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  1. When our first border collie was diagnosed with kidney faliure (we never discussed stages but he did not have much kidney function left) we decided quality of life was the most important thing. We tried him on perscription kidney food but he hated it, and with our vets blessing just fed him his regular diet and my husband spoiled him rotten, and that was just between the two of them. We did give him fluids, he had always hated needles and we figured if he was fine with it then we would do it, if not then that is what it was. He surprised us, most evenings he would lay on the living room floor and be happy to let us give him fluids, some night he was not in the mood so we just let him be.
  2. Riika are you using it on a mac or iOS device, I have used it extensively on both and found it really straight forward to use, what are the issues?
  3. All our border collies, and most of our fosters, we have decided it is just a border collie special skill Congratulations on getting approval and hope the new edition works out.
  4. That was my feeling a few years ago, I started using it again last year and for fast quick edits it works really well, all my online classes are in Facebook groups and I can to everything on my phone, much quicker than uploading to my computer.
  5. I just use IMovie, a few years ago it did not work so well, so I used IMovie on my computer but found it cumbersome. I now edit straight away on my phone and delete the originals straight away. This has prevented me from getting overwhelmed by videos. If I was making something polished I would use my computer, but for fast editing for online classes it works really well.
  6. Sounds like you have really turned the corner with Molly, sounds like you now have a team mate who is really into the game. Congratulations on your patience paying off.
  7. I do everything on my phone now. When I started taking online classes, I used to upload to my computer and edit on there but it was time consuming compared to what I do now. I do use all mac products but I know you can do similar with android. I have found editing on my phone is quick and I get my video up and posted fast. When I was using my laptop, I got behind as did not get as much out of the class as I should have. I recently bought a little 3 legged tripod for my phone as the biggest challenge I was having was balancing the phone and that's working really well. I prefer my iPhone over my IPad for filming, I just find the size of the iPad chunky when outside, I do occasionaly edit on my IPad as the screen is bigger.
  8. Glad Gibbs is making progress, we have had to give up frisbee because of Rievaulxs hip, he can still play a little fetch but I keep it down and only let play as an occasional treat.
  9. Thank you for the idea, their class looks really promising, and actually the timing is perfect as fen will be 7 1/2 months and should be physically more mature, ready for ground games, right now he is mentally really mature, but physically a big dork, who has not grown into his front feet yet. I think I might have found my alternative to Cik/cap land.Edited to add: 30 minutes after I read your post a friend sent me a link to the class, they had been at the AWC and a Canadian team member suggested they look at it... I think this will be my choice.
  10. There are lots of people who are really happy with it, I know it is not for me, I just find her annoying and for what I am looking for it is to much money. I am not looking at this point for a new handling style, just want structure for foundation training, so I stay focused. I enjoy working with a variety of different trainers and learning how other people aproach what is basically the same thing.
  11. I have always washed mine every few months, basically when needed which is about every 3/4 months. We have always used the term Teflon coat as well. All my border collies have been heavy coated and I find that there just comes a point where as house pets they just really need a wash, I always do it myself, I don't think border collies need to visit a groomer.
  12. Jovi, I actually find OMD rather frustrating the handling works really well, but I wish I could take a focused online course with them that breaks it all down and builds it block by block. I have learned bits and pieces from a number of different trainers all of who have trained with them, but I always feel something is missing in the translation.
  13. Thanks everyone, I think I have looked at nearly everyone before, trying to figure out what would suit me. One mind dog don't really have a foundation class, I currently a premium member (I signed up when they had 50%off) and there are loads of videos, but not a structured program, and I really want a good frame work. Living in Europe OMD, is the current dominate handling, I also train online with Amanda Shyne and she uses it to, as does the lady I train with occasionally in England. I have looked at Dave Munnings, he gives great feedback via Facebook, friends have done weaves with him, but I enjoyed watching others attempts with Sylvia rather than needing personalized attention, but he is a possibility. Denise Frenzi's academy right now doesn't have anything that suits, and AgilityU is offering a class that covers a lot of what we have been doing, a couple of months ago it would have been perfect. I don't think Amanda's Nelson style will work for a dog who is going to be spending his career on FCI courses, I will need distance but Amanda's training is for NADAC courses which now have nothing in common with the sort of stuff we meet. And we are not ready for sequencing yet. I have started the early stages of Cik/cap I have been using turn/wrap and I laugh at myself as from one day the next I can't remember which way is which, and I am just at the stage to start using a name. When I started Rievaulx I used the book Agility Right from the Start, and I think I give him a pretty good grounding, but with Fen I want something a bit more structured.
