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  1. I'm glad you posted this. Willow is doing the same thing. We have gone through more toys in the past couple of weeks than I care to count. What toys does your pup like?
  2. Does anyone have a chew proof harness they like? Willow is a Chow/Border Collie mix. He has a narrow neck area with a bit wider mid-section. We have moved up from the medium which fit his neck/chest perfectly, but the mid-section area needs to be just enough bigger that he needs a large. The medium mid section is just a bit too tight, enough that you can't get any fingers between the harness and him. Unfortunately, the smallest adjustment on the head part is a bit too large, enough that he can get his mouth underneath and chew through the harness. He is 40 lbs. I like using the harne
  3. I think this is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31023237@N03/...57607794558568/ Hopefully, I did this correctly.
  4. Wonderful! You guys looked great. The kids and I always enjoy going to herding demos. It doesn't matter to us if it isn't perfect, it is always fun to watch.
  5. He does try to hurry up and swallow when I tell him to drop it. I forgot about the replacing trick. Thanks for reminding me. We are at the point that he knows his commands well when we have the clicker or a treat in our hands, but if we don't then he is 50/50. We are trying to wean him off the treat/rewards a bit, but I swear he seems to know when we don't have anything in our hands. He is a smart little bugger. Thanks for all the great advice. I know he will still be a puppy for a while, but there are times I think, "Aren't we supposed to be passed this stage yet?" My first two ch
  6. Hello, I've searched the topics, but I haven't found a link to the information I am looking for. If someone knows of one could you please let me know? Willow is now 6 months old. He is half chow and half border collie. The difficulty I am having is trying to keep him from eating things that are not food. When we are outside he likes to taste everything. When we are walking or a family member is with him, we are working on the command leave it. He is doing well with that, but I still can't trust him to be somewhere I am not. Such as he has to be in the same room I or another fam
  7. Do not let your guard down even if you use a muzzle on one or both of them. My 14 yr old chow, has broken several muzzles. When he was 4 or 5 he started getting aggressive when the vet would examine him. He would greet everyone walking into the vet, and leaving the vet, but once the examination would begin he would start to snarl. I did not want anyone to get hurt, so we decided to use a muzzle during examinations. Man, that just set my dog off. Just as above he would do everything he could to get that muzzle off. After breaking them (or when I took them off) he would immediately calm d
  8. These are hilarious. It's good to know other dogs have their moments