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  1. Kila is improving. I find that when we are walking and there are small dogs that seem friendly, the owner will allow me to get real close for a sniff encounter. So far we got to know and play with 4 separate small dogs on our walk. She smelled them and was satisfied that they were no a threat, so she relaxed and was OK. But here is where I am confused. We were walking by an old senior white lab on a leash. The dog was 15 years old, walked real slow with a slight limp from arthritis and was partially blind. It completely ignored kila. The owner gave me permission to approach. When kila slowly approached she began to try to nip this poor dog. After several tries, we decided she was not going to be friendly so we left. Why would she do that. This dog was anything but threatening. She did this to a friendly older golden retriever too.
  2. I have adopted an 8 year old border collie with aggression against other dogs because she has never been socialized. I can't afford a dog trainer so I am trying to train her myself with this problem. I have been walking her 4 times a day to parks so she can see other dogs being walked. We stay at a distance and we are slowly getting closer to the other dog walkers. But here is where I am confused. One training video says to use a halti or gentle leader. When she begins to show aggression, make her focus solely on me and nothing else. Don't let her look around. Then I watched this short video: http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=2...channel=5977435 The trainer says the opposite because the dog in this video is a border collie. Which is the best way? What are your experiences?
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