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  1. Last question I asked I got some good ideas and advice, so I've come up with a new thing Bess (5 month old)is doing that stumps me... When we go for a walk, I usually walk her for a couple miles, which is all I'm able to phyically do at this point, and even at that, am paying for it in my feet and ankles at night despite new shoes...dag that excess weight...wish it would hurry up and melt away... anyway, about the time we are 5 minutes or a little less from home, Bess has taken to planting herself in front of me, trying to play rough, (which I don't do with her, I can't handle it...), jumping up pushing me hard and grabbing at whatever she can grab, hand, coat, umbrella, it looks almost like an invite to play, but she is rough with it more than playful. I'm trying the down, but she's not listening, so I take the lead right under the chin and pull her down and step on it, and she lies there, won't look at me, and when I think I've got her under control again, let her up, but she continues on... I picked her up today to carry her, not good, she was at my face, and I was getting mad, and my ears don't need chewed on. My next thought is to use the long lead to walk instead of the 6 ft. one, take some balls and when she starts in, to see if I can divert her attention to chasing the balls. I stopped treating her at every down when cars pass, and am giving pats and verbal good girls and then that'll do's when I take my foot off the lead, so I wondered when she started this if she thought she deserved a treat, and I wasn't being fair by gicving her one. (she thinks she is the local cop at home making sure I know kitty is on the furniture when he shouldn't be etc., my point here is she is really concerned with fairness, if dog can't, then kitty can't)
  2. About the essential fatty acids absorbtion...I was told to take a little cottage cheese with the flax seed...but it's ground flax seed, not flax seed oil. I'm not sure why that wouldn't work for a pooch too. For my old diabetic cat, I sometimes sprinkle ground flaxseed over his food to help with hunger issues and blood sugar spikes. I also give him a bit of cod liver oil (yum, yum) in winter. But, that's the cat and not the dog...
  3. I know cars and car chasing are huge no-nos. I try to take pup with me to garden in front yard and she gladly accompnies me on a leash and gets all setlled down like a bunch of fellas for a Monday night football evening, fixateing on the passing cars about 500 feet to 1000 feet away. Should I not take her around to the front when I garden, and at all extremes keep her from watching the cars like they are her version of Monday night football? She watches my ducks and my son when he is working around the yard that intently from the confines of the deck. Thank you. (I did go back about 10 pages looking for a similar question before posting, but figured if it wasn't in that many pages back, if it had been covered, it might be time to cover it again.)
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