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  1. Thanks for the info. Mona. It's nice to find good ones outside of our area, but still dream of the day we may have one right here in our own county. Till then, it's over the line into Franklin WV, Bath County at Warm Springs or a trip over to the valley. One day a young vet in training will come here and love it and stay on.
  2. Hello, my name is Ru and I love to roll in cow piles, then come in the house and shake.

  3. Well, I posed this problem to my 13 year old daughter and she loaded my photo for me. Wish I could say how, but I haven't a clue.
  4. You are not alone. I gave up weeks ago trying to do the same thing.
  5. Oh my, all these responses are so meaningful, considerate and straight from the heart. Such good points brought up and to consider. Twice, I have been at the crossroads of this type of situation, and both times, wished I had not gone for the extended treatments and just brought Dixie (my first dog I got at 12 years old, a brittany spaniel bird dog) and my Ol' Sally hound dog (that I had for 16 years) them home and allowed them to die with me at home and not at the vet's office. I did not expect them to die there, it was in the hopes that they could be helped, you know, just stay overnight for observation. Please, Dear Lord, help me next time to stand by that decision and bring them home, especially if they are older. Did I have their best interest at heart? Sure, I did. Was it also partly cause I wasn't ready to let them go yet. Sure, it was. Life's a funny thing and we all just try to work it through the best we can at that point in time.
  6. Oh, and yes, Monterey is quite a special town. Not that I'm partial or anything.
  7. IMO, some of it could be a side effect of the Benadryl. Benadryl for more than a couple of days makes me weird out (more than my usual) and makes my mouth dry feeling, could maybe make one drool. Maybe lay off the Benadryl for a week and try another antihistamine or none. Again, this is just a gut feeling and a guess. Also, friends of mine have reported hyper (OCD) type behaviors from Benadryl given to dogs. I know it made my young son crazy when given at about 3 yrs old.
  8. Is there drooling? Last worming? What's that worm that comes from injesting a flea...can't remember. I'm betting on spring allergy thing, if not anything in the stomach that won't pass. Yes, let us know what vet says. Oh, if you suspect a food allergy, try a food with a higher level of fat, instead of protein, or just go to people food for awhile: Rice and beef/lamb meat. Did that once on a Golden Retriever that had similar symptoms and it helped. We added olive and/or cod liver oil to his food also. Just using the scattershot approach to brainstorm with you.
  9. We still need a vet here. Keep us in mind.
  10. I loved/love the Shepherd's pup. Watched it over and over. Might bring it out again right now.
  11. Where's the "like" button! Photo of dogs by Mr. Snappy with large BC in back is so cool.
  12. I did, and thought it was very good and well done. I am a beginner and it was easy for me to follow.
  13. So sorry to hear about the June Bug. What a lady.
  14. Thanks Mark. Sending all this info to Cathy.
  15. Thanks Mark, that is one of the issues I was missing. Cathy tried to call Helmut Lang, spoke with his son, I think and anyway after the conversation she said she hung up having not understood but a few words he said. His accent (?) was so thick she couldn't understand him. Cathy is too polite to have just told him that.
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