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  1. There is a vet in Huntersville that does rehab, she is a new to rehab vet but did a decent job with my dog that severed her digital flexor tendon. I believe I previously gave you her information? SHe is not afraid to consult either. Let me know if you need it again
  2. Yes, they make medication shampoo for dogs. I used one 2x a week on mine. Hexadine or Duoxo are 2 of the brands I have used.
  3. This dog has always been a poor doer with a voracious appetite, to the point where I think people thought I didn't feed him even though he eats 6-8 cups a day of food. His case is very mild, he was never to the point where he wasn't able to function or look totally emaciated but he was always thin and ribby. His bloodwork always comes back normal and finally I have a vet that had an explination for the large quantities I am feeding him. He has started on medication and looks almost like a normal dog! Just wanted to see if anyone else had dealt with this before.
  4. Someone may have already asked this previously, but has your vet thought that maybe you are dealing with 2 different things? Could the respiratory symptoms be secondary or non-related to the wasting problem?
  5. I have a youngish dog, 2.5 yrs old, that potentially has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. He is being managed well at this point and it is thought to be a very mild case but it seems that it is mostly found in GSD and rough collies. He will be tested for it soon but just wondered if anyone else had seen this in border collies? Or has any experience with it.
  6. You are going to have to look in the rural area's of the NC mountains to find land that isn't going to give you sticker shock
  7. I hope this link works http://www.vsmr.org/diplomates.html Here is the most recent list of certified diplomates http://www.vsmr.org/_pdfs/ACVSMR_member_directory.pdf and their contact information. One seems to be located in Raleigh NC
  8. I use prozyme for my hard keeper dog as does my sister. Seems to work for both our dogs quite well and is somewhat inexpensive
  9. I recently lost 3 sheep in a dog attack. Animal control was present and I was strongly advised to bury them deep, off my property if possible and cover with lime because the smell of decaying animals would "attack every coyote within 10 miles of here". So that is what we did. They were buried on a farm 15+ miles from here where there are no other sheep. I know we had a large cat population when I first moved here, 2 of the cats died and I buried them very deeply and covered with a medium sized rock (medium sized in relation to the rocks we have here underground that are the size of my house). Within 2 days the rock was moved, hole was dug up, and the carcass was gone...
  10. I have wanted to find a bigger version of the plastic ones in corian!!! Maybe I just have a big mouth but the shape of the plastic ones fit, the size just isn't wide enough for me so I almost spit it out when I blow!!
  11. I just got a large varikennel off of craigslist for $10, in perfect conditon because they guy had lost the screws that screwed it together! Good thing you can buy them online for less than $5
  12. Were the lambs grain/corn fed before being out on their own? Would the owner of the property let you set up a panel lot where the lamb could get into the feed and the cows couldn't? If she then became used to going into the lot to eat you could eventually be in the area and use a dog to block her escape?
  13. I too have a thin dog that does well on fish formula foods, only certain ones though. He seems to have food allergies. He also gets prozyme in his food to help his body absorb the nutrients and much as possible. Those 2 things have really helped this dog who throughly checked by the vet several times!
  14. There is a sheep dog trial coming up in either October or November at Rural Hill Farm in Hunstersville, NC. Since its a Open/Nursery only trial the handlers that will be there are Open handlers to the top end of the sport. I can't remember the exact dates of the trial right now!
  15. My working dogs both have 24petwatch insurance and I have made a claim with them. They are very easy to work with, paid out up to my maximum with very little question and the checks go to me quickly. It was great to have it when my dog was unexpectedly injured. I recommend it to anyone that wants to know about it!
  16. I too didn't want to believe it was my Emma's time, she had been with me my entire adult life. I knew in my heart that she didn't have the time my vet thought she did, just looking in her eyes. I tried to spend as much time with her as I could, when she felt like doing things I would do them with her only and when she didn't she could lounge on the couch with my son. The night that I knew it was time, I called my vets on call service and told them that this was her last night, my vet always said that I would know when it was time and I did. I still cry thinking about Emma and its been 2 months. I don't think there is anyway to plan for it or make it easier, if you are anything like the rest of us though you don't want to see your dog suffer. Just cherish the time you have and know that your dog will live on through you!
  17. Here is a study that I found online. It appears that this study was using the laser therapy on accupuncture points for the tendon injuries. http://med-vetacupuncture.org/english/vet/laser1.htm
  18. From what I understand it has to do with the collagen fiber. Let me see if I can find an article on it.
  19. Julie - I have no idea on your questions. I do know that we used lasers a lot in horses to help align fibers, now whether it works or not I have no idea, but I went ahead and did it with Jen because of the nature of her injury. I can tell you what it cost me. My regular vet up here does it, along with the rehab vet, but the regular vet did Jen's laser therapy on the days she wasn't at rehab. For a package of 10 laser treatments it was around (this is from memory) $150...
  20. Jen had it with her injury, though her's did not directly involve a joint. They did however use it over the "ankle" joint to increase blood blow while she was healing. Julie if I can find the literature they gave me I will bring it next time I see you. It was explained to me that it not only helped Jen's tendon fibers align properly that it would also help her ankle joint, which could have been compromised by the instability of that joint because of her injury, by increasing blood flood to the area which in turn helps to reduce inflammation and the warmth brings about pain relief.
  21. I understand your trainers frustration on the dog not working for him/her but there are lots of dogs out there that won't work for someone else, or won't work for someone else for a while. I have to agree with Julie though, only you can decide if you should keep trying
  22. I currently have a small flock of dorper/katahdin sheep. I am paring down those and looking into the gulf coast native sheep. My dogs need lighter sheep and rarely does anyone come over to work dogs, except for my own 3 dogs. I have culled in my hair sheep flock for those with foot problems and those who arent worm resistant. I am in NC so would experience some of the same parasite problems you have...
  23. I have a local farmer who raises these and have the potential to come home with a ram and a few ewes. I have read up on them on the internet, on paper I like that they are highly parasite resistant as well as being foot rot resistant. Beyond that I know nothing about them...anyone have any experience with them? How are they at being worked by dogs? Do they have to be sheared more than once a year? I know the rams are horned, any horn type problems? I'd like to know the good, bad and in between!
  24. My working dog has carpal supports...well one support. She severed a digital flexor tendon about a year ago, had to have it surgically repaired and we use a medium support just to help her leg. She is just now to the point where in a few weeks she can start back on sheep but she has been doing workouts to strenghten the leg. The supports I have came from therapaw, there have 2 different levels of support Edited to add: If it were my dog and he had previous carpus injuries I don't think this is the type of exercise I would be giving. I would slowly start with walking and move up with exercise. Do you know what his previous injuries were exactly and if they are fully healed?
  25. On the smiling dogs... I have 2 that smile when they are excited. They are from the same lines and I am told that the smiling was inherited from the mother/grandmother side!
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