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  1. Another question: looking at pictures of the litter from the same parents (black and white sire x red and white dam). One puppy in the picture appears to be a red and white -- but with a black patch on his face around the eye. Is that possible (or is the camera playing tricks on me)? In two pics, the patch appears darker than the red on the rest of the puppy, and looks to be black. And there are no tan eyebrows like with a tri.
  2. THANK YOU!! I found that article easy to read, easy to understand, and the answer to my question!
  3. Hi I am looking at border collie puppies from a working farm. The father is black and white and the mother is red and white. Two of the puppies have predominately white bodies - one with black markings on the head and some ticking. The other is predominately white with some black on the head and some black patches on the black. Does this mean these dogs carry what is called the white factor? Does it mean they could possibly be deaf and or blind? I'm very confused about what I read about white. Any information will be helpful. thank you!
  4. I also have been checking back and hoping for better news. They never live long enough, and we are so privileged to have had them for such a short time. My sincere condolences....and he will live on in your heart.
  5. wow. This has happened to two good friends of mine. One has been giving fluids for over 6 months now, and the dog is still responding well. The other gave fluids for about 6 weeks, and all seemed fine until a very rapid deterioration last week, and after upping the fluids to no avail, it led to having the dog being PTS. Both dogs were elderly. So I agree with Liz's statement that it is variable.
  6. So, so sorry to hear this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Kipp.
  7. Did you take a stool sample to the vet? I'd take the first stool sample of the morning. I've had similar symptoms with hook.
  8. I have used pumpkin for more than one day....and I have a friend who uses it as an additive all the time!! I, also, have heard that it is good for constipation. Go figure.
  9. two heaping tablespoons (out of the silverware drawer) usually does the trick for me.
  10. this? http://www.thesmartcollar.com/web/ This from a site that sells them: The Smart Collar ´╗┐This innovative collar uses ionic technology to reduce your dog's shedding by promoting healthier circulation and increased blood flow, keeping hair follicles alive longer. Safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly, it's embedded with ion magnetic chips throughout the underpadding. Nylon webbing with contoured quick-release buckle. Colors: Green, Black or Red. Sizes: S (8"-12"), M (12"-16"), L (17"-22"), XL (22"-28"). **** Item #: D13335 Price: $39.95
  11. Well, got sick and tired of the biting and stopped at the vet yesterday, and she gave me Comfortis. She told me to feed them and give it 5 minutes later....not to give it on an empty stomach. I vacuumed, changed bedding and gave it to them yesterday around 5 p.m. Today...no biting, scratching, nothing!! I agree it was worth every penny!! Only trouble is it doesn't kill ticks (but it can be used with Frontline.) I am lovin' the Comfortis.
  12. Alligande - what area are you from? I have always used Frontline and only when needed (not monthly) so I can't image that my dogs or the fleas have developed an immunity to it...and yet, starting about in early June, I have been battling fleas. They are biting and scratching and the Frontline Plus doesn't seem to be having any effect on the fleas. I have also been vacuuming like crazy. I am in Western Pennsylvania. I have used DE in my kennels to control crawling insects, but never on my dogs. Is it really safe to dust them with that??? Any info would be appreciated as I am going nuts trying to stop this. Gonna call the Vet tomorrow.
  13. Trying hard not to be jealous...he is bea-u-ti-ful!!!! Congrats! I, too, want a smoothie next time.
  14. Thanks for sharing!! Really enjoyed those...especially watching the oldster...who looked phenomenal
  15. I thought I'd throw this out to see if anyone has any ideas about this. I have a dog that is randomly "marking" (for lack of a better word) in the house. I'm almost positive that I know which dog it is. He's checked out negative at the vet for Uti. I don't need advice on how to correct this problem, I know what to do, but.I am not finding the spots immediately and here is what is stumping me...it doesn't smell like dog urine. In fact, there is no smell at all. I have a great nose for sniffing out dog pee...and I have been known to get down on all fours with my nose in a carpet. I can tell you if a dog's peed there within days. But the spot I found today....up against a piece of furniture and onto ceramic tile....it is yellow in appearance and sort of "greasy"...it's not recent (but I don't think it's that old), but it does not smell at all. Has anyone had a dog with urine that absolutely does not smell??? Or I should say, does not smell to the human hose. There is not alot...it's almost like a spray. I don't have cats, just dogs. I've tried googling this, but have not found anything on the internet like this.
  16. I had an eight month old GSD puppy who ate a bolt snap (the silver thing that attaches a leash to a collar.) I honestly couldn't believe he ate it, but when I absolutely could not find it, I took him to the vet and there it was...glowing on the xray. Vet told me not to worry too much about it, feed him some mashed potatoes and watch for it. Sure enough, the next morning there it was...and he was no worse off for it coming out!!
