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  1. Now that I got that post out of the way before people show up to my house with pitch forks and torches...... We only had a flash of insanity that I know would have been mostly negitive, which is what I expected and hoped for to reassure myself that it wasn't a good idea. Thanks to those who did so without leaving a bloody mess behind... I do have to make mention though that when we did do our own research on BC's for almost a full year... we started looking for a breeder. We contacted dozens across several states and the overwhelming answer was DENIED. We were looking for mostly a famil
  2. Ok after 3 posts -- I get the idea... We will definatly NOT breed her. It's early in the AM and I guess my inital hesitation was correct. Best I post this prior to getting burned at the stake. Thanks everyone....
  3. As I am writing this I am shaking my head thinking, "What are we getting ourselves into". As with our previous posts about our BC Kaycee going into heat, we had a long discussion about the "possibility" of maybe breeding her once....The problem is neither of us have any experience with this. Now I have begun to do some reading through out the internet just as we had no idea about BC's before we got Kaycee. We also were involved in "visiting" Kaycee the day after she was born and every week there after. I am looking for any and all advice and whats involved in to process from beginning (stu
  4. I had to post this for all the humor it's worth. My Wife and I decided to go out on a cruise last night with our neighbors and we left of 2 dogs at home as we usually do. Well, earlier in the day my 4 y/o daughter insisted on putting together a ABC puzzle we got her a few years back. She layed it all perfect out on the floor so proud of herself and we thought nothing of it. Our daughter then went to the grandparents house for the evening and we went out about 8pm. We return @ 3am and find the house in perfect condition we left it. We let the dogs out, played a little and just as soon as
  5. Our BC was doing the BC crouch and stare at about 9 weeks -- here's her photo from then:
  6. Our BC loves ANY ball she get get her paws on. They say BC all need a job to do - hers is to fetch and play with any ball 24/7/365!!! She loves her jolly ball which is the only ball that seems to last long enough without being completely destroyed, but even that is slowly coming to an end. She is small herself, 31 lbs, but has a knack for destroying any toy with in days or weeks. The jolly ball for now seems to be sufficient, but will keep my eye on this thread to see if someone has any ideas...
  7. Here's a web site that has quite a bit of border collie stuff, stickers, and you name it.... Border Collie Stuff Web Site
  8. Here's Kaycee's Right Back Paw when she broke it 6 weeks ago and the other picture is from 2 weeks ago when she had the cast removed. Kaycee was only less than 6 months old and jumped in the air to catch a bad bounce outside and landed all her weight on this one foot. If I just had heeded peoples warnings about age and jumping - I probably would have been more careful...
  9. I'm sorry to hear all that has happened to both you and Jin. Jin I'm sure will recover -- he just needs some time and reassurance. As far as training goes - this may be a perfect opportunity to look into some formal obedience and look further into possibly trainign him as an assistance type dog. There are dogs out there for everything from siezures, blindness any many other disorders. Why couldn't Jin be taught about your condition and what to do in those emergencies. As intelligent as BC are it should be to hard, its just getting the proper education. How to find that - I'm not sure --
  10. Now why didn't anyone think of saying this earlier??????????
  11. As far as this post goes -- even if you live in Canada -- it does get warm - especially if the car is in the sun, most of Rangers rules actually apply in almost all climates
  12. Very Well Said!!!! We take Dixie and Kaycee just about everywhere -- even short errands. They love picking up my daughter @ school. We go to the bank and they get "cookies". Or we'll make an extra trip to petsmart and let them walk around and get some social time in with the "people". On hot days we mostly leave our dogs @ home -- if I have to take them with me - we leave the air conditioning on high and park in the shade and its usually for < 10-15 minutes. Never longer -- I'm paying for central air -- someone mind as well use it right??
