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  1. bummer...im super sorry to hear it...
  2. Will do. Volunteering actually sounds like something I should do anyway. I think it might be the Bluegrass. I believe she's doing novice to start out. I'm not sure. I need to ask. I plan on going with her. Is anyone else planning on being in Kentucky during May?
  3. Denice, That would totally be a fun Saturday trip. We should do it. On the other hand, I went to the farm this weekend. I talked to Mary and she informed me that she has been training her BC for USBCHA. She's actually going to try him at the Kentucky Trial coming up. We had a really great session and Piper was more comfortable in the pen. She is super interested in the sheep and was using both flanks evenly. We were very pleased with her response to pressure. We only worked her for about 30 minutes total. We broke it up so that she had plenty of time to rest. We didn't want
  4. Absolutely. I'll do better to communicate next time. I meant to ask if it was a big deal when considering using her for working live stock. I.E., will it be okay for her to be out in the field and lie down rather than sit. I apologize for the mis-categorization. I think I will retrain. I don't think it's a big deal. However, I know that Piper is capable of doing exactly what I want her to. She just needs me to train her correctly. So if we start working together on the differences between sit and down, hopefully that will make it easier to learn the finer intricacies of herding. Th
  5. Is it a big deal that Piper wants to lie down when I ask her to sit. She does it everytime. In your opinions, is this a big deal? Sorry if you are all bored with the noobies dominating the threads. I quiet down for a while after this. -Kyle
  6. Count me in. Shoot, I'd settle for the one in Georgia.
  7. Here is Piper's Pedigree in full. Thanks to JDarling for the idea.
  8. One of her Great Great Granparents was Ben from Joe & Laura Stimatze, located in Kansas. He was a cattle dog and given the "Dog of the Year" award in 1995 from Red River Cattle Dog Association. (I know it's not much, but I'm giving you everything I can find.) This is what they say about Ben: "He was the kind of dog you read about in storybooks. By L.R. Alexander's Ben out of a Alexander bred female, he won over 15 trials. He was the kind of dog that always seems to be in the right place with seldom a word from you. This dog has been a real asset to us in the cattle industry and our
  9. She was born is September so she's a little closer to 6 months. I totally understand though, a puppy is still learning so much about just being in my family and doing everyday life. It's a lot to throw in herding. I got her from an ABCA breeder. He has a farm in Lebanon, IN. His name is Kevin Grissom. He seemed to really respect the dogs and the facility was really nice. However, like most everyone else, I didn't really have a clue about what to look for. I can't really speak to the quality of the breeding. When I look at her heritage, I don't see any championship markings. Mr. Nea
  10. You guys are awesome! I searched all day yesterday for info and couldn't find anything. I just got an email back from Judy. She doesn't train However, I maybe be able to talk to her about the training we're receiving and have supplemental time with her at her facility. Thoughts? I'm not pushing to use Mary Lou, it's just that her rates are excellent and I can't afford to drive for hours to go get a USBCHA trainer. Does it make me less of an owner to use non USBCHA?
  11. I actually just searched the USBCHA's website for information on someone close. There is actually a director that lives in the same city I do. Has anyone heard of Judy Thaer? Does anyone know of any USBCHA handlers that also train in the Lafayette, IN area? Thanks for all of the help.
  12. That's where Piper and are starting our training. The handler's name is Mary Lou Hayden. You can see her stuff here: www.dogwoodfarmherding.com. She was amazing with Piper the first time we went. I just mentioned her name to someone on these boards and they showed concern that Mary Lou trains other breeds. Mary Lou has a border collie that is trained, so I know she's worked with border collie's before. Any ideas? Has anyone heard of her? Does anyone have experience with a trainer that has handled other breeds?
  13. It's really funny how people without border collie's don't understand how good they can be. All of my dog's are better behaved than any of my nieces and nephews. I'd rather have a dog than a two year old...period.
  14. Matt, I just wanted to let you know that Piper did the same thing. It frustrated the crap out of me. I eventually had to come to the realization that I was in fact asking too much out of a 7-9 weeks old pup. She eventually came around. I just didnt want you to feel bad or alone. Sometime on these boards it's easy to feel isolated pretty quick. I just wanted you to know that I've been in the same boat. The dog will come along as will your ability. Take Care.
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