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  1. I have a 3 year old bitch who is almost fully trained for Australian 3-sheep trials. I only bought her a few months ago. She is a weaker dog and I have found she hates walking straight in to the pressure, and she does the whole 'sliding up the side' thing as well. She was worst at the lift, she would stop at the top and would not walk in onto the sheep, I found it so frustrating! I have done a lot of reading and pondering on how i could build her confidence and get her to walk in better. I have tried a few different methods and have found that having her in a yard with sheep and just getting her to stand and relax and take the pressure has helped her confidence quite a lot. She still is unsure at times but is much better than she was.
  2. I watched that last weekend, and LOVED IT. It's amazing to watch the dogs doing their everyday jobs on the farm, It is really worth seeing.
  3. Great shots! I love the huge cattle and sheep stations, I'd love to live and work on one, one day.
  4. That was fabulous to watch! Thanks so much for posting that Deb Such amazing team work, would have been awesome to see them compete in real-life!
  5. It's a really great book, really in-depth, I love his ideas/views on breeding. I have found it so helpful and have learn't a great deal from reading it.. it's like my 'sheepdog bible' I also have Tully's 'Natural Ability' dvd, which is just as good as the book.
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    No Eye

    Thanks for that Rebecca, Ben sounds a lot like my Girl.. Did you ever do Trialling with Ben? Or was he unsuitable because of his lack of eye?
  7. I have a dog i am training, she is a great little worker and always tries her hardest but she hasn't the slightest amount of eye on sheep, it is really weird because when she plays with our other dogs all she does is 'Eye' them all the time. This girl is also a very busy worker and works like a "bull at a gate" all the time and I have to continually tell her to steady up. I have noticed that when the sheep begin to move too fast, instead of slowing down while she is behind them, she takes off in a wide circle around bothe me and the sheep and 'orbits' them as if to take the pressure off them.. Has anyone else ever had any experience with a dog lacking eye? Is there anything I could do with her to help develop some eye on stock? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for you advice Rebecca, I haven't tried her in a larger paddock yet, haven't had time. But will tomorrow. If it doesn't help I will bring her back into a smaller paddock. She isn't really a great 'team-player', is a bit stubborn at times. And as you said it could be the reason for her 'Turning away' and I know she definately still has a few confidence issues.. Here is a short vid of her, she turns off only once during this clip at about 10 seconds into it, but did it much more after the video finished. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=z9OU5ZWcjOg&...%3D0%26ps%3D20%
  9. Thanks Ragtimedog, I'll try her in a larger paddock tomorrow and see how she goes. I also have a short video of her doing this 'turning back', I'll try and upload it and post the link here.
  10. I have an Australian Koolie that i am currently training, she is 20 months old. We got her back in May after her owner previous owner returned because she 'didn't like her'. When we first tried her on sheep, she showed no interest at all until we put her sister in the yard as well. That was whn the light came on.. but she still only worked half-heartedly.. I have worked with her over the past months and she has come along so well, is so much more focused and and she has now progressed from the yard to a small paddock. She will now continually bring the sheep to me as I walk backwards around the paddock but lately, instead of keeping her eyes on the sheep, she turns away from them, runs a few paces in the opposite direction and then comes back to continue bringing them in. It is like she looses concentration.. I have tried calling her back as soon as she begins to turn off, but that hasn't really helped much. She is doing it more and more each lesson and it is beginning to be worry. Does anyone have any advice on how I can stop her from doing this?
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    Yeah, I think Tully explains 'Eye' really well in his book. It is a great book and is well worth the read. A quote from his book "Working Sheepdogs": Tully believes that there are basically 2 forms of eye (or motivations behind it) (as mjk05 has already described).. "Pressure eye" and "Free eye" Pressure eye only being evident when the dog is under direct pressure, and is tense or frightened to some extent, due to being weak and/or fearful Free eye, which is what is required (in moderation), denotes good concentration and is not brought on by fear.
