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  1. A woman in Wisconsin that bought one of my pups,e-mailed me to say that "Gipp" got into her purse and ate some "Orbit" sugar-free gum. Within a short time, she began with siezures and was rushed to the Vet. She is Okay, and no Liver damage. I'm just posting this to make people aware. Not all sugar-free gum is toxic to dogs. It is the ones containing Xylitol. Orbit and Tri-dent contain it. We are so grateful that Gipp didn't consume the Xylitol in the middle of the night and perhaps it would have been a "worse case" senerio.
  2. I did finally get a brochure....it was a copy from 2007!!!!
  3. I joined this club on Nov.18th,2008. Months went by...finally I wrote to the person in charge, and was told "oops", I lost your application and just now found it. A couple more months pass...still nothing. I write again and was told I would recieve a couple of the old pamphlets until the current one came out. Another month has passed. Does this club actually exist????
  4. Everything I Know about herding came from my dog Gus. He was a natural herder at 10 wks old. He started on chickens, then ducks, goats, and on to cattle. I got him some sheep and he was NOT at all interested! I love all animals, my life is ruled by livestock. But sheep are pretty stupid and I think Gus felt they weren't worthy of his unbelievable intellect. Goats are a little more challenging for a dog because when "spooked" they scatter, as sheep stay close to each other. I now have a small herd of goats and when I mention the word "goat", my BC's are ready to go. I just purchased 3 little Nubian does that at present, are living in my basement, due to this extremely cold Michigan winter. It's a BC's dream come true! These girls are not bottle babies, so they are a little leary of humans as yet. My Reva gets to hold them in a corner, so I can get ahold of them when I have had to administer shots and vaccinations.And in typical BC brains, she thinks I cannot do this without her assistance. Its a good idea to make sure the goats your dogs will be working are hornless.
  5. I just got a disturbing e-mail from the breeder I bought a Bc from. There is a toy out there made by Four Paws. Check it out on Snopes Keywood:Pimple Ball It's pretty disturbing
  6. The Breeder we are all talking about is DEFINEANTLY not into Show dogs! Her dogs come from imported lines and are all ABCA registered. I wanted to make sure I got a working dog...she told me she never breeds for beauty and she did more to ensure the health of her pups than any other breeder I contacted. Pups had their CERF papers, were micro-chipped, and health certified from Minnesota State University. She had no cases of epilepsy in her dogs, which really got my attention having lost my "once in a lifetime" herding machine to epilepsy. Maybe you are right, and this is something they talk about in the UK. She has spent alot of time in Wales. Oh...for not breeding for beauty...I think my pup is pretty darn handsome! I didn't want to ask her for names of people she has sold littermates to...I'd rather they would reach me willingly.
  7. BC's aren't concidered the smartest breed for nothin'!! They always got alot goin' on in their brains, probly feel the other breeds aren't worthy, or don't think they'd get much feedback. If you think about it....the brightest humans usually don't hang-out with idiots!
  8. Is there anyone out there that has a dog from Kinnic Kennels in Wisconsin? Dad would be Shep, Mom would be Breeze. Curious about what my pup's relatives are doing. My pup is really turning out to be a great dog My first "prick-eared" BC, didn't think I'd ever own one.... he reminds me of a black and white coyote!
  9. I used to buy LOTS of chicken on the bone, cooked it,pulled the meat off the bone, and put it thru the grinder. What a job! I thought it was cheaper, but for the lbs. of meat you actually get, it was better just to buy the chicken in bulk from a food service supplier (GFS) It's already cooked and cut up for about 2.50 per pound. When I did it the old way, I left some of the broth in the recipe (for some oil) and they got diarrhea.So we went through a little trial and error. I am Afraid to use commercial dogfood anymore, unless I can understand the ingredients and their is NOTHING added that comes from CHINA! I add a little dry food to the mix so they have something crunchy. That would be "Solid Gold", and the name is appropriate to the price!
  10. They also get a multivitamin with their food. I'm not suggesting anyone should use my recipe,but someone asked for it. I choose not to grind up the bone for fear of the splinters. I'm very happy with the results I'm getting. Believe me, I ain't takin' ANYTHING away from my dogs!
  11. 20lbs of chicken/6lbs. green beans/6lbs.sweet potatoes/5lbs. brown rice/5lbs.carrots/Barley and Oatmeal. I used to put everything through a grinder after I pulled all the meat off the chicken. But I realized I was paying for ALOT of skin and Bones, so now I special order 20lbs. of pulled chicken meat from GFS (a local restaurant supplier). Dogs have a hard time digesting raw vegetables, the proof was in the carrots that came out in the same shape as they went in! So now I cook the yams and carrots. I add a little dry kibble so they have something crunchy. That commercial food is called "Solid Gold", and the price reflects the name!! So many dogs are getting cancer and liver problems, I honestly believe it's in the food. When it's all about "profits" what are they putting in their product to cut corners? And when ANYTHING edible comes from China....buyer beware! Borders are usually not big eaters, food is just fuel for their enormous workload...my dogs LOVE this food. Their coats look like a mirror.
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