  17. It's been around for at least 30 years, I'll bet. I remember when it first came out and people were flocking to buy it and also buying freezers to keep it. I've never used it as a dog food, but I did find that my dogs LOVE it for training....so it has become one of my training-treat staples.
  18. I believe my shelter dog (BC) was primarily kept in a cage before he was found running with two other dogs (another BC and a ACD). Upon coming to our house, he immediately planted himself on the couch and became the resident "couch potato." It was his safe spot that he could watch the world from, and still feel secure. It was months before he allowed himself to get off the couch and slowly join the rest of the world. It has been a year and a half. He has now found his place in the pack, joins in and plays, and although he is still a work in progress, he does not need the security of the couch anymore. So....I believe it will come. I have attached a picture of Rusty on his "safe sofa" a month after we got him.
  19. Exact same thing for me! On leash and if they are small enough, start in the middle. Lots of repetition and they get it. I had to do it with an older rescue dog. Our next step is spiral stairs!
  20. Can't speak for Caesar Milan, but can tell you about a "well known" dog trainer from 30 years ago. She came to a local town and my friend was asked if she would bring one of her dogs for an obedience demo. She was delighted, and arrived with a titled dog. She was asked to sit off-set with her dog. She was under the impression that she would be on camera doing a demo. At one point "well-known woman dog trainer" asked for a dog with no training so that she could show her method. My friend's dog was taken from her and before you know it, "well-known woman" was demonstrating her unique training methods with my friend's CDX titled dog (who the audience was told was "untrained"). So no matter what show (or even video)-- there are many tricks of the trade (especially with video editing now a days) that can lead you to think something works quickly and well, when it doesn't. I also wondered what this pup's parents were like. I always tell people to meet the dam (and sire, if present) and the breeder's other dogs. You really aren't buying just a puppy, you are buying that breeder's lines. Temperament problems may show themselves to you through the parents or siblings.
  21. Thanks so much! Your second paragraph sounds like something I can and will work on! Makes sense! As for the third paragraph, I don't even need an experienced pair of eyes to tell me that it's ME that also needs help in cuing the dog I probably need to pay more attention to my handling and my cues.
  22. It is amazing to me how dirty my dogs look one day, and how sparkly their coats (especially the white) look the next. I don't see an excessive amount of licking/preening, so I can only conclude that it ends up on my carpet. A roll in deer poop usually results with being hosed. Re toenails, two of my dogs have their feet trimmed regularly at home (nails and hair between pads). The third came with major toe nail clipping problems. I owned 12 GSDs in lifetime and clipped or dremelled nails with no problem what so ever. This dog must have had some number done on her at a groomer (I was able to talk to the owner before I got her, so I know they sent her to a groomer.) It took me a year to brush her without her growling. If I try to pick through her hair, she startles. Picking up a pair of scissors or a toe nail clipper makes her run. And nail clipping was impossible - even with two of us. So I took her to the vet and they tried everything. My vet feared that she would convulse the way she got all worked up (that's how bad it was.) So...they sedated her. She fought through the sedation to a point where they had to put her totally out. Then I was mad when I saw that they didn't even cut them short; hardly cut them at all and did not trim hair. So I had the same problem a month down the road. I finally decided to manage the problem by teaching her to scratch on a board with sandpaper attached to it. I'm thinking that when we get the driveway cemented, she will probably wear them down naturally.
  23. We have been going through something similar (refer to my recent post titled Rescue and Regression) where after 1-1/2 yrs. of being with us, our current rescue dog is going through periods of regressing. Some of it is startling at loud noises/fast movement, and being skittish. Some of this is back to fearing my husband (we knew he had an issue with men when we got him, and it had gotten a lot better.) One minute he acts like he is afraid of DH, and the next minute he is begging him for petting. One morning we got up and he was simply freaked out about nothing. My husband went to let the dogs out and he back flew upstairs. I called him back downstairs and he also did it to me! He was freaky all day. I checked, and it was not a full moon. We have been having regression issues at agility, and so that night, I expected a bad session...not so! He had one of his best nights at agility! Go figure! Next day he was back to normal (or, at least, normal for him.) Now we have a new problem...leg lifting in the house. Don't know where the heck that came from. Have had him to the vet...everything is normal physically. I probably think that the advice I got on the other post about just being patient and letting him find his way is probably what will happen. However, it is frustrating to take one step forward and two steps back. On the other hand, my first BC rescue (girl) has always had issues with ladders and any kind of carpentry-type work being done in the house. And if you move the furniture, well, her actions range from hiding in a corner for the day to going outside and not wanting to come back in.
  24. Have done CU with my other dog, and with both dogs, I usually do trick training in-between turns. We have been doing segments and building up...that is how this class is run. Part of the problem is that she is fast and this old lady has one heck of a time keeping up with her!
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