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  1. I think Glenn is probably right... we may see more of the dogs working in future episodes. OTOH, they may be hesitant to have too much (or any) footage of the dogs working close (i.e., going in for nose bites, etc.). I doubt Animal Planet wants backfired PR, complete with the uninformed in their audience starting letter writing campaigns, etc. That being said, we really enjoyed the first episode.
  2. This has been a really helpful thread -- thanks to all. Julie -- Calli runs exactly like Twist. In fact, I got a huge smile on my face when you described her half grapefruit-shaped outrun. I'm sure now that I made the novice mistake of pushing her out too early (yes Anna, I know!). There are times when Cal leaves my feet so square that she makes a little dust cloud as she pivots. The good news is that, like Twist, she's watching her sheep during the outrun and there's little else she does wrong (until I mess up the next thing). We're trying to mitigate as best we can. I've started calling her in, lying her down, etc. Also, I'll skip setting her up at all. We'll walk-up toward the sheep (the bye side is her problem and even when walking up she'll anticipate being sent and start squaring off) and, instead of giving her the command, I'll just sssshsh her on. Like Pip, I've found calling her name will bend her in some, but the problem is mostly at the point of departure when she wants to leave my feet at a 90 degree angle. Twist's/Calli's outrun issue does indeed sound different than the problem RoseAmy is describing, where she's getting the pear shape in the beginning but the dog is running too wide once it starts to kick out.
  3. Thanks for sharing the report and photos... looks like a great trial.
  4. Your Friend? They sign their corporate correspondence as "Your Friend?" Are you kidding me?
  5. Woohoo! Go Anna... Go Anna... (They held on to 2nd)
  6. Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your Jazz...
  7. Pam makes a couple really good points, Kris. Our heartfelt best wishes coming to you and Jazz...
  8. You're KILLIN' me, Anda! These are great - closest I've found to indestructable: Tuffy's
  9. Well said, Jodi! My Cal spent her puppyhood with Anna (from 8 wks. to 6 mos.). Best thing that could've happened for her and me. And check out her book -- besides being a great introduction to stockwork, the diagrams rock (*LOL*).
  10. Thanks for staying on this, Sue. I'm hoping that once we have more names of board members who are formally entered in both the Cattle and Sheep Finals you'll see an increase in sponsorships. Right now Anna's is the only name I recognize among the cattle entries. And with the sheep finals still a ways off, it's hard for us who aren't quite in-the-know to guess who will be traveling to Virginia among those qualified. Once the entries start getting posted, we can find our board members and I'll bet (hope) the sponsorships will pick up.
  11. Anna, Your buddies in Louisiana and Mississippi (and a couple others from places like SoCal and out east) are here for you! Consider both Riddle and Tikkle as sponsored. We can't think of two teams more deserving of the trip to Nebraska. Anyone else willing to help sponsor Anna, Riddle and Tikkle feel free to PM me - the more the merrier. And don't forget the other deserving handlers/dogs in both the Cattle and Sheep Finals; it's time we show our $upport.
  12. Nothing to add from us either Laura, except our thoughts and prayers for Sophie. You've got a built-in support network here on the boards, so know that we're all pulling for you and her...
  13. What Kristen said ^^^ Sounds like time to call in the big guns. St. Anthony, if you don't mind, their names are Dally and Genie and their family is worried sick...
  14. Whatever you guys decide is fine with me, I mostly just wanted to ditto what Sue said...
  15. From the American Veterinary Medical Association website: December 21, 2009 IDEXX Laboratories has confirmed 2009 H1N1 influenza virus in a dog in Bedford Hills, New York. A 13-year old dog became ill after its owner was ill with confirmed 2009 H1N1 influenza. The dog was lethargic, coughing, not eating, and had a fever. Radiographs (x-rays) showed evidence of pneumonia. The dog was treated with intravenous fluids, antibiotics, nebulization and other supportive care, and was discharged from the hospital after 48 hours of care. It is currently recovering. Tests submitted to IDEXX Laboratories were negative for canine influenza (H3N8) but positive for 2009 H1N1 influenza. The Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has confirmed independently that the influenza strain is the new pandemic strain circulating in the human population and not a swine-specific H1N1 strain. Clinical Signs The clinical signs of H1N1 virus infection are likely to resemble those of other common respiratory infections. However, more severe respiratory disease, including pneumonia, may be possible. Clinical signs may include: * Coughing, sneezing and oculonasal discharge * Fever, lethargy and loss of appetite * Dyspnea and tachypnea Click here for Industry Alert Click here for the AVMA's 2009 H1N1 Flu Outbreak page
  16. Stoga


    Our thoughts are with you. Bear will always be in your heart, so he'll never be far...
  17. Thanks for posting these, Dave. I really appreciate them.
  18. Stoga


    Accept our heartfelt condolences, Liz. His pain is over, and he'd want yours to be short as well...
  19. Hey Courtney -- good to hear from you. Hope all is well at Glen Highland Farm. Mick sends his best!
  20. It was a blast. Here's the thing: Anna's book is pretty unique (as I'm sure Tea's is). It's the first stockdog owner's manual I've seen, and it's really helped me, as a novice, understand the big picture and why certain skills (dog and handler) are important in managing livestock. Great job all!
  21. Hey y'all - Anyone have some results to post?
  22. I'm so sorry Ben. May the wonderful memories you have of Lu be of great comfort to you; she's resting easy now. You, Scott and Nick are in our thoughts...
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