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  1. I agree; we'll all be together someday. In the meantime, we understand the pain of your loss, and you're in our thoughts. Mary and "Raleigh Wood" Huber
  2. Wow, good job on the fetch. We're still trying to interest Raleigh in balls, toys, anything. It's like he has no clue. However, we're not giving up on turning this boy's brain on to fun. Learning a lot about this topic, so keep posting your successes on teaching how to play, please! Mary and "Raleigh Wood"
  3. Thank you, ErinKate and Sue for your kind words and good advice; I appreciate it! Mary and Raleigh Wood Huber
  4. From John: ...Some dogs never enjoy playing with other dogs; others, like my female, are very selective and will play only with a the few that she chooses. Help him build up his confidence and he may show an interest in playing. ---------------------------------- Thank you, John, for your very encouraging post. We just came back from the dog run -- of course, it is raining buckets, so we were the only ones there -- but we're trying to expose Raleigh to as much "enrichment" as possible. He spent about 15 minutes running all over sniffing (this is his third time there; the first two tim
  5. In mid-August, we adopted six-year-old Raleigh Wood Huber (his middle name, "Wood," is in honor of the wonderful, compassionate woman who fostered him for almost a year under the auspices of Glen Highland Farm). She convinced Raleigh that life can be worth living. He's come a long way in a short time with us, but is still noise-phobic and extremely shy and fearful of people, especially men. His background is sketchy; it appears that he was pulled from a puppy mill and was bounced around to several, um, less-than-desirable situations, to put it mildly. More than a year ago, almost in extr
  6. MaryNH


    ----------------- Oh, Linda, I am so sorry for your loss -- I know how you feel, really, Gentle breezes to you, Mary NH
  7. -------------------------- I'm sorry to hear about Oliver, Vicki. We never really get over it totally, do we? Sometimes, the smaller they are, the more it hurts. Mary
  8. Oh, gosh, thank you to all you guys for your wonderful thoughts. I am crying just reading them, but they are tears of gratitude for Travis and for all the good folks on these boards. Bless you all! Mary
  9. Thank you, Cody and Duchess, for your kind words. I feel better being back here among all these good BC people like you. We are coming to the point where we remember Travis more with joy than with sadness, but I'm still crying as I type this (go figure!) Mary
  10. At the end of July, our wonderful Border Collie, Travis the Trickless WonderDog, died at home of a stroke. He was 15 years and 7 months old. My husband and I both cried a river (as I'm sure you all can imagine). We were so sad that I didn’t go on the Internet much; every time I checked into the BC Boards, I would see “shadows” of Travis, and I simply couldn’t handle it until now. Several weeks ago, we adopted another Border Collie, a male who is almost six years old. He came from a terribly rough background and is painfully shy and fearful. I’ll be writing more about him elsewher
  11. She's adorable! Good luck with her, and post more pix as she grows. You'll find tons of information here, and the very nicest people, too! Mary and Travis the Trickless WonderDog (who we sometimes call "BT" because he's barely tri -- just a wee hint of tan above his eyes and on his legs.)
  12. Shanty, Glad you are here! There is so much to learn from others. I have a 15 1/2 year old Border Collie (had him from puppy-hood), and we are still learning good stuff about the breed! I had five Golden Retrievers in my life -- not all at once, ha, ha! -- so had a LOT to learn about Borders! They are culture shock after the laid-back Goldens...in a good way, that is. These boards are a treasure trove of fabulous information. Got any pix of your new dog? You can post them in the photo area. Would love to see him. Mary and Travis the Trickless WonderDog
  13. "Boring is good!" I love it! Re staring at a BC; I am finding lately (more and more) that Travis is staring at me! -- especially since I've been giving him Reiki each evening (but I'm not staring at him as I do it). Since I've been giving him the Reiki, he now walks up to me each evening and stares until I start sending the Reiki (sometimes I can't get down on the floor with him, as I'm a bit of an old dog myself). So he'll just sigh and relax on the carpet in front of the fire as I send Reiki across the room from my comfy position on the sofa. Also, I've always been able to so
  14. This is an absolutely fascinating conversation; I've learned a great deal from each of you, and a special "thank you" goes to you, Rebecca, for your comprehensive explanation of Border Collie mentality. I now recognize in Travis much of what you -- all of you -- have detailed, and our appreciation of our marvelous dog is now greatly enhanced! Mary Huber and Travis the Trickless WonderDog
  15. Wishing you the very best as you continue with your dedication to this very fortunate dog (fortunate because she has you!). Not many people would have your patience or persistence. I admire you enormously. Mary and Travis the Trickless WonderDog.
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