eisda.com/ I don't know much about them except that they're active, and they host clinics. They recently had Jack Knox. Patrick Shannahan is a frequent clinician out that way too. Western Idaho has a stunning wealth of sheepdog talent. Patrick Shannahan, Don Helsley, Dianne Deal , among quite a number of other GREAT handlers and teachers. Perhaps you could plan a trip this way.
  4. In dogs, there is no situation that cannot be made far worse, by shrieking.
  5. After a lot of struggling, my "timing" improved GREATLY, when I got my dog backed off the sheep.
  6. Oh!Howleylooya! Saints be praised! Stand back! I'm just finishing my 10th year.
  7. On his web page Brian Abingdon claims to have placed at the USBCHA Finals in Novice (among other)classes.
  8. Aedes might be a good name for a siamese cat who lives indoors, or a very fancy Arabian horse.
  9. Counties in my state are stepping up enforcement of dog license laws and kennel regulations , to make up for abrupt and sudden shortfalls in revenue from taxes. They're using fees and fines as revenue sources. I wonder if that's not whats happening where you are.
  10. Another thread got me wondering... How do you get your dogs to hear your clickers at the top of a 600 yd outrun. Do you need microphones? Do the trial rules allow for that? How do the big hats work this problem?
  11. If your questioner is someone you are not likely to meet again, you can say," She just won the USBCHA Finals, Both Open AND Nursery! and has been accepted into Harvard. She has a shelf full of Oscars, and a Pulitzer (for her compositions about the many textures of goat turds). She plans an eventual career in politics." Heres what I tell stangers who are interested in my dog: "She's a good girl." For me, that sezienough.
  12. "She is in training for the Bolshoi Ballet."
  13. I'm also planning to breed my lizard...AFTER we have titles, of course , and after I figure out what sex it is. What color do I breed her/him/them to, in order to produce a merle? I'm going to call my kennel ,"Blue Mist Sport Lizards" or, maybe "Dusty Rose Action Lizards" if red merles are produced.
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