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  1. Kila is improving. I find that when we are walking and there are small dogs that seem friendly, the owner will allow me to get real close for a sniff encounter. So far we got to know and play with 4 separate small dogs on our walk. She smelled them and was satisfied that they were no a threat, so she relaxed and was OK. But here is where I am confused. We were walking by an old senior white lab on a leash. The dog was 15 years old, walked real slow with a slight limp from arthritis and was partially blind. It completely ignored kila. The owner gave me permission to approach. When kila s
  2. I have adopted an 8 year old border collie with aggression against other dogs because she has never been socialized. I can't afford a dog trainer so I am trying to train her myself with this problem. I have been walking her 4 times a day to parks so she can see other dogs being walked. We stay at a distance and we are slowly getting closer to the other dog walkers. But here is where I am confused. One training video says to use a halti or gentle leader. When she begins to show aggression, make her focus solely on me and nothing else. Don't let her look around. Then I watched this short video:
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