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  1. I will be interested in what others have to say, but I would be inclined to let it drop as both words are so similar sounding, they are two words a human could confuse and it is not an important thing to learn. My concern would be in breaking the real releae word. The caveat is I am a fundamentally lazy trainer and if I think a dog is struggling I look for a different approach unless it is a foundation skill they have to learn.
  2. Companionship is a hard to define term, for me it simply means providing me with interactive company, I don't think it has anything to do with physical interaction. How that bond devolps I am sure is through a variety of reasons, my current older dog and I have something special, which I am sure has been build up through training and providing my insecure dog with support, while my husband had an amazing bond with Brody, who was an adult rescue, he could be very aloof, pets were on his terms, yet the two have them had this deep weird bond that was simply because they liked each other, with me he was a very different dog, I enjoyed his company but there was always a reserve.
  3. I fully agree, I am on border collie #4 and my well bred ISDS dog excels in companionship just as well as his rescued predecessors. Although I compete in agility and take it rather seriously, first my dogs are pets and companions and I could not imagine having another breed.
  4. My puppy has a rock obsession which now he is 8 months old is fading, but I do still find him with an occasional stone. All we could do is keep taking them from him and giving him an approved toy as the house we live in has rocks everywhere. He still loves chewing on pine cones and sticks.
  5. Looks like verbals are making a come back in agility fashion circles, there was a period where people aspired to run quietly and just use motion, but now you are seeing top handlers using verbals, especially with turns coming out of running contacts. I have always struggled with verbals, I primarily use them to send away, and use his name to bring him close, running a big fast dog, running flat out and rembering what I am doing has always challenged me enough . Teaching Fenway verbals from the beginning might make a difference, we will see how I get on! Having them should make a difference to my handling and make it easier to get to where I need to be, to be competitive. Fennway is growing into another big border collie, so looks like the short middle aged women is going to be running another big fast dog.
  6. I am auditing, when I first looked the class there was space, when I decided which to do 10 hours later, the working spots where filled. As an auditor you can ask questions, and I am learning a lot from watching everyone's videos. If I continue with them I will try and get a working spot as my handling will be more critical, I figured for foundation a working spot is not so important as I have a good understanding of the concepts, what I wanted was a solid guide to follow, just like I did with Sylvia Ts puppy class. What you say about Cik/cap is correct it is why I could never use them as it would be impossible for me to remember which I was supposed to use on course.
  7. No hijacking going on, always like a good conversation, the OMD tandem turn is effectively a rear cross on the flat, my dog reads the movement really easily, in NADAC most of the really impressive use of Switch I have seen is used from a much further distance, especially for complicated gamblers courses, the tandem turn would not work in those situations. (Before moving I had been in Elite in agility and jumpers in NADAC). The turn I was talking about is a tight wing wrap, which is where Sylvia Trkman uses her cik/cap not a change of direction like the tandem turn or a rear cross.
  8. so far we are working on three turning cues:one that is a wrap, where the cue is the same either side, the dog is turning towards the handler on a tight wing wrap. Left and right spins, not sure where they are going to be used And post turns on the flat. All of which are being put on verbals, along with tunnel and down/sit, and racing to a toy. That is the NADAC switch, I have never trained with an International handler who uses an equivalant turn, to achieve a similar result on course they use a rear cross cue on the flat. I am planning on videoing our work at the end of our first 2 week session, and I will post our progress.
  9. I posted a couple of months ago looking for suggestions for an agility foundation class and decided on The Shape Up Agility one. We have had our first class assignment and so far I like their concepts, we are working on verbal cues and turns. One of the reasons I did not want to do Sylvia Trkmans foundation class was Cik/cap and my inability to tell my left from my right! These guys only use one turning cue for the same reason! Dr Leslie Eide is also taking the class, as is the Dutch trainer we work online with, and occassionaly in person. I don't think this is a course for a complete beginner, there is an an assumed level of knowledge, as an example one of the tasks is sending to the tunnel on a verbal command only, but there is no guidance on how to teach the tunnel. Fenway is having lots of fun, Sylvia Trkmans puppy class was great, but he was ready to add some motion and speed to his training!
  10. Thanks for keeping us updated, it is great news that you have found a way that you can work with her and help her develop at her own pace. Updates are great as so many people come here looking for advice, and for them to be able to read about the journey and the sucess is really helpful, they learn that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  11. Congratulations on you and Tess's achievement, lots of hard work and variety to get there. As a 1 sport competitor I can't imagine how much time is involved in the huge variety of activities you and your dogs do.
  12. This is so very true, at my club we encourage people to try the game, they might never compete but it is a fun activity to play with your dogs and build a much deeper bond. My first agility border collie was not going to ever win anything, he played because I asked him, I learned loads, met some great people because he loved trials and made friends where ever we went. Your experience at trials is going to depend on the organization, you are going to see a much wider variety of border collies at a USDAA trial than an AKC one. NADAC and CPE are much more laid back, NADAC does not allow tugging in and out of the ring, so it keeps some of the intensity down. There is lots of different flavors in agility, you just have to sample and find the fit for you.
