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  1. For sure... you can't work a dog in the gulf south and NOT work in the rain - a lot! She's OK in a driving rain while we're working, it's at home that she freaks. I'm hoping she's associating the serious thunder/lightning with being at home. We haven't been in a situation yet where we're working in the rain and it starts lightning/thundering, so I was wondering. It's been drilled into me: "When thunder roars, go indoors" -- too much Weather Channel (something else that happens if you live in the gulf south)...
  2. Really helpful thread. So let me pose this question: what do you do with your thunderphobic dog to help them work through their issues? I'm with Julie - not keen on the idea of standing in an open field with thunder crackin'. Cal is thunderphobic and getting worse as time progresses. Now just a hard rain sends her into hiding. We were working one afternoon and, without warning (no rumbling in the distance), a thunderclap scared the crap out of both of us. I calmly walked off and she followed, shaking like a leaf. Is that what I should have done? Would it have been better if I'd have sent her on a quick gather just to get her mind off it?
  3. Here's Freesmileys.org Just copy the Forum Code of the smiley of your choice and insert into a post...
  4. Damn Anna, I'm so sorry. I'm sure she held a special place, being Riddle's mom and all. Thanks for bringing her back home with you so she could spend her remaining time with you and Rid. Good girl, Lucky... Lots of hugs from Calli, Gary and I.
  5. Sorry to hear about Lucky, Anna. Hopefully you'll get a quick diagnosis and it will be something minor. Heavy duty mojo on its way from the land of Marie Laveau, where we take our mojo seriously...
  6. Thanks for reposting them, Denise. I was silent after noticing they'd been pulled because I was unsure of your reasons and didn't want to pry. Cal is 16 months now, and watching you and May has been really helpful. I'm quite sure I'm not alone in that regard.
  7. HN army? With that many litters, I guess so.
  8. Great stuff everyone... thanks. And, from personal experience, I couldn't agree more with Betty.
  9. Calli is going in for her spay surgery next week (she's 15 months). Most of what I've heard/read says to restrict activity for 10-14 days (jumping, rough play, all-out running). Problem is, Cal does everything all-out. What's the conventional wisdom of the Boards? How long should I wait after surgery before putting her back on sheep?
  10. Way to go, Robin! You guys look great... nice job, Hamish (love the voice-over)!
  11. Stoga


    Oh Sue, I'm really sorry. Our heartfelt condolences to you, Ed and your crew...
  12. Congratulations to you and both your girls, Anna! Fifth in the Nationals is a HUGE accomplishment for you and Riddle, considering she recently had a litter and you guys don't trial much. And Tikkle has a long career ahead of her too. We were keeping track all weekend via the web; maybe next year we'll be there in person. Cal says "Way to go, fairy doGmother!!!
  13. Stoga

    Joey 1991-2009

    Geez Wendy, I'm so sorry I'm just reading this now. I know Joey had many admirers here in SE Louisiana... I only wish I'd had the chance to meet her. But she's not gone, just someplace else - waiting. How lucky you are to have had her as your first stockdog; and how lucky she was to find you. Deepest sympathies from your friends on the bayou...
  14. Wow... great job! Very professional. Passed it along to a bunch of family/friends. Maybe now they'll actually have an idea of what I've been obsessing about for the last two years...
  15. Oh wonderful... so glad you got her, Deb! I'd been watching her listing, going back and checking on her every so often hoping someone from the boards would scoop her up. There's something about her expression that says "just don't underestimate me." Do tell us more...
  16. The PERFECT reason NOT to mess with ears! How do you improve on that look??? You go, Juno!!!!
  17. Welcome Kelsey! The previous 4 posts are indicative of the valuable insight on working border collies that you'll gain from these boards. Folks like Anna, Julie, Wendy and Jaime (along with a whole host of others) are vastly experienced and will gladly offer their opinions and advice regarding this breed we all want so badly to protect and preserve. I'm sure that you, like me, will be grateful for their help and guidance as you begin your journey. On the other hand, I wish they'd all be a little sweeter and less direct in their responses... BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA! (inside joke)
  18. Thanks Karen! After looking at your photos of the new place a couple months ago, I was thinking about inviting myself over back then...
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