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  1. Yeah, the Dog Wood in Jax is very nice, although I'm not sure how much longer it's going to be around. Up until yesterday, I didn't seemed to see a whole lot of other BC's out there, but then last night a couple BC owners showed up with several dogs. Before I knew it, there were 4 other BC's running around playing frisbee. Of course Lema was the youngest, so I was hoping she was in "watch-and-learn" mode. It was intersting how focused on the discs the other dogs were. They were locked in on the frisbees, while Lema chased them around trying to play. As we were getting ready to leave, another c
  2. Thank you. Lema is our first Border Collie. I grew up with a Samoyed living in New England, but this is completely different. Lema has a lot more energy, but she seems a lot more in-control then the Samoyed. It's like apples to oranges so it's quite the learning experiance. At 18 weeks, Lema already knows names for all of her toys (only around 5 so far), sit, stay, come, roll over, lay down. high 5 and 10, play dead, and heal. Still working of the sit pretty, but the balancing needs some work. She continues to amaze me at how fast she learns this stuff, especially at such a young age.
  3. Hey guys. Just wanted to say this site is great. You guys have provided tons of useful info for me as a new BC owner. I noticed there are quite a few members here in Jacksonville. Curious if any of you meet up or go to the local dog parks (Dog Wood?)?? Anyway, here is our girl Lema. She's 18 weeks and growing like bamboo! Can't wait until she is old enough to start getting involved in sports. This is her around 7-8 weeks. Here she is with her favorite toy, the chewy-rope!! More chewy-rope. Here she is around 14 weeks at the park. Anyway, thanks again guys. Lo
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