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    Good Boy

    What Ben said. ^^^ He'll always hold that special place in your memory and your heart. Attaboy, Hughie.
  2. Sending healing mojo to Lu from down on the bayou -- we have extra powerful mojo down here.
  3. Good luck Paula! Let us know how you guys do...
  4. From all of us with a long journey ahead... thanks Wendy!
  5. Mary, you always have the greatest looking rescues. I wonder why it's so important to someone doing flyball that this dog be a border collie - they don't have requirements that dogs be purebred, do they? Personally, I'd be more likely to brag on my mixed breed dog in flyball than on my border collie. After all, where's the accomplishment in a border collie that runs fast and is competitive? Just sayin' Anyway, without seeing her on stock it'd probably be next to impossible to ascertain if she's a bc with any certainty (but you already know that). Your spaniel guess may very well be spot on. Remember Tip? No matter how bad I wanted her to be a border collie, she's probably a spaniel mix (but at 40 lbs., closer in size than your little rescue). Guess we'll never know. But I'm here to tell ya, Daisy is waaaaay better lookin' than lots of the purebreds I see.
  6. Graceful. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of Melanie and the essence of what she shares with her dogs. Happy got day Solo, ironic though it may be. Thanks for always providing us boardsters with a more discriminating level of discourse...
  7. It's Animal Week on NPR's Fresh Air. You can listen to the following online: Heartfelt, 30-minute interview with Nancy Kay DVM, author of Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life: listen here. Available today after 3pm ET: How autism can help us understand animals - Interview with Temple Grandin, animal behaviorist (same link, above).
  8. Thanks for the GREAT report. Good luck, you guys - and congrats to Rex!
  9. Not much to add, other than I can see why you guys giggle. He certainly isn't being malicious - looks more like youthful exuberance and, as Becca said, overstimulation. I like Brenda's suggestion. If that doesn't work, I'd let Charlie handle it (as long as he has good bite inhibition). It's amazing the rough - but bloodless - corrections I've witnessed. It seems like Fynn is ignoring the toys and instead concentrating on the other dogs; does he play with toys (Mick doesn't, no matter what I do)? Have you tried one-on-one toy time with him (I know you're uber busy) so he might give up on trying to be the center of attention? I know when Tip and Mick are playing, Calli dives in to be what Anna calls the fun police -- "too much chaos; I must get you under control, dammit!" Fynn sure is handsome -- I bet he'd be a natural on stock.
  10. Those are some impressive accomplishments just 4 months post-rescue - way cool. Congrats! P.S. Hey Paula - Alex rocks!
  11. Same from down on the bayou... Paws and fingers crossed!
  12. Hey Ben - what's the word on Lu? Hoping the news was good...
  13. They sure do look alike. Cal and her sister (Jan's Juno) are out of mostly southern California working ranch dogs. Anna (stockdogranch) found her for me. As Anna would say, "decently bred," but probably nothing recognizable beyond that general area. More than dog enough for me...
  14. OK, so what color would you guys call this dog (Calli's sire)?
  15. As heartwrenching as your decision was, it was just as selfless. Run free Pan...
  16. From one noob to another - don't hesitate to post. Not only did you spark (heh-heh) good discussion, but the rest of us newbies learned from it too.
  17. Great... we'll give it a try. Thanks!
  18. Thanks, Jennifer! Calli has now made the association between rain and thunder; this was never a problem until a recent bad storm. Since we train in the rain a lot, I appreciate your suggestions - we'll give them a try. BTW, saw your recent blog entry... so sorry about your lovely cedar.
  19. Thanks for chiming in, Melanie. So... if you were out working Solo on stock, and you heard a faint rumbling of thunder in the distance, would you make an effort to stay out in the weather to work him through the fear? Or would you not risk his possibly associating the thunder fear with sheep and take him in?
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