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    I love to workout , I'm very much a fitness maniac! <br />That's why I love Border Collies there just as active as me ; )

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  1. OH what a sweet puppy congrats and good luck I would recommend 2 dogs Ive always had 2 together they keep each other company when your busy or not home. just wait at least 6 months to a year .
  2. Wow what a awesome pup you have, I voted for her, way to go and good luck to you both , that dog is amazing and so cute

  3. Awww what a sweet dog you have, I too lost a dog that was a heart dog her name was also Lacey , I miss her ... your lucky your blessed with 2. Hope you feel better soon
  4. I have know idea about the hidden sugars thats just what he said , btw we have a new vet now. I also forgot to mention she was eating our cats food whenever she got a chance , that was a factor in her getting sick as well.
  5. just passin by , love your BC pic , ; )

  6. Hi I use taste of the wild puppy food , my dog Bella loves it , but one thing that's kinda strange is her stools are a bit softer than they used to be, and she goes more frequently which through me for a loop ? I was told she would go less on the better food .. who knows?
  7. Yes I did belong to this group for 2 years, she died just recently June 4 , 2008 Now I have a new pup, just making sure i don't make the same mistakes with her food.
  8. Yes my vet says there's hidden sugars in the food, I was feeding her Iams chicken and rice . she died in June of diabetic complications. Now I have a new puppy Border Collie and Im trying not to have the same thing happen again so Im switching her to the holistic brand for now.
  9. Im curious about how many dog foods are causing diabetes? This is my concern with our new puppy Bella. My dog Lacey came down with diabetes 2 years ago , and the vet says its from the food. So now Im confused as to what to feed Bella. guess holistic is the answer for now. any one else have answers on this.
  10. just passin by

    your dog is beautiful looks very similar to my dog that passed away.

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