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  1. I agree; we'll all be together someday. In the meantime, we understand the pain of your loss, and you're in our thoughts. Mary and "Raleigh Wood" Huber
  2. Wow, good job on the fetch. We're still trying to interest Raleigh in balls, toys, anything. It's like he has no clue. However, we're not giving up on turning this boy's brain on to fun. Learning a lot about this topic, so keep posting your successes on teaching how to play, please! Mary and "Raleigh Wood"
  3. Thanks, Paula, Raleigh is very fearful and shy. Came from a terrible background. Has no clue about how to play. Making progress, though. He's a very sweet dog. Mary and "Raleigh Wood"
  4. Love Sugarfoot's name (and the wee tiny white foot!). I had a horse once with one white foot. His name? "Sugarfoot." Your Sugarfoot sure looks and appears to move like a BC. I had heard -- perhaps it's only an old legend -- that all BCs have a white tail tip. Our late Travis, who was registered (and we knew Travis's parents and his breeder), had -- get this -- only about 10 white hairs on his tail, all disguised in the luxuriant black hair. He was also a tri, but you sure had to look for it; we called him "BT" sometimes, for "barely tri." Had a few tan hairs over his eyes, and a wee bit of tan tracing down his legs and butt. When people go only by color, they have locked their minds up (well, not a surprise when we know some think our dogs are coyotes, foxes, huskies, or Dalmations!). We're waiting for someone to call our new rescue boy, Raleigh, a bear cub (we live in an area with a gazillion bears and a gazillion "sophisticated" city people who come out here to their vacation homes to see the "wildlife" -- personally, I think some of them (the people) are pretty wild, themselves! Welcome to this wonderful group of caring people! Mary NH and "Raleigh Wood" waiting for someone to call him a bear. P.S. If the photo shows up (I'm still learning how to do this), it shows Raleigh and his therapy Rottweiler pal taking a break. Now the Rottie has been called a bear, more than once, but I can almost understand that!
  5. =============== Thanks, BC4Ever! I'm very happy to be here again. We cried a river over Travis, but we know he's in a better place after more than 15 years of making us happy. Now it's time for us to return his gift to us and help another BC enjoy life. Raleigh is making slow progress with his shyness and fear, but it's progress that we celebrate, nevertheless. I could do you-know-what to the evil person who brutalized this sweet dog and caused him to withdraw from life. Mary and "Raleigh Wood"
  6. ==================================== Hi, Mary, When I showed my husband your photo of Vala, he did a double-take. She looks SO much like our late Travis -- same build, same coat, and same face -- Travis had a smaller stripe between his eyes, but he had the same white by the nose, and the same ears. He also was what we used to call "BT" as in "Barely Tri." If you didn't look closely, you wouldn't see the wee bit of tan eyebrows and wee bit of tan sideburns, and the wee bit of tan tracing down his legs. We also used to call him "Foxy-face" -- I love that look, but I also love the looks of all BCs. I wish you all the best with your new dog. Pan (as Travis did), left so you could give your home and love to a deserving dog who was waiting, and waiting, and waiting... Mary and "Raleigh Wood"
  7. Beautiful dogs, Michele! I especially love the shot of the two on the bed; they look so cozy, heh, heh. Mary and Raleigh
  8. Thank you, ErinKate and Sue for your kind words and good advice; I appreciate it! Mary and Raleigh Wood Huber
  9. From John: ...Some dogs never enjoy playing with other dogs; others, like my female, are very selective and will play only with a the few that she chooses. Help him build up his confidence and he may show an interest in playing. ---------------------------------- Thank you, John, for your very encouraging post. We just came back from the dog run -- of course, it is raining buckets, so we were the only ones there -- but we're trying to expose Raleigh to as much "enrichment" as possible. He spent about 15 minutes running all over sniffing (this is his third time there; the first two times there were other dogs he enjoyed playing with). We'll keep trying to interest him in a tennis ball -- sooner or later, it will probably "click." We just want his guy to be happy and realize that games can be fun. Your dog is a beauty, for sure, and we love his name! Mary and Raleigh Wood Huber