  13. My adult border collie is very chilled at home, is a great pet and good company. Waiting in line for agility I keep him calm and focused, once we walk to the line all bets are off, he is fast, driven, intense and if I get my timing wrong hell ... Agility trials can bring the worst out in Border collies, it's a fast game, full of fast moving dogs, you will find many of those dogs are mellow away from the setting.
  14. If she had just killed the cat, it would never have been blown up into such a big deal. The US has a huge hunting culture, even in the liberal North East where we lived, but killing cats is not part of that culture. To brag about the kill, claim you should be awarded vet of the year, is what has caused the issue, killing an animal that as vet you will be being paid to care for does not look good. The situation then got worse when someone came forward and claimed the cat was theirs.
  15. Like Jovi I am curious and would like to know more and see it in action, perhaps a new topic
  16. Loved hearing everyone's opinions, it looks like we mostly agree on what and the why of our contact behaviours. My training partner and owner of the club I belong to, keeps pushing me to go with running contacts as that is what all the good local and national handlers are currently doing, being the independent minded (and more experienced) person that I am, I know it will not work for me, and my future big border collie, long legged border collie, you have all reinforced that my thinking is right for me. After watching alot of the AWC there was a lot of quick release contacts which were a lot more reliable than running contacts, if Pam's dogs can get to grade 7 in a competitive enviroment, a quick release it will work for me. And as a final thought on the subject the trainer I occasionally work with in the UK who is a successful grade 7 handler, made the decision with both her and her husbands young dogs to go stopped on the dog walk and a running Aframe, she told me they spent so much time working on the running DW with her husbands youngster that she realized that she was missing a lot of fundamentals as all the training time was being spent on the dog walk, so they went back started over and this summer, their first competing went from grade 1 to 5.
  17. Last year I had a English international judge tell me to watch the WAC and the WAO and notice the new moves being introduced by certain handlers (as he said you know who I am talking about) they are then going to make a nice living of teaching that move for the next year at expensive seminars. If you look at a certain trendy handling system it is all still fundamentaly based on the 3 basic crosses, if your dog learns to read body position and motion all the fancy handling falls into place. I have not done a seminar where I have been shown a new handling technique that my dog has not picked up straight away - me, not so quickly. Intrestingly all the handlers for a certain trendy Finnish handling system all have stopped contacts, as do a number of successful international competitors. I suspect I will give running a go on the Aframe and if I don't like how it is going and if it is going to take to many reps then I will switch to a stop. I know someone one who does NOW have a consistent and stunning running dog walk with her papillion but it took 2 1/2 years of training nearly every day ... That is to much repetion for me.
  18. Riika that really sounds like a memory problem on the computer, what I always do is save the finished videos outside of iMovie and delete everything in the program, which should free up ram.
  19. looks like a lot of us are having similar ideas That has always been my argument, but recently I have seen a number of dogs who have been successfully and easily trained using a stride regulator on the A-frame and it seems to hold up in competition. My suspicion is that it depends on the dog, some get it and others would require to many reps. That is my fantasy world too, but I don't think it is going to happen, I also have to work with the reality that I seem to be growing another big border collie and running dog walks are living on the edge A sentiment I appreciate Pam
  20. My old lady GSDx was a therapy dog, we were part of a program where kids read to dogs, she loved children and going to school was the highlight of her week. All 3 of my border collies could have past the test, only one would have enjoyed it, he was an extrovert who loved meeting people and made people smile but we did not fully trust him not to snap if someone did something fast and unexpected. My current adult dog just would not enjoy being a therapy dog. Regarding submissive urination, with our adult dog i cant actually remember when it stopped but all we did was ignore it when it happened and in time as he gained confidence it just stopped. There was a point it happened everytime some one came to the house. He is a big goofy boy and even at 7 still seems young, I would say he reached maturity around 2 1/2 there was a point where he just seemed to focus more. I cant advice you on low key activities as our real focus is agility.
  21. After Bandit was diagnosed, we made an appointment to just talk to the vet without him so we had the time to understand what was happening. My husband looked at her and said "so if he was my friend we would be going to Vegas for hookers and aged steak" after a moment she agreed . As so Sue said I wish you both the best.
  22. I have been giving a lot of though to contacts, my older dog stops but what is my youngster going to do? What are everyone's current thoughts and reasons I am thinking stopped on the dog walk and running on the Aframe. Stopped on the dog walk: Very hard to handle the end, and judges are setting traps at the end just for running contacts and I will never be fast enough to get to the end before a border collie. Training seems to be very hard to get right, after watching the world championship and seeing a very high faliure rate. I also know people who have spent 2 years solid training to get a decent running dog walk. No physical reason not to stop as the angle is not hard on the joints Running on the Aframe: Very easy to beat a border collie to the end Can be trained with a high degree of sucess using striding. Very little faliure at the worlds. Stopping is hard on the shoulders.
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