  12. I have also heard mixed reviews about their BC's and breeding practises, but you cannot beleive what everyone says.. Just make sure you do your research, I too am considering importing a working bc from the uk in the near future.
  13. I will more than likely be buying a pup in Australia with imported lines, and in the future both Mum and I would also like to import a couple of dogs from the uk. I do realise the dificulty i am faced with trying to find a dog that will do well in all areas of work, lol. I will probably be searching for quite some time.i beleive that i must start (as I hope to breed isds borders) with the best dog/s i can find to produce top quality workers... It is intersting to to hear that the some of the uk dogs don't do as well at trials compared to the australian dogs. I think that most of the time it is not the uk dogs at fault but more the design/manner of the trials here in Australia (that is only my opinion though ) I did not realise there were so many imported dogs in the country, I only thought there were a few. I won't breed with any local Border Collies (unless I find an exceptional dog), too many breeders have bred more for the traits needed to be a successful trialler and alot of the resulting dogs lack in the necessary traits (mustering, Scope and lack of strength) needed for practical work. Thanks for your advice Mjk05, It has been very helpful. I will definately let you know how i go. I believe that crossing is an inherited factor/fault, our young koolie, Evie was crossing quite a bit when i first started her training, she has since calmed down and learn't that it is not allowed and she only does it now and then when i send her out on a longer cast. Her sister is the same. How often do you train your boy Janba?
  14. Thanks for your replies Hi mjk05, yes I contacted Kathy a couple of weeks ago about her dogs, but haven't really discussed bloodlines any further with her. I will email her again tonight.. I'm after a dog that will excel in both yard and paddock work (and in trialling- utility and 3 sheep), in other words an all-round dog. No, I have been told by some people that Aled's dogs are the better pick when looking for an all-round dog, while others have told me Derek's were the better of the two.. I was confused, so I thought i'd ask to find out what other's opinions were. Sorry, I should have explained myself better in the first place.
  15. Didn't know where to post this, i thought here would be the most appropriate place.. I am in the the process of major research on different uk working lines as i am considering purchasing a working bc. I have narrowed down my list to Aled Owen and Derek Scrimgeour. I really like both handler's dogs and training methods. I am after a dog that i can train first and foremost for practical farming work, and then trialling. Which handler's bloodlines are used more and excel in practical farming situations as well as trialing? Can anyone help??
  16. Thanks for the welcome guys! I consider our koolies to work more in the bc style rather than the kelpie. They are quite upright workers, but show a minimal amount of eye, compared to some of the borders and kelpie I have seen work. I have a short video of Evie in the paddock for the first time being introduced to short casts (or outruns) here is the link: Evie Video Clip Both Evie and Dixie are merles, Evie is 'Black Merle Piebald' and Dixie is a 'Black merle' Hey Janeen! Not sure about the rest of Australia, but down here in Tasmania it is freezing and wet, everything is covered in mud and absolutely sloshy..lol! I bet its hot over there in Arizona at the moment!
  17. Hi There Everyone, My name is Maddy, I live in Tasmania , Australia. My family and I own 4 Australian Koolie's and 3 BC x Koolies. I currently have 2 of our younger Koolies in training for practical farm work and Sheepdog trialling. The first one, Evie is coming along really well, she is really focused and shows a huge amount of natural ability. The other is Evie's full sister, Dixie. She was returned to us because her owner took a disliking to her. She didn't know a single command and didn;t even know her own name. When it came time to trying her on the sheep for the first time she showed no interest at all, but i have been working with her whenever i can and she is showing more ability every lesson. Mum and I are hoping to get into training and breeding working BC's in the near future, we hope to import a dog or 2 from the UK. I am currently researching different bloodlines etc. to work out which will suit our needs best. I am glad to have found this great forum and really look forward to learning more about the BC from you all. I have also posted a few pics of our Koolies. This is Mum's Border Collie x Koolie, Darcy. This is young Evie, she is about 20 months now. And this is Miss Dixie
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