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  1. We got Charlie a crate because we started just shutting him in the kitchen when we had to go out,well that turned out to be a very expensive exercise with the damage caused by a bored border collie..?? We didn't want to go to small or too big so heres Charlie in his bed quarters...weve tried adding cusions or the more expensive doggy beds,but Charlie destroys them so he's just got his blanket.
  2. We walk Charlie on the beach every day.He loves the water,so i throw his ball in (tummy deep) just a few times to cool him off ,then i steer his attention to working on the beach away from the water.
  3. Ok thanks for that. I dont want Charlie to get hurt and it isnt fair on the golfers. I will work hard on this with Charlie. Hes pretty good when we are on the beach.If i recall him no matter how many other people and dogs are on the beach he will come and let me put his leash on.,its just with golfers?
  4. Hey My Charlie is nuts about golf. He watches it on TV. My problem is where i walk him on the common there is a massive golf course,its not a closed in course its just open common. When Charlie sees golfers thats it he's off on one,he's gone in the mist chasing them and steeling there balls.Now Charlie is very clever and he listens to me all the time no problem.BUT the minute a golfer shows i loose all control,i cant even catch him???Any ideas??? i dont feel its fair to keep him on his lead all the time...Where do i start to retrain him away from golf,we walk with Charlies brother Shep t
  5. Hi Charlie is 1 year and 4 months. I will give pineapple a try,thanks for the suggestion..Its just we have children which love to play with Charlie and sometimes Charlie comes in from the garden and you can see it stuck to his teeth and im pretty sure he hasnt been in the fridge for a bar of chocolate..
  6. Hi I tried a search but did not find anything ,so i hope this hasnt been asked too many times before. My Charlie eats his own poo Is there a way to stop this apart from standing behind him in the garden and getting to clean it up before he eats it?
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