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  1. We are pleased to once again welcome Patrick Shannahan, two-time US National Champion with over 20 years experience with herding with sheepdogs, back to South Texas this fall for lessons and a clinic. The lessons will be held on Friday, November 4th, 2016, with the Clinic to follow on November 5th and 6th. It will be held, in the same location as last year, just outside of Odem, Texas (just northwest of Corpus Christi, Texas). We had a terrific time last year, and hope to have an even better time this year. For more information on lesson(s), clinic spot(s), or audit spot(s), please contact: Cindy Roper Phone: 361-960-2070 (If no answer, please leave a message) Email: cynr360@aol.com Or message me on Messenger: Cynthia Atkinson Roper
  2. We will be hosting Patrick Shannahan for lessons and a Clinic (lessons - October 30; Clinic - October 31 & November 1) at our Ranch located outside of Odem, Texas (about 20 miles northwest of Corpus Christi, Texas). If interested, please contact me for more information. Cindy Roper 361-960-2070 cynr360@aol.com
  3. Location: Corpus Christi, Texas Distance will to travel: 2 hours in any direction (and more time, depending on current work schedule and time of week) Type of Vehicle: Suburban Hold Overnight: Yes Crate: Have plenty Able to pull from shelter: Yes Available: It varies; depending on my schedule, but happy to help If able.
  4. Thank you all so much for your feedback! You have really helped me with my decision. I think I will go ahead and try the ruff tough Crates! They sound like they will do the work I need them to do. And Diane, I travel long distances too, so I will probably get them a tad larger so the dogs can stretch out. Cindy
  5. Thanks. Anyone familiar with these: https://www.gunnerkennels.com/ or the kennebec crates at www.mightymitedoggear.com/
  6. I am looking at changing to different dog crates for my travel needs. I have always used wire crates, as Texas it is so hot and humid. My thought was too provide as much air and circulation and comfort. But in using the wire crates, I am so afraid I am compromising the dogs safety on the road. Since I have been faced with two car accidents in the past three years (neither my fault--really), I want to get the safest crate possible, but I also want the dogs comfortable and not too hot. I will be traveling with four BC's that are my world! We drive a suburban. Please give me your comments as far as what you like and use or would suggest. Thank you for your input and your time. Cindy
  7. Thank you for your feedback.
  8. I am wondering where larger nursery trials are held in US. I am in Texas and it seems like at some of theTSDA trials there are barely 5 entries in the trial. Can anyone recommend Some larger nursery trials ? I Appreciate your input. Cindy
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