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    Agility, Obedience, Rally, Herding, Frisbee, Schutzhund, Narcotic detection, tracking, yeah pretty much anything dog. <br /><br />Oh, and photography (of dogs)..

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  1. Didn't see anything in that post that said that I am not allowed to come on this board and ask questions regarding a birth defect in a Border Collie. I understand that the Border Collie is a "protected breed", however, if PRAA becomes a problem in this breed, would you not want to be notified and understand what it is and what causes it? I could have euthanized the damn pup, said nothing, and continue to breed those two dogs again and again and hope it never shows up again. But no, I chose to keep the puppy, spend over a grand for surgery, to see if she will have a quality of life as a pet dog. I have tried to research this problem, with not much luck. If anyone does care to know, the surgeon said it is a birth defect with a possibility of being polygenetic. Not really enough research about it. The breeds that do seem to have higher incidence is probably a genetic defect. With both parents being a carrier. But since I can't find out anything about Borders having it, I am assuming it is a birth defect. Human babies can have the same problem. I understand that this is a working board, but when it comes to genetic issues, it shouldn't matter who's dog has it. What should matter is that it showed up in your breed. By keeping anything like this quite, you are only hiding the problem and hurting the breed. If 10 people had pups with PRAA and no one wanted to say anything because, god forbid, it would ruin their breeding program, then what happens would it starts showing up in more and more litters? Sure it's an easy fix, euthanzie the dog. The South African Boerboel people are the same way as Border Collie people. Wobblers started showing up in a few dogs here and there but no one was talking. Suddenly, several dogs had been diagnosed and most could be traced back to one line. Why didn't anyone come forward sooner? Boerboel breeders are also split. Half are for working dogs, half are for show/pet. The blame started being pointed at those that were showing dogs. But where did the wobblers show up first? In the "working" lines. So the next time you want to come on here and judge me because I have the occassional litter, at least I AM trying to keep my line free of genetic issues. I AM trying to research what went wrong. I DO care about the breed enough to let everyone know what happened. And yes, these puppies are ABCA registered so if this is a genetic issues, it could affect all your dogs...
  2. I have no plans on selling this pup. But I have to heard of breeders that will discount puppies with defects, just so they don't lose money on the litter. Very crapping to both the buyer and puppy. I will keep her around and see how she does and if any other problems come up. I don't know if she will survive the surgery or not. I have another dog that was injured very young and many people thought I should have put her down as well, but I didn't have the heart to and she is now a very happy adult dog. Still with me, and does have some neurological problems, but does very well. The Dam had a litter last year and had no problems to date with any of those pups. This is the sire's first litter. I have not told his owner's yet, just haven't seen them. But do plan on letting them know. I was just curious if anyone else had this with the breed. We see the surgeon Friday and I will ask him.
  3. I had a puppy born with this defect, also known as PRAA. Has anyone experience this with their litters? She is going to have surgery to correct it next Friday. Til then I have been feeding her mush by hand and keeping her with her momma alot. The litter will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. The rest of the pups are great. I am just wondering if anyone has had this problem and what to expect after the surgery. The surgeon said there is a chance her esophagus may not be normal. Rayna
  4. I have two dogs from the same litter. One is mostly white, with only a few black specks on her and she is deaf in both ears. The other is white bodied with a black head and she has good hearing. I rescued them at 2 days of age, mother was shot, and I noticed at 4 weeks that the one was not responding like the others! That was almost 9 years ago It sure doesn't hurt to test the pups. Mine were rescues so I do not know their background. I do have a tri colored female that does have a lot of white marking and in first litter threw a pup that was white bodied and black head, he turned out fine. Her second litter produced a lot of white pups with colored heads, so I have to really watch what I pair her with.
  5. That is a waste of time for AC, in my opinion. Especially if the state already sends someone out. I know some people that register with the AKC and if they have more than 7 litters a year, the AKC sends someone. For 3 people to come out and inspect 1 kennel is ludacris. They need to be focusing on Puppy Mills, dog fighting, hoarders and those that don't take care of their animals. I was told once that I had to have a kennel license if I had 13 dogs or more, even if they were all spayed and neutered! What gets me, I currently work for a veterinarian that raises Golden Retrievers. He raises the puppies right in the clinic. He owns the clinic, but the clinic pays for everything to do with his dogs: Food, vacc, OFA/Pennhip, AI, kennel tech, etc. Yet no one comes to inspect the place at all. He doesn't do boarding anymore, because the cages are full of his dogs. And he pockets the money from puppies. So why is it, I have to have a licence to have 13 dogs? And I have to follow the guidelines of operating a kennel. The clinic is falling apart and stinks. The dogs are usually crammed two to a cage, not kennel, cage. I guess because he is a vet, he can get away with it?
