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  1. Double ditto... this wisdom from Amanda is pin-worthy.
  2. TOSE FARM TRIAL UPDATE: ** Penny has dropped the # entries restriction on the $1,000 added money in Open! ** The trial will be run on a newly-purchased 40-acre field (400 yard Open outrun). See aerial photo attached. Use the following address to locate the new trial location on Google Maps or Mapquest: 1069 John Amacker Road, Poplarville, MS. Signs will be posted. Will try to post GPS coordinates next week. JUDGE: Patrick Shannahan CLASS RUN ORDER: Open, Nursery, Pro Novice, Novice START TIME: 8:00 a.m. Saturday; will try to start earlier Sunday so folks can head home. ENTRY FEES PER RUN: Open - $35; Nursery, Pro-Novice, and Novice - $25 Penny is super busy renovating her house and preparing the trial field. If you have questions please email me.
  3. Sue - you'd be welcome any time... come on down!
  4. Bumping this up as there are still openings for Penny's trial slated for the first weekend of February. Penny has added >80 beautiful sheep (Katahdins and Katahdin/Dorpers)to her established flock, and has substantially reconfigured her property to expand the trial field, which now has an open outrun in excess of 350 (rolling) yards. Entry form attached to previous post. $1,000 added money in Open if 25 or more Open entries Judge: Patrick Shannahan Feel free to email me if you have questions. Thanks!
  5. Penny Tose is planning a USBCHA trial at her lovely farm in Poplarville, MS; February 4-5, 2012. Classes are Open, Nursery, Pro-Novice, and Novice. This is the weekend before Dawn Boyce's Lazy J Classic in Georgia. $1,000 added money in Open if 25 or more Open entries. Host does not run Open. Patrick Shannahan is judging. Open is $35, all other classes $25. Entry form attached. Tose Trial Entry 2012.pdf
  6. Add my thanks for the post, Debbie, and my congrats to Anna (Calli's doGmother ), Tikkle and Skamper!
  7. Never mind... thought the earlier posts on prior pages were current and Tikkle was pregnant again.
  8. Just cross-posted to the Working Stockdog Forum.
  9. Please add my heartfelt condolences to the growing list. This is one of those times when it feels like nothing one can say is enough, but know that you have a community here who knows how hard it is to lose a beloved friend.
  10. We've been following the progress reports and are gratified to hear Tess is improving - never so happy to hear that a dog I've never met is peeing and pooing. Remember to take care of yourself, Diane, so you can care for her.
  11. Just adding good thoughts and well-wishes... Tess has lots of prayers buoying her up.
  12. Thanks for the thoughtful responses... very helpful!
  13. I also wanted to voice my thanks; the time and effort put into your responses is an indication of why you're an expert... We've enjoyed learning from you. Hope you won't be a stranger!
  14. Stoga


    I'm so sorry, Laura. I think this says it all in terms of how you and Craig felt about each other: "It wasn't until I ran Taz last year that I realized how much Craigor MacGregor had taken care of me out there." Run free, Craig...
  15. Yep - that epilogue is exactly what I was looking for! Hopefully, Eileen will pin it in the appropriate spot when she has the chance. Welcome home Sue and Dan; an excellent adventure indeed. I'm sure Anna is proud of you both.
  16. What a wonderful adventure for you and Dan. Have a safe trip and post your epilogue after you've had the chance to unwind!
  17. Thanks for doing this again, Sue. (will PM you with my commitments)
  18. Great work! I've said it before but it bears repeating: an evidence-based approach to the documenting of sheepdog history is imperative to preserving the breed's working heritage. This type of research is time-consuming, tedious, and intellectually challenging - to say the least. Thanks to Penny for her efforts. She may be unable to compete on the trial field at the moment, but she's found her own way to continue contributing to the sheepdog community. I just wish she'd get on with writing the darn book...
  19. You guys are doing great Sue -- keep it up! I nominate this thread for pinning in the Training Discussion forum for posterity.
  20. What a wonderful tribute to Jesse and the life you've given him, Gloria. Thanks for sharing...
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