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  1. this is a really tough situation, i would get him neutered asap, that may help with his dominance issues along with aggression. If you are committed to re-homing him it sounds like he would do best with a single man who has no other pets and no kids, someone who will dedicate all their spare time to ghost and someone who is very active, but be sure that this person knows his past and is willing to work with him, you could also see if you know any trainers that would be willing to take him and work with him. Good luck, and i hope that all works out. just a question though, how come he hasn't be
  2. I'm so sorry, it's heartbreaking, i'm actually crying from reading this(its been a tough week) I'd hate to say it, but your vet is probably right, i wouldn't do the chemo, most dogs have a very hard time handling chemo, and from the sounds of it it seems like the lymphoma is pretty advanced, so chemo probably will not give her much more time, if she were my dog i would just make her comfortable with the steroids to reduce the inflammation, chemo would probably only give her an additional 2-3 months and during that time she will probably feel very sick from the drugs and will not be the dog tha
  3. I thought of something else to add, but i don't know if it is a BC trait, or just Gretchen, but when we are walking and she starts to pull i'll stop and i wait for her to heal, so she walks backwards like she is being a good girl, but then she will try to jet towards the dog, it's like she's saying "look i'm listening, now we can go so lets go" and it's very annoying lol, my hands can only take so much of the bolting :-P
  4. That reminds me, when we first got Gretchen we kept her in the kitchen with baby gates(she would poop in the bedroom at first)so i go downstairs to get a drink(it was storming out by the way) and she is no where to be found, not in her crate, all the gates are up, i start freaking out, where could she have gone, we searched up stairs, downstairs and she was no where, finally i went into the upstairs bathroom and i found her curled up in the cats litter pan between the toilet and wall, i have no idea how she squeezed herself in there, it was so tight she could barely get out. Oh and she als
  5. I have to say this has been a really bad season for fleas, I work at petsmart in the salon and have had so many people come in complaining of fleas and the dogs being on frontline, i have also had numerous friends ask me what to do about fleas, and when i recommend frontline they tell me they already tried it. Sorry i couldn't be more help, just letting you know your not alone with the flea problems :-(
  6. I'm glad that i asked, i couldn't understand how it could be worth 50 bucks for that, and now i know that it's not...But i'm having a lot of trouble finding anyone else in the area, or at least with in an hour of me(i live in northeast PA, near stroudsburg,18360) The other place was about 45 minutes from me, i really like the trainer who does the agility, but it's a different lady who does the herding, and it seems everything is extremely expensive(the agility was 175 for a 6 classes, but one was an orientation, so really 5 classes) Anyway, traveling with Gretchen is difficulty because of her
  7. Here is the website, Raspberry ridge sheep farm from reading it i don't understand what the point of it is, to see if the dog wants to chase the sheep? because i know that Gretchen would pass that with flying colors, at least i know thats what she does with the deer lol
  8. So the place where i took Gretchen for beginning agility also does herding instincts tests, it costs $50 for the test, I would really like to get her into herding because i think that she would enjoy it, but i want to know if anyone ever had their dog tested and what the test evolves, and if it is worth the money. And any other tips you could give me for getting into the world of herding. Thanks Rachel
  9. LOL, i had Gretchen at petsmart today and this lady asked me what she was and i told her border collie,then when she went down to pet her, she goes "oh, she has husky eyes" lol i just said that the one blue eye is common in BC too This is my BC/Husky mix lol
  10. I agree with this 100%, i originally wanted a mastiff and there was one at the local aspca, but right after i got there, 2 guys came from 2 hours away just to see this dog, and i could tell that they just clicked with the dog, and him with them, so i told them that they should take him(they had said that they didn't want to take him if i wanted to because i got there first) and they did,and i know that he has a wonderful home with them, so i went back in to look at some of the other dogs there, and i walked past a Shepard and he just kept following me with his eyes as i walked around, so afte
  11. I wanted to try this after work last night, that way it would just be me and her with no other distractions, but i forgot my treats at home, i bring her to work with me because she needs the socialization(i work in the salon at petsmart) SO i am hoping i can remember everything tonight and work with her on this
  12. I can understand that, i adopted my BC from a rescue, i filled out the application, met Gretchen at an adoption day, fell even more in love with her, as did the rest of the family, then a few days later her foster mom brought her over, and she was ours, but i could only imagine how i would have felt if they suddenly decided that they had a better home for her after 2 weeks of talking to her foster mom about her and then meeting her, i would have been devastated, luckily my son is not old enough to comprehend any of that(he's only a year) but it would have been very upsetting to me...but i woul
  13. Ok, so would a good place to start be parked along side a busy road, or is that to stimulating to start off? She is better when one of the cars is stopped, either us, say at a light, or the other car and we are driving by, she normally just follows the cars with her head in that situation, verses when we are both moving she lunges and barks, maybe a little later today we will all go for a ride and i can try teaching her this, we have been working a lot on focus in class, and lately she has been picking up on things super quick, so maybe she will get this down too :-) Thanks for the suggestion,
  14. Gretchen is about 2 years old, but i have only had her since june, she is a rescue, she came into a high kill shelter as a stray down in Kentucky, and a lady from a local rescue up here(in PA) found her and brought her up here to be fostered and then adopted, so i know nothing about her history, previous owners,past training or anything, i wish i had had her since she was a pup, but i'm just glad that i have her now, she is a truly amazing dog, i can't wait until i get her basic training down pat because then we are going to take (another) agility class(the first one was mostly basic training
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