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  1. That leaves us with a little bit of hope . Riley is 45 lbs at 6 or 6.5 months, and probably 19 or so inches tall. We think she's probably a lab mix though, so that could throw things way off in the end. Ouzo has such a great face, I love seeing pictures of him.
  2. No problem training our Yorkie. When we first started, we either sat or kneeled on the ground to get down to his level. I think he knows about 20-25 tricks now, and we do it all from standing. (He knows verbal and hand signals) Most small dogs are more rough-and-tumble than you'd think, so basic "big dog" training should work just as well.
  3. We live in St. Charles county just outside St. Louis. I'd be worried about the cost as well, nobody wants to put that much money down just to have the yard destroyed. Zoysia does feel really nice though, and we still might try a small section just to see how it does.
  4. Sorry that I can't help, but we're sorta in the same situation. We live in Missouri too, and have just over a half acre yard. Part of our yard is fairly well shaded with some nice full trees, so that gets a bit muddy when it rains. We looked into Zoysia grass, and might still consider it... but that gets pretty expensive too. If I ever come up with anything, I'll be sure to let you know.
  5. Dex is up to 15lbs now? Looks like he's almost starting to catch up to Riley. She was an 18.2lb monster at 11.5 weeks
  6. Crazy Puppy Case #121108 Exhibit A: Exhibit B:
  7. Riley (12 weeks) wakes us up every morning around 6:00 I let her run outside for her to do her business, and then she expects breakfast immediately. Barkley (our 2yr old Yorkie) sleeps right next to us and would stay in bed as long as we were in it. If he really needed to go outside, he'd let us know... but he'll sleep right next to us for as long as he can.
  8. I'm guessing she'll be up in that range then too. She's gonna be a big girl Lewie looks very handsome, I like that thick rough coat up front.
  9. How much did YOUR BC puppy weigh at 12 weeks? Our little one 18.2 lbs today. Just trying to figure out how big she'll end up being. We still can't figure out if she's really a mix or what she's mixed with. She's absolutely crazy though, and we love her
  10. After looking at a bunch of pictures, I'm really starting to think the BC/Aussie mix might be right. These Aussie ears look pretty similar. She's absolutely crazy though, that's for sure. (New pictures in the next few days)
  11. Thanks for all the responses and compliments. It's pretty hard to tell about whether or not she's mixed with anything when she's this young, but I'll take all the guesses I can get. We don't mind if she ends up being 35 lbs or 75 lbs, we love her just the same. I forgot to add that our Yorkie is a bit of a monster (12.5 - 13 lbs) so keep that in mind for the scale of the pictures. lol The two of them get along great though. They're always looking for each other, and Barkley checks on her when she sleeps.
  12. About a week after having her Updated pictures! (Dec-30th) Anyone know what she might be mixed with? Or maybe she's just a smooth coat. Any comments or ideas are welcome. I've learned a lot between these two boards, and look forward to being active here. ------ Edit: She's 11.5 lbs at 9 weeks, if that helps anyone ------
  13. I've been reading the board for a few months, but this is my first post here. I posted a few times on a Border Collie Rescue forum, but I figured I would post my introduction here as well. My girlfriend and I have a 9 week old Border Collie that we're calling Riley. We found Riley through a shelter, but she had a long trip before that. She was brought to a pound at 4 weeks old. Instead of leaving her at the pound over the long Thanksgiving weekend, they gave her to a shelter. The shelter had a series of foster homes where she stayed (and was almost adopted) until we found her. We brought her home on December 11th (at 6 weeks old), and she's been a part of our crazy little family since then. We also have a 2 year old Yorkie named Barkley, and he's been having an absolute blast playing with her. We both love her to death already, and she's definitely a permanent fixture in our home. First 3 pictures that we ever saw of her First visit to see her First few days home See next post for more pictures...
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