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  1. As far as we can tell, the little white one (Flash) is able to both see and hear. She also is very capable of barking loudly!! :-) We just had all 5 in the house -- and Flash was the leader of the pack as they ran circles around my husband and me. Yes, we are seriously considering keeping one. Although, jokingly, we've said, "Can't we keep 'em all?"
  2. Jasmine had her pups eight weeks ago (born 1/6/09). The first three pups have left the nest, and gone to their new homes. Such a bitter-sweet feeling. I sure shed a lot of tears when "Swoosh", my personal favorite, went with his new family. We are thinking seriously about keeping "Buster" (my 2nd favorite)...although my husband is partial to "Flash"...so we'll see what ends up happening! Jasmine is at the vet TODAY for her surgery...they just called and said all went well and we can pick her up later this afternoon. NO MORE PUPPIES FOR US! The pups visited the vet on Thursday (last week) ... the are all very healthy! They had their first shots and official weigh in ... ranging in weight from 9 lbs. to 12 lbs.!!
  3. The good news is...we've already got 9 potential homes (and only 8 pups). It seems most people that have seen pictures or have stopped to visit tell us they will take one! :-) We aren't sure if we'll keep one or not (long story). The white one seems to be able to see, but we're still not sure about her hearing.
  4. Jasmine went to the vet yesterday....she does have an infection in her mammory glands, and likely an infection that is causing her to spot blood. We have her on antibiotics, and are supposed to keep her from the pups (as far as allowing them to nurse). She pretty much doesn't want them to nurse anyway, so that's not been too bad. We are now preparing "mush" from dry food & hot water in the blender 4-5 times per day. Jasmine will have surgery to be spayed as soon as her milk dries up -- within 2 weeks. The pups turned 4 weeks old yesterday! Here are just a few adorable pics for you to enjoy.... Kristin
  5. Hello, I have a couple of questions about Jasmine (whose puppies are almost 4 weeks old, and doing great!). 1. Jasmine has some really, really bad breath. I know she's cleaning up the pups' pee and poo...but it's soooo bad! Any suggestions about how to freshen her breath? I can't stand to have her too close to my face ... ICK. 2. Jasmine is spotting w/blood. It seems the discharge stopped (the brownish colored stuff) after about two weeks. Now we're noticing blood spots occassionally....and I'm not sure why. Should we contact the vet? Thanks for any answers/suggestions you can offer. I appreciate all of your support! Pictures coming soon.... Kristin
  6. Everyone here has been so great...I wanted to give you all an update on Jasmine & her puppies. It's been almost two weeks since Jasmine had her 8 pups. Each puppy is doing very well, as is "momma". The smallest pups at birth were 10 ounces, and the smallest now is 30 ounces. Here are a couple pics from yesterday and today. Kristin P.S. I'll get back to the blog soon...had a terrible week with some things going on personally.
  7. Thanks...I won't worry so much then. It doesn't seem like a lot to me, but I was a little nervous about it. No, I've never had a baby--so this is as close as I'll get to experiencing birth!! :-) Is there a reason why Jasmine would still be, occasionally, nesting (pawing at the bottom of the whelping box as if she were nesting before delivery)? This board has the BEST people & answers!! Thanks, in advance, for your advice, support, and answers! Kristin
  8. HELLO... Jasmine and her eight little pups are doing wonderfully well! However, we've noticed Jasmine has some brown-ish discharge from her female privates...Is this normal, or should I call the vet? There isn't a lot, but enough to spot the carpet in a few places...and there are a couple of spots in the whelping box too. I would appreciate any input you can offer. Thanks, Kristin
  9. OKAY...I'm off work today anyway, and you talked me into it...I STARTED A BLOG! :-) I really have no clue what I'm doing, but it's started. Here's the link: http://jasminethebcstory.blogspot.com/ I'll figure out how it works and continue to add to it. Haven't quite figured out how to add pictures there...but plan on showing you the progression daily through pics. THANK YOU to each one of you for your support, kindness, wisdom, etc. It has been greatly appreciated! I'll be checking back here often for information. And, of course, I'll keep you posted (as long as you're interested) on Jasmine & her pups! Kristin
  10. I just want to clarify...we did adopt from a county SPCA. We were given instructions to take her to the vet within a certain amount of time for shots, etc. (the vet had to sign a card & send it back)...we were also given some certificate to get her spayed. WELL...we were planning on that right after Christmas since she was, according to the SPCA, in heat when we got her! Now we'll wait until she's done nursing the pups, and then get her in to be spayed. Also, I'm not sure how much the SPCA people know to begin with...at least, in my experience with this particular one. First, we were told Jasmine (whose name we gave her...they were calling her something else) was about 10 months old ... our vet said based on her teeth, etc. that she's between 1-2 years old. The SPCA said she was a german shepherd / samoyed mix -- the vet said border collie / australian shepherd mix. The SPCA said "no way could she have gotten pregnant while there" ... yesterday was her 59th day with us and the SPCA said she was with them for a week. SO...who really knows?!?! I feel the SPCA gave us inaccurate information -- and if they are in the dog/cat business, wouldn't they know a bit more about dogs?! Just some thoughts. Regardless, my husband and I are THRILLED with Jasmine and our new extended family! He's already talking about keeping one of them!! :-) Kristin
  11. THANK YOU for the information!! I will talk to the vet about this. Kristin
  12. Why do you think that one could be deaf? Just curious...not knowing much about all of this...I like to learn as much as I possibly can! Thanks. Kristin
  13. OKAY...I'm one proud granny here...A couple more pics of just the "kids"....hee hee...Hope you all don't mind! I can't stop grinning....Momma is doing well...she's eaten a few times...and I've given her chicken broth too...bought some puppy gravy for her food...been giving her a few treats too.
  14. Well, here are just a few pictures...we've taken so many already! Momma is doing really well, and so are each of the "kids"! 1 pup is all white 1 pup is black & white spotted (like a cow) 6 are mostly black with a little white here & there All are too darn cute!!
  15. UPDATE--9:44pm She has 8 puppies! The first came around 5:25pm, and the last around 8:20 or so. She seems content. I'll attach pics tomorrow. I'm exhausted!!
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