  6. Not to scare anyone, but I had Snowden's bloodwork checked and all came back within the normal ranges. Except an elevated WBC, in which the vet gave antibiotics. 2 weeks later, I had the xrays done that turned up a huge Tumor attached to her Left Kidney. Prior to surgery, all was checked again and Kidney levels were still normal. But the kidney was a mess and was removed with the tumor. The vet told me, that the kidneys can lose up to 60% function before it will show up on blood tests. He said the dog could lose all use of one, and some of the other before we even know My friend had a Boerboel that had major kidney problems. But after a year on treatment, bloodwork came back normal. They decided to go ahead and neuter him, but he died on the table. May not have been related to the kidneys, but how can you be sure that they were functioning back to normal? The only time my girl had increased levels show up on her bloodwork was after the surgery and the right kidney had to work overtime.
  7. My beautiful girl had a fibrosarcoma removed along with her left Kidney back in October. She was almost 8 years old at the time and I opted to do Chemotherapy with her. Everything is doing good but she is almost bald. The Vet said most dogs don't loose their hair, but she was an exception. She had her last treatment at the end of January and her hair loss gets worse by the day. I am going to start her on some Omega 3. Just curious if anyone else has had this before and how bad the hair loss got before it started growing back. I know it takes at least 60 days for the hair to start growing. Rayna
  8. Yep, Snowden is the all white, crossed legged one
  9. My vet told me to never use a NSAID with a steroid. Just keep her calm and quite.
  10. I voted Sometimes. Even though my dogs are not together while I am gone, when they are together, a tussel sometimes happens. Usually, it is because Megan (instigator) bumped Willow (high reactor). If I am there, I can stop it. Once in a while, Mecca the old crabby GSD will jump in. It's never more than a few words. Having this many, I really have to make them all work for anything. It keeps their minds busy and they don't think so much about causing trouble. The easiest thing for me, I open all gates and call them through one at a time. Anyone that runs out before they are called, have to go back. When they come out, they either go inside, wait at the door or come to me and sit. I do look pretty silly standing out there calling 16 dogs one at a time!
  11. Hi everyone! I am new to the Board. I live in Colorado and have many many dogs 9 of them are Border Collies. 4 are sisters that I rescued when they were 2 days old. They turned 8 years today. They are Raven, Snowden, Willow and Megan. Snowden is deaf and I almost lost her recently to cancer, but she pulled through and is doing great. I also have a 5 year old boy, River. Two girls that are 3 years, Kit and Emma. A pound puppy that just turned a year, Jaeger. And the newest Border collie puppy, Charm. The rest of my pack includes two GSD, 2 Boerboels, 2 Wolf Dogs and 1 GSD/Border mix that I rescued. It's a crazy life, but I do a lot with the dogs. We perform in a local group called fabulous fidos. Plus nursing home visits and school demos. Our main thing is Agility. But we have done Obedience, Rally, Herding, Protection, Tracking and whatever else we can squeeze in.
  12. I am still trying to find a way back to Texas! If I make it, I will look you up. I have only seen Raven's commercial online! But my mom, stepdad and friend have all seen it several times Out here in Colorado, she is the Rodeo Fair Queen of Delta County. Complete with red dress, hat and Hans to pull her cart!!
  13. And what an awesome new dog you have I wish I was still in Texas, I could get you hooked up with some frisbee. As for me and my pack, we have settled back in Colorado. All but one puppy is gone. I kept one of Emma's boys and his name is Charm. Plus I have added a few more dogs to my pack. I know what you are thinking, she is crazy! How many does that make? 16 total. The newest: the border pup, a wolfen mix, like my old guy, and a border/gsd that I saw at a petsmart adoption. That's why I should never go to those things. How's agility coming? Have you made it to any trials yet? Kit, Raven, Emma and I hit a Rally/OB/Conformation trial back in Sept. Kit got her first leg towards her CDX with a first place. She would have done better, but I am a bonehead. Raven and Kit Q'd in RA twice. And Emma scored her RN Title. Plus, each took a Best of Breed in the show ring. Not many agility trials here, so I have started Jaeger out in scent detection. Rayna
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