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  1. Hi Eileen, Thanks for the post. I'm happy to say that 4 weeks on, Kip has not had an episode that we know of. He's outside with our JRT but we do keep a very close eye on him. He's very settled and interested in his training. (how smart are these dogs!) I also tend to add stress into the initial mix now. He was very timid and scared when we first brought him home. It was the first week or so that he had all these episodes, nearly one each day. However now, he runs and is an active puppy with seemingly no side effects! Will keep you posted. Thanks to all who have helped. Cheers,
  2. Hi All, Just an update on Kip's "mystery episodes". Since he's been outside with our JRT and not inside the house, the epsidodes have decreased gradually and now are non existant. We keep a very close eye on him, during the day both dogs are on our verandah where we can see them nearly all the time. (If he has had an episode when he's been out of our sight, it's been very minor, as he's with us nearly all the time.) We've had him back to the vet and also obtained an opinion from a vet friend of ours and a vet "specialist" friend. Of course, all came back normal. I also thought tha
  3. Hi, I'm new to the BC world, but my golden retriever used to lose her hair along her back every spring. It would come out in big clumps. We put it down to a grass or pollen that she would roll in. The answer was a wash called Mallowwash which came from out vet. A real pain for her and us, but it worked every year. Not sure if this would be the same with Benji. Try the vet. Good luck. Lisa
  4. Hi Anne, Lovely to meet you. We're near Strathalbyn, on 25 acres. Couple of horses, about 20 sheep, 2 cows and 18 alpacas! Kip has been out with us today, doing some fencing, and so far, he's fine. Cool day today. Fingers crossed! Cheers, LIsa
  5. Hi Barb, Nice to meet another Aussie too! Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Since Kip has been outside, he's been much better. He's still had a couple of minor episodes, but overall it seems to be much more under control. It's an odd thing isn't it! We found it strange that he didn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, in fact, he actually wanted to continue playing! We've had himout with us doing some fencing just now. It's quite cool here today, about 17 C. Will keep a very close eye for the next 12 hours or so and see how he goes. Will post to let you know. good luck
  6. Hi Georgia, We have a new BC puppy, and have had a similar experience. I posted the details on the BC Boards in "Health and Genetics", post is titled "EIC or overheating in puppy" We haven't had a BC before, so this is a bit new for us. Since Kip (9 weeks) has been outside instead of in, he's been much better. (See details on that post.) We're not excercising him too much, and letting him sleep alot (instead of the kids waking him up to play) Now that he's outside, he doesn't seem to be overheating. This is our theory...... We think it's an acclimatising/too much excercis
  7. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. I forgot a few things. We have had him checked out by our vet, and nothing showed up, of course, all normal. Thanks for the tips about the activity, we're keeping him quieter. He's outside now with our JRT (old!) and is not so active with the kids etc . Since he's been outside, we've been keeping a close eye on him and he hasn't had an episode at all. We've had dogs all our lives, but are new to the BC world. I tend to think it was a fatigue/ over heating problem. We're still trying to get to the bottom of it. Have a friend who's a very good vet in A
  8. So very sad. It's never easy to lose them. I'm sure you had a wonderful time together. You can't forsee everything. Think of the good times and the happy memories. Hugs from Australia. Lisa x
  9. Hi, I'm Lisa, and I'm new!! Two weeks ago we had to put down our beautiful golden retriever girl, Clancy, 13 years old. What a beautiful girl with a gorgeous nature. An absolute sweetheart. xx So ........ We have a 9 week old BC puppy, from a working dairy farm in south east of South Australia. He's been with us for 6 days. His Mum, Dad, Grandma and assorted siblings are all working dogs on this dairy farm. We have 25 acres near beautiful Strathalbyn in South Australia and we have sheep and alpacas, so a bit of help from a working dog would be great! After getting our puppy (Kip)
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