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45+ years in dogs and dog training, including 25 years of instructing dog obedience and 35 years of running a private boarding kennel.  Started out with German Shepherds (although my first dog was a Chihuahua) and eventually adopted a mixed breed (which was the most awesome dog I ever owned) and two Border Collies, which brought me to the BC Boards.  I consider these Boards a wonderful gift and treasure for those seeking information.  I currently have two young Border Collies I purchased as puppies in 2019, that are currently in agility and search/nose work classes.  I have no desire to pursue any kind of competition (been there/done that) but I have discovered that dog training is my personal therapy that I cannot live without.  I thoroughly enjoy training my own dogs and see it as a means to developing a dog that I can enjoy living with. 

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