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  1. LOL... Yeah, I was on a very lo cal diet for a little while, so I couldn't go walking because it gave me foot /leg cramps pretty bad... she really was annoyed about that, but we are getting back outside into the great wild winter weather now...
  2. Heh heh... last year was no problem. This year, Bess isn't bothering the tree, but apparently thinks all gifts are hers. We finally decided Santa won't come until Christmas morning, when Bess is safely crated. We left last saturday and were gone all day for a graduation, quick potty break for her, then off to office party. She didn't like it. she had left a box of gifts on the floor alone for a whole week. The next morning, we left as usual for church. We got home at the usual time, to bits of wrapping paper, cardboard box, and broken wooden puzzle bits strewn from one end of the house to the other. Then yesterday, she took an empty gift bag sitting by the tree for looks, and she tore it to smithereens.
  3. Oh!!! Sweet! Can't think of anything else when I look at her dear face! Maybe... can ya name a dog that? Maybe she will grow up to be sweet if ya name her that!
  4. there has been cougar seen just .7 of a mile north of my house off 68 hiway down in these parts...
  5. What are the advantages of the center ring.. I was looking at those...they still have the D ring on them to clip a leash to.
  6. Hi Pam, I've seen your name around a couple times. thought I would introduce myself. I am from Paola, KS. You must be around the KC area?Are you Kansas side or Missouri side?

    You had asked about sheep breeders, and I know there is a gal in Cameron, MO who breeds (or did before her spouse passed,)Horned dorsets. Her name is Bridgett Fridley bsdogs@cameron.net

  7. It is ok. It is just a BB. They change! We do too.
  8. Trying to figure this out... the how to post now... sorry, had a sort of duplicate post going.
  9. My sister who lives in rural poor country Brazil keeps a dog. People will try to poison it do they can later rob what little they do have. They have trained the dog to touch/eat nothing unless it comes from their (master's)own hand, so I know it can be done, but sure can't tell how to, I can ask Jim my brother in law to tell me...
  10. I am thinking about putting Bess in "camp" on Wednesdays, because I want to take a class in the morning and work in the afternoon. This would be a very long lonely day for her at home. There is a Camp Bow Wow near where I want to take the classes, and near where my spouse works. Anyone have experience with this chain of dog daycare? good bad... let me have it! Thanks.
  11. My name is Martha Sundquist. A girls camp I have gone to and volunteered at for all my life has the kids call us by bird names, to avoid the formality of having to call Mrs. or Mr. allowing us to be on a different level with the children, but still an authority. So, I chose Marty a derivation of the purple martin. I didn't think I would respond to hootowl or some such name. So I married a swede and the last name is really pretty long and I found it easier to mark casseroles and such with a SQ and folks pretty much know what it stands for. I used to go by ptpt2 all the time, physical therapy and plants with a 2 for good measure. We changed internet servers and I was unable to access my account... so I started completely over and have used the MartySQ ever since. ( with a web email as opposed to an ISP one.) PS...Oh, and it took me 5 times through Chemistry 101 to get my passing grade..never took it in high school...no one told me I ought to. Not a chemist... I am persistent though!
  12. Well...actually, you might be surprised at how many people won't even try a massage... my boss has never had one, doesn't ever want one... I know several others also... they really just do not know what they are missing.
  13. They are not biologically related... they were in the same household. And, the toddler provoked the dog. He has before and been snapped at, but never the skin broken and blood drawn. Classic case of dog stating... back off baby... BACK off Baby.... BACK OFF BABY!!! Baby is rather a busy boy and hard to keep up with... he hasn't much of an "off switch" yet. Thank you for your thoughts. I don't know how old Shadow is... I think probably 5-7 age range. My sister is reading and taking in your information and opinions. Thank you.
  14. well...no one is giving their opinion, so I am thinking the consensus is PTS?