  10. In mid-August, we adopted six-year-old Raleigh Wood Huber (his middle name, "Wood," is in honor of the wonderful, compassionate woman who fostered him for almost a year under the auspices of Glen Highland Farm). She convinced Raleigh that life can be worth living. He's come a long way in a short time with us, but is still noise-phobic and extremely shy and fearful of people, especially men. His background is sketchy; it appears that he was pulled from a puppy mill and was bounced around to several, um, less-than-desirable situations, to put it mildly. More than a year ago, almost in extremis, and still intact, he finally ended up at Glen Highland Farm, where they restored him to health (a long process), had him altered, and fostered him to Linda Wood to give him a loving "home" experience. Raleigh doesn't have a clue about playing, has no desire to chase or control anything (surprising in a BC), and is shy and fearful, particularly of my husband, who is the gentlest man in the world. He LOVES other dogs (has play dates with our friends' therapy Rottweilers), and is beginning to bond tightly with me. Our goal for this sweet boy is to give him some zest for living, teach him how to play, help him overcome his fear of noise and men, and expand his human-connection horizons beyond just me. We're using T-Touch on him (which he loves), and I am a Reiki Master, so he is exposed to Reiki on a regular basis, which seems to be helping him. The eight weeks of Al relating to Raleigh is paying off -- he is the one who is the purveyor of all good things (even though I am the chief cook and bottle-washer, ha, ha!) -- breakfast, dinner, Swiss cheese bits, the liver cookies I make (they stink up the house during baking, but dogs love 'em, and they are very useful to serve as dreadful hors d'oeurves when you want to get rid of unwelcome guests). On the recommendation of his foster mom, Linda Wood, Raleigh will be starting a basic obedience class in October with an instructor who is sensitive to the needs of shy/fearful dogs. Eventually we'd like to enroll him in some fun "agility-light" classes to give him a "job." First, of course, we'll see how he does in the obedience class -- since he loves being around other dogs, we think he'll be OK with it -- however, we don't want to push him into something that causes him more than a tiny bit of discomfort. The idea is to encourage him to move slowly outside his comfort zone so he can have more fun. Right now, his "comfort zone" is under the coffee table, watching us, although he does brighten up outside and is finally giving some "happy-butt" wiggles when he runs to me. Any tips about helping this dog learn to play would be most welcome! Mary NH and Raleigh Wood Huber
  11. Hi, all, I haven't posted in some time -- not since our beloved Travis the Trickless WonderDog crossed over to a better place in July. My last post was a big "Thank you" to all the caring folks who posted condolences to us. I'm really glad to be back and will be posting more on our new BC from Glen Highland Farm (the wonderful BC rescue in New York State), but right now want to comment on the breed names people call our dogs. We've got a new one to report: A few years ago, I was with Travis, waiting outside a hardware store while Al was cruising the aisles (it was a long wait). An elderly gentleman came up to me and asked, "Is that a cheap dog?" Somewhat miffed (I considered that question in the same category as asking someone what is your annual salary?), I replied carefully, "Well, he wasn't exactly cheap; he cost a few dollars." The old fellow nodded knowingly, and replied, "Yep, he's a cheap dog, alright; on TV, I seen them dogs herding cheap." I felt pretty stupid standing there with my newly christened "Cheap-dog" breed. ~~ Mary NH
  12. MaryNH


    ----------------- Oh, Linda, I am so sorry for your loss -- I know how you feel, really, Gentle breezes to you, Mary NH
  13. -------------------------- I'm sorry to hear about Oliver, Vicki. We never really get over it totally, do we? Sometimes, the smaller they are, the more it hurts. Mary
  14. Oh, gosh, thank you to all you guys for your wonderful thoughts. I am crying just reading them, but they are tears of gratitude for Travis and for all the good folks on these boards. Bless you all! Mary
  15. Thank you, Cody and Duchess, for your kind words. I feel better being back here among all these good BC people like you. We are coming to the point where we remember Travis more with joy than with sadness, but I'm still crying as I type this (go figure!) Mary
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