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  1. On May 14th Bala(Wales) will host the spring sale of sheepdogs. One of the dogs that will be sold can be seen at www.riversheepdogs.eu It is one of the top dogs that will go under the hammer.
  2. A new website has been launched on the continent, showing some nice videos of good dogs. A site that tells you what is going on in Europe. Interested? www.riversheepdogs.eu
  3. Dewi Fan by John Bell fetched a staggering 6000 gns. the equivalent of 6300 British Pounds, a price never achieved so far in a dog sale. Fan is by the International Supreme winner 2009 Dewi Tweed. Fan is a quality bitch that with additional training will make a nice nursery dog. Skipton Sale spring 2011 Dewi Fan Sets a new world record go to on You tube to see this impressive sale. Or search for Skipton spring sale
  4. Wonderful to see a fully trained and experienced dog at work. The winner of the Welsh National 2010 Nigel Watkins and Floss show their skills in the winning run that was videotaped and can be seen at www.bordercollie.eu
  5. The Welsh national 2010 was won by Nigel Watkins and Floss. The winning run was videotaped and is to be seen at www.bordercollie.eu The run has a difficult outrun of some 500 yards. See how Nigel and Floss manage this difficult course
  6. The internet makes the world so much smaller. If you want to know what is going on in Europe have a look at www.bordercollie.eu
  7. Now there is a possibility to express your views on how a run should be judged. On bordercollie.eu there is a video that gives you the opportunity to share your ideas with others. Most worthwhile. Hans
  8. One Man and his Dog has been very popular for many years and many of today's handlers remember seeing their examples on the BBC.On the video page of bordercollie.eu you see three great handlers at work. Paul Turnball with his great Nap, Glyn Jones Bodfari in the doubles and Dennis Birchall with his Jan. This is how dogs worked many years ago. www. bordercollie.eu
  9. For those of you who enjoy watching runs there is good opportunity to watch a few nice runs. The well known European website www.bordercollie.eu has got some nice runs on their video page.
  10. I read a lot about people that are really interested in the border collie and his unique qualities. To keep abreast of the situation in Europe you might have a look at www. bordercollie.eu Hans
  11. Hello Nancy, I contacted the administrator and he told me that more people from the US had this kind of problem. He has found the origin of the problem and he promised me that by the end of this week the problem will be solved. If this should not be the case, please contact me again. Hans
  12. I'd like to draw your attentionto a popular European website with lots of news from the trial scene in the U.K. Nice videos as well, also videos of dogs that are on the market. Very worthwhile, you need to log in to have access to this wonderful site. The website is called www.bordercollie.eu
  13. The prizegiving ceremony of the International 2008 which was held at Abergele, Wales is now on the internet. See how the top-handlers are called forward one by one at www.bordercollie.eu
  14. Kevin Evans who will be over to the U.S. shortly is interviewed together with his father. Interesting to hear the masters of the craft about the art of training a sheepdog. Just go to www. bordercollie.eu next to the heading video''
  15. I found a website showing Kevin Evans's marvellous run with Mirk at Abergele Wales, which earned him the Supreme Championship 2008. I was there and believe me it was a huge course ( at least twice as large as the WT course.) I am especially thrilled by his excellent redirections on the outruns to which Mirk immediately responds. Just see for yourself at www.bordercollie.eu Hans
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