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  1. I have to be honest, I dont know if she has personally dumped her dogs at shelters, but I know owners have taken them to the shelters after they can't find someone to take them or help amd placing their dogs in a shelter. Or like the 80 plus old woman that bought one of her pups died. Her estate attorney did put the dog in the shelter (for biting people and him). The attorney called us to take the dog and he would pay us to take him. I told him to call SM (he had his AKC papers turned over with him at the shelter). She refused to take the boy back. After the attorney took the 7 month to the shelter, the dotg attacked and bite one of their empolyees in the stomach, our recommendation was to PTS the dog and not adopt to the public. I know she sells to people in the north, cause I do believe it was Northern CA BCR that told us a buyer contacted her that she bought two puppies that was hospitizaed the first night or second day for pavro. So I would guess it is possibly that someone buys from two different litters and start producing these dogs anywhere in the USA. But we have no personal knowledge of a full litter being dumped in a shelter. But then again we don't hear about all the litters across the USA or even reports from out of the state of CA dogs from her.
  2. I want to first tell the buyer of Breve that my heart goes out to their whole family, and wish I could have done more many years ago to shut this breeder down. Breve is at peace now and what ever caused these dogs brain to work abnormal or wiring issues within their brains - she is at peace and hopefully you will heal in time from this experience of buying one of SM dogs. But I fought and lost with AKC regarding this matter. All they would do was to "sweep it under the carpet" by saying they would de register the dog since it came into rescue. de-registering the pup or dog we took in isn't taking care of the matter - what about de registering all of her dogs, not allowing her to breed and register with AKC. Oh no, they could not do that. All I can say is that everyone that has ever bought a dog and had these issues, need to write to AKC and complain. Cause if buyers would put their issues of aggression or problems with SM then maybe just maybe AKC will do something. Cause I wrote articles, even putting in her web site along with her advertising she put in the San Diego papers under Business Opportunities - buy her dogs and make money without a lot of work. Nothing has changed from the past, from hearing this. I don't always have time to check the messages on the boards with the number of rescues that always needing help here in CA. But the last couple of days we have gotten emails from SM email (we know cause it is on her web site) from someone looking for an older male, they are willing to fix so they say, and about two missing dogs, an older male with only one testicle (saying he would be easy to find due to this) and a female that was debarked. Then they sent in an application. This put us on alert totally. Why are they coming to rescue for dogs? And her site makes me mad when you check her web site, and under her link of adoption - it isn't adoption but selling one of her dogs. How dare she use adoption (implying rescue). It raised the hair on the back of my neck - and my stomach twisting since she moved back from Texas, to Temecula and states she is moving to Lake Arrowhead (way too close to me IMO), so put out warnings to other rescues across the USA regarding this. I was told by a new BCR group in CA that they took two dogs from SM area shelter, where the shelter said they were taken or given up by owner due to over the limit dogs. They were an older male, and a debarked female. Both has been altered within the first week. Another ALERT to me since this is what the man stated was missing. So I went looking for anything about her on the web, and found this on the board. We haven't taken any dogs that are of her breeding in years. It was way too hard to have to PTS them due to aggression. We need our energy to help the dogs that we can re-home, and not tear ourselves up constantly with dealing with her breeding. I wear a major scar on my face from one her breeding we took years ago. Another volunteer who didn't heed my warning about these dogs, took an owner turn in, and bought it to a public adoption event. And he turned on another volunteer at the public adoption event, attacking her a number of times before we could get him under control and in a crate - I instantly told the volunteer that bought this dog in to PTS him and NEVER bring in another SM dog esp. when they come with papers going back to her breeding. (this volunteer thought I was awful, and she didn't do it, she privately behind our back adopted this dog out, never informing the adopter of his temperament or his bites to humans, but at least she is no longer one of our volunteers). All of the dogs that have come to us from her breeding or by her studs have had MAJOR AGGRESSION ISSUES. How do we know they are her breeding, cause the owners that turned them in gave their AKC papers or their puppy papers to us when they did. Even her out crossing has had major aggression issues, so it has to be a very strong gene or something that isn't working right within their brains?? And when they don't have papers and are in shelters, but look like her cookie cutter breeding, we even turn away from them in the shelter. Why? Cause for the last 11 or 12 years, we have had nothing but un-adoptable dogs coming out of her dogs, including when she studs out her male to outside females. Can you image a 9 week old puppy that would attack you, biting your face to do damage? Or this same puppy that would attack a 2 year child to take away their Christmas present of Elmo doll? And I am not making this up. This wasn't normal puppy putting teeth on you that you can work with, but a little major aggressive 9 week old that would actually go after your face if he didn't get what he wanted. He was out for blood and he wasn't planning on loosing, he was going to get what he wanted at any cost - or so he thought. I am drained once again even after all these years, all I can say is that the word must be pass along that anyone with a dog they bought from SM and has aggression or major issues like the ones Breve's owners had - TELL A.K.C. in writing. Make it formal to them. Maybe with buyers complaining, opening their hearts and the hell they went through - just maybe AKC will do something about her. But to be honest, in my heart of hearts I KNOW AKC isn't going to do anything, cause they want more Border Collies registered with them (one of the reason they have not closed the stud books for our breed). They won't listen to Rescue, even when I took one that came into rescue to their National AKC Show in MO. with his AKC papers to show him off to them and meet his litter mates or relatives that where showing in the Confirmation Show Ring. Everyone that owned a relative of JD got excited about me having him until they found out he was neutered and was turned into rescue. His AKC puppy registration list his parents as CH Minimbah Turn the Tide DL 65268301 (Australia) & CH Korella Astar is Born DL63594701 Breeder SM. The "hush" could be heard everywhere at their show ground - and the AKC reps there said all they could do was de-register him. So what, that wasn't going to help him or future puppies she produced or their buyers that would live a life of "hell" with their dogs that they came to love and hate at the same time. My heart goes out to all her puppy buyers, my sole and mind is drained at this time for the ugly dragon has raised it head again - and we in CA can't seem to destroy it. All I can pray is that Animal Control where ever she moves to, will make it rough as they can on her - And if she really moved into San BernardinoCounty - I can only pray they do. Education is very important to the public, so maybe the owners/buyers might go to their local Animal Control, their local papers and TV stations or contact San BernardinoCounty Animal Control and ask for Megan in Vet Services and tell her the story of Breve and let her know you heard she moved to Lake Arrowhead or Cedar Glen and tell their stories. In CA these things make major headlines when reported. Just another thought?
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