  15. Six months ago, I took in my sister's dog Tilly who was chewing on her Labxaustrailian shepherd's doggy sibling's ear(Shadow). I re-homed Tilly to my daughter in law who is finding Tilly has a bit of sheep sense even though she is a borderxchow cross...doesn't crouch, but still runs around the sheep like you would expect a herder to do. That is a good deal for Tilly. Tilly's Brother(Shadow) now has bitten the toddler that lives in my sister's home. That was the entire reason we removed a dog from the household...so baby wouldn't be in the middle of dog spats. My sister called me in tears ... she didn't take the dog in to euthanize yet, she didn't take the toddler to the emergency room as she is a nurse and decided it wouldn't need stitches, just butterfly band-aids. (yes, I told her toddler still needs antibiotics, and the doc will need to report the bite...)This dog has repeatedly tried to let everyone know it didn't care for babies or toddlers. The mother is far too self absorbed to watch the child close enough, grandma (my sister) is overworked, exhausted, and can't keep up with toddler due to her knees needing replacement. Toddler's mom is working full time and is going to school full time. Would it be safe to recommend the "crate and rotate" type treatment for the dog and toddler? meaning... dog in fenced back yard when toddler loose in home... dog in house when toddler in yard situation? Not sure about snowy winters as this is a house dog. I'm not sure crating the dog inside would keep it safe from toddler. I also told my sister to find out what the rules are in her town, as the next door town is an automatic euthanize for a bite type town. What do you think is reasonable in this situation? Euthanize? Re-home? "crate and rotate"? (My sister would like to re-home the toddler... but that won't happen until it's mama gets through school in another year ....)
  16. I think a lot of people are so removed from their food and the farm, they have no clue.
  17. Wow... I'm pretty novice to the dog world...and when I first got my dog, I didn't get her with the express intent to become a working sheep herding dog. So when I encountered obstacles in her training, I asked and was given appropriate advice by many posting here. Why would I take my non herding dog to a herding trainer to fix a non herding problem? Herding trainers know herding training. Yes, they also know average dog behavior. If my dog was exhibiting non average dog behavior, I would look for someone who knew about non average dog behaviors and could help. Not in any disrespect to any poster... but If folks knew the answers to the questions posted, they would have given an answer... they didn't, so they figured if the behavior was not average dog behavior, they should direct the question asker to someone who knew more about non average dog behavior than the average dog owner. Donald... why didn't you give a different answer if you knew something different? It isn't kind of you to withhold information in that setting if you know better information and don't share it...although, you are not obligated... but if you did know an answer and didn't share...why bother with the original question you asked in this thread? That puts you at the cause of the 'potentially perceived problem'.
  18. When I looked at her picture...my heart said Sara! although I like Belle also.
  19. Well, this is worth a quick log in to say happy for you both! Looks like your hard work with Jin is paying you well in his service to you!
  20. Put him on the 4 wheeler and take him with you... he'll quit barking at his vehicle if he thinks of it as his, hopefully...worked with my dog and barking at cars/trucks...she won't bark at the ones she rides in, but does at the 'work car' that she isn't allowed in.
  21. Bess is out in the mornings until around 11 or 12. She has a kiddie pool which I can't convince her to lie in, but she will dig in it and splash her belly to cool off. When we walk, I always allow her to get into the lake for a little while and then she gets a little wind from walking to air cool her engine. she is outside again in the evening after 9 or so for a hour or so in the cool of the evening. Monday, it was rainy, very humid and pretty warm out. We were at my oldest son's home, and she wanted to go out and play a bit, so I let her chase a ball in the afternoon. Well, she started to pant real fast when she came in, so I put a cool damp washcloth on the tummy/inner thighs area which isn't very hairy...cooled her down a little that way and demanded she lie still for awhile... meany cause she wanted to play with his little spaniels, but I wouldn't allow her to run around any more after that.
  22. That is one reason why Bess is crated at night... no early morning rumpus until DH lets her out of the crate when he is ready. (he wakes before I do, goes to bed before I do...gives us both alone time with her...
  23. Hmmm, are you sure it isn't the direction he faces when going to sleep? (Fen Shui say to sleep this way means ...etc.) Maybe he wants to dream a lot and wants to have his head to the south... or maybe he wants life to get on with it and wants his head facing east...or maybe....
  24. Doesn't seem fair that Anne doesn't get to come... and you make the dogs stay in the way back??? Isn't that a bit lonely? Sounds like you are having a nice trip so far, and quite the trip down memory lane! Thanks for sharing yourself and your adventures with us.
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