  14. I change foods every bag with my adult dog, he gets bored with the same type, and as he is used to this I don't bother with doing it gradually, at the moment in rotation we have reindeer, boar, duck and lamb. He doesn't like fish kibble (loves fish) and his digestion doesn't like chicken. My puppy can only eat chicken or turkey at the moment, the adult dogs food just doesn't agree with him. So others have said it is dependent on the dog.
  15. I have been planning on signing up for Slyvia Trkmans foundation class. BUT I have a slight problem, so much of her handling is based on CIK/CAP aka directional wing wraps but I am incabable of rembering which is which. So I am exploring alternatives. Her puppy class has been great, I like her way of developing behaviours and how she builds on them, and it has given me a great structure to work on Fenway's behaviours. The structure of a class is important to me, keeps me focused and provides structure. Living in Mallorca I don't have regular access to a top trainer, I am my clubs most experienced trainer/competitor and I still have a long way to go! PS I am not a Susan Garret fan, I admire her achievements but hate her sales techniques.
  16. CptJack is that a regular NADAC agility run? It looks like they have done away with jumps.
  17. Regarding what's normal among top competitors, I have two current examples. I have been taking Slyvia Trkmans puppy class, and planning on taking the foundation class when it opens next month. Dogs have to be 6 months to take the foundation class. The puppy class has lots to learn, it is trick based but some many of the behaviours are the foundation of agility, learning to control noise, controlling moving objects, body awareness. But she is all about puppies being puppies, playing with you playing with dogs just having fun. I also signed up to Daisy Peels puppy blog her dog is about 2 weeks younger than mine and I thought for $14.95 it would interesting to follow along. She is very like Slyvia, lots of tricks, lots of play, she has started to introduce some basic handling in her facility but most of it has been well away from equipment. Your analogy to the Russian gymnasts as I was talking to a friend about one of the Russian handlers at the EO, and he was telling me that the Russians do train their dogs in the same way as they did their gymnasts, they don't have long careers.
  18. Tux is a great name for him, congratulations on your new boy he is very handsome.
  19. Thanks Liz, that is really helpful. I think I might put a soresto collar on him for the rest of the bitting season and next year when he is grown see how he reacts, hopefully he won't be as sensitive and will have forgotten his bad experience with Vectra, and I can evaluate advantix better. I suspect he found advantix uncomfortable, but some of the reaction could have been because of his previous experience.
  20. He is currently on leishguard and will get the injection next spring when he is one. My vet here, as do all my friends vets feel you need mosquito protection too, so you get double protection from the sandflies, as the reliability of the vacaccines is unknown. v My local vet has run out of ideas other than a sorresto collar or gallons of citronella . I was basically wondering if there was another topical treatment available in the US or UK that might also repel mosquitoes. Jovi, Fens reaction has been really obvious he was only 4 months when I first used Vectra and he hated it, a month later the reaction was much worse and I ended wiping as much off as I could, and it took 48 hours for him to be back to himself. This time with Advantix the reaction has been a lot less severe but you could see he has uncomfortable and has taken a day to get back to being a feisty puppy.
  21. I am having problems with spot treatments for my puppy, he seems to be incredibly sensitive to them. Living in Southern Spain it is essential that he has protection from Mosquitos because of leishmania. So I am looking for suggestions, many of the same products are available in the US and Europe. So far I have used Vectra3d twice and that caused him a lot of discomfort, today I used Advantix and he is still bothered by it, just not as much. I am trying to avoid using a collar, but will if I run out of options. Natural remedies are not an option for us as leishmania is a very serious disease and want to make sure I provide the best protection possible. Thanks
  22. Kristine do you have a link to All dogs parkour, google will not find me a website. I found your blog though when I searched .
  23. One of my dogs seems to be able to find even small pills burried inside interesting goodies. I work on the one strick principle, one attempt with a goody, spit it out and I just pop it down his throat, which won't work for you . If you can empty the capsule then find something tasty like ground beef/turkey and give him that.
  24. I can't say I over plan the trial or even care about running orders etc, I am very laid back about the travel part, but since moving to Spain I regularly take ferry rides to competitions, and to get to the mainland is 8 hours by ferry plus driving.
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