  13. Great to hear!!!! A Sprain is not such a big deal -- although once again -- keeping them still is.... at the very best, just keep Bess from doing any rough play in the house -- We use a tether thats screwed to the wall stud and has about a 8-10 ft length. Keeps them somewhat confined without having to be crated. Best wishes!!! Erik
  14. Sorry to hear your puppy is hurt. Our Kaycee (6 mo old) jumped in the air to catch a ball off a bad bounce and twisted mid air and landed all her weight on her back foot. Fx all 4 metatarsals We just had her cast taken off last week (wednesday) after having it on for 4 weeks. We were told that the 2 pins inserted in the 2 middle bones are still healing and to try and keep Kaycee still. Do these vets know anything about BC's!!!!! You can't crate them all day and they just can't possibly sit still for more than 5 minutes. Shes racing around the house and wants to play ball 24/7. We te
  15. Just wishing a Happy Easter from Our Pack to Yours!!! Erik, Jenn, Leigh-Anne, Dixie & Kaycee
  16. Kaycee goes ballistic whenever make a sound like a referee whistle and tries to tackle you. Can't wait until football season starts again!!!! hehehehe She also has some strange feelings whenever you make a deep Santa "HO HO HO" -- keep it up and they're will be no Santa Paws coming for you this year!!!!
  17. Here's Kaycee's Bloodline... Here's a picture of the Dam "Bam Bam" - Don't have one for the the sire
  18. I've been talking with another member about how our 2 dogs look very similar in markings (literally mirror images) and began to research our BC bloodlines to track down photos. Kaycee's evil twin is located in Wales and obviously were in New Jersey. Now a good majority of the BC obviously have ancestory in the Wales region, but I have been able to track down photos from ISDS numbers. What I haven't been able to track much of is the ABCA numbers. If i do find some they are far and few between. I just found it interesting to try and start a "family tree" and hopefully find photos of some
  19. Kaycee?? She's acting as if nothing is wrong.... She hopefully get's her cast off this week. She's been running around like crazy for about 2 weeks now. Her foot doesn't seem to bother her a bit. All she want to do is get back to playing ball and chasing leaves in the back yard. Training wise - My wife decided to keep her bordom level down and teach her how to roll over while she's been casted -- she knows the sommand now and almost get so over excited about doing it and begins to "break dance" (spinning and rolling over @ the same time) . Silly puppy....
  20. I had made a post about a training system about 2 months ago, The Don Sullivan "perfect dog" training system. Here's the link http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=22739 We still continue to work with Kaycee both with clicker training and this system. We have recently taken a break due to her foot being fractured, but training will resume in the coming weeks. Up until now the trainign we have applied, down, down from a distance, hand commands, loose leash walking etc etc. are still working beautifully. For such a small price it was well worth it's investment.
  21. We had our first T-Storm of the year 2 days ago in New Jersey. Our Shepherd/Dingo mix, Dixie, has always been scared of T-Storms ever since her and I watched a storm when she was about a year old and a bolt hit only a few hundred feet away from us and she bolted. Dixie, now almost 10, still gets a little fearful (follows up my butt everywhere) but doesn't run and hide anymore. Now Kaycee the other night thought nothing of it. She watched and listened, but didn't seem to care much. Now during this storm we had some quarter sized hail fall -- this was a different story. My wife and I were
  22. I see we finally have the boards back up and running. So glad to hear Jin is doing better. Our family has been praying for you and Jin each day. Please post us an update ASAP so we can all follow on his progress. Our Kaycee is putting in her guess of $2100 in correspondance to her broken paw. Best wishes and lots of love to Jin!!!!
  23. Kaycee broke all 4 toes (metatarsals) in her back foot a week and a half ago with 2 pins inserted. They sent her home with an e-coller, but we have actually yet to use it. Kaycee does not bother her foot too much if at all. Now granted, someone is always home with her so we can watch her, and I know if I left her alone in her crate for even 10 minutes - she probably would start chewing at it out of bordom. Each dog is different, but have you tried not even using it - atleast while your home? A simple "AHH AHH" stops Kaycee in her tracks when she feels the urge to even mouth her leg. A
  24. I'll agree 110%...... Wait until your BC is a little older. If you had seen my post back on the 13th, my BC was playing fetch out back and her ball took a bad bounce. Kaycee loves, and i mean LOVES jumping for balls and frisbees, but this bad bounce did her in. She jumped and twisted in mid air to catch it and landed on one foot. Fractured all 4 metatarsal bones in her back foot. An ER & Ortho the next day put us behind just under 3 grand. If I can give any advice, especially if you plan on doing sporting, look into pet insurance!!!!! I have read several times on these boards that
  25. All out throughts and prayers go out to Jin and your family and we wish Jin a speedy recovery and keep us posted on his health. Erik, Jenn, Leigh-Anne, Dixie & Kaycee
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