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  1. If anyone else feed the diamond naturals...just an FYI that Tractor Supply (supposedly all of the stores per the sales women where I went last night) has the Diamond Naturals chicken and rice 40 lbs bags on sale for 25/bag...through the fist of Feb. Every little bit helps!
  2. I too have dogs with food allergies. Both of my dogs got very thin and always had runny poo. I have tried several different foods along with some supplements. The older of the 2 dogs has kind of grown out of her allergies and can handle some other types of food (not large quantities). Here is what I did. I found that they did best on "fish" food. So I started playing around with the different brands to see what worked. I just got small bags and was able to tell within a few days if it was going to work. I think every dog is different so no one can tell you exactly what to feed. I started out letting them both fast for 24 hrs, then adding in oatmeal and then back to food. I also add pro/prebiotics to the younger dogs food as well as prozyme enzyme supplement. This was on the recommendation of my vet who thinks that if you can get their systems to stable out then you can stop the supplements. Just my experience and it totally may not work for anyone else!
  3. I have 2 puppy sheep and I know Julie has some as well..
  4. I have 2 well dogged sheep for sale too that I could add to Julie's group if you want those as well?
  5. where in SC are you? I know a very good breeder in Brevard NC that actually has a puppy he would put in a pet home now I think (he breeds sheep/cattle dogs). I have 2 dogs of his breeding, for sheep/cattle, work and love them both to death. I highly recommend him.

    There is also a breeder down in GA that is respectable in the herding community. Let me know if you are interested.

  6. One of my young dogs actually severed her digital flexor tendon, though higher up than the foot. She had to have it surgically repaired. She was at the trial doing her exercises, etc....Hers was a complete severe and it has been ultrasounded twice and now shows that it is completely healed though they always heal with scar tissue. It has been almost a year and she is almost back to normal. My rehab vet cautioned me against using prolotherpy for a tear/sever in a tendon as she told me that there are studies indicating that it is not beneficial in a case such as mine, that may appy to you as well. I have a whole wealth of knowledge gained over the last year regarding tendon tears and rehab, it if turns out that is what is it!
  7. I agree there there has been an explosion of findings of cancer in dogs in recent years. But my question is can you totally blame that on pesticides/insecticides? Or rather is it a mixture of things such as better testing, more owner awareness, etc...to include the use of topical solutions? If it cannot be attributed to any of the above then maybe we need to look at how people controlled fleas/ticks before the cancer explosion and learn from that, or did they just learn to deal And have their been any test done that definitively say that "natural" oils do not cause cancer? I'm not saying they do, but most forms of natural sprays/topicals have to undergo chemical changes to become suitable for use as a topical treatment, so that could change the effectiveness as well as what it does in the canine body. I'm not for or against either side, just see the dangers in using both.
  8. I am one of those owners of a barbie collie that willow's rest (Julie) refers to. He is a very nicely bred Peachy Keen, AKC dog who I got as a rescue and decided to try him on sheep. He has just enough instinct to get him in trouble and be frustrating. He could be trained into a very mechanical dog on a small field, but what is the point in that when he doesn't have any real instinct?
  9. I didn't read all the post, but when my collie/greyhound cross had vestibular syndrome my vet put him on a high dose of benadryl to help him. It helped within a day or two and he was very happy to have it.
  10. 24petwatch never even asked how my dog received her injury! Nor did they question why she needed accupuncture or physical rehab...
  11. I have 24petwatch insurance. I HAD a savings account for my dogs and I just added a very low insurance plan because it came to me at such a discount when I microchipped my dogs with the same company. I am very glad that I had it on my dog when she severed her digital flexor tendon. My savings was quickly gone with her surgery, her bandaging appointments and then her rehab appointments and the low amount I had covering my dog helped out tremendously. I have since increased coverage on both of the dogs I have covered. The company has been VERY easy to deal with, my dogs dont get vaccinations yearly and they are OK with that just require a yearly physical exam. They also cover things like rehabilitation, supplements, accupuncture and chiropractic appointments. I looked into numerous companies and they seemed to have the best prices per coverage to me. They also have a new thing where facilities that participate are able to bill you insurance directly and all you pay is your deductible out of pocket. edited to add: I to have only accident/illness coverage as well. Mine was 15/month and covered up to $1000 with a $100 deductible. I now have up to $2500 coverage for accident/illness with the $100 deductible and 10% payment on services.
  12. I like the corian whistle because of its thickness, every other metal whistle I tried was too thin. I do better with the corian but I would still like a larger overall whistle as well...
  13. My grandmother had a cat that was "allergic" to her teeth, horrible thing, I wish your dog luck
  14. I agree on finding a qualified trainer and while I don't feel qualified to give this advice I see a lot of places where this dog could be helped out and given more confidence. A round pen would help keep the sheep out of the corners as well.
  15. In IHSA (the horse show association that Julie is referring to) you also do not get to school the horse. So you would just be given the dog, walk into the "ring" with it and be expected to preform
  16. I have a 12, almost 13 yo, retired open dog that has the same type of symptoms. I haven't had her Baer tested, but almost the exact same sypmtoms
  17. Can you get a second opinion from a ortho vet/surgeon? I would say that I would at least have it looked at by someone with more knowledge of that type of injury. I would think in the long run it could weaken the other surrounding ligaments/tendons or cause arthritis.
  18. There are several different types/strengths of ankle braces that you can get, I know this because i have a dog with a severed digital flexor tendon, from simple support to a stronger support. Here is another link http://www.animalorthocare.com/pages/links.cfm
  19. My little dog has side effects with comfortis and it didn't appear to help her flea allergies. Problem I am having is that I have dogs itching but don't see flea's on them. Vet recommended me bathing them all 3x a week (hah, hope she's coming to help!). I haven't found any ticks on the dogs this year but have found a TON on myself.
  20. Deb, what was the lamb I got from you last year?
  21. I have a book on how to administer this to horses. It works on some, not on others, I have used it alot on horses that are flighty or sensative to touch though i'm not an expert. Its a modified touch in certain places, in certain ways to achieve results. Almost like a light touch massage. I know nothing of it on dogs though.
  22. I don't want this to come across as rude, so I apologize in advance if it does. But I don't believe any 12 yo, short of a genius prodigy, is ready to go to school to become a professional groomer. A 12 yo that loves dogs can however find someone to "assist" if the teacher is willing to let them help. It may entail just sweeping floors after someone grooms but they get to be there and will potentially work their way up to being able to assist and then when they have the right age/maturity they can get certified or go to school. Maybe the big hat comment was a joke, but in my humble opinion that is going to take even more work than becoming a groomer. You have more than just a border collie to contend with you also have sheep and that takes not only dog knowlegde but also stock knowlegde. I'm not trying to knock this kids dreams, but maybe encouragement in a more learning way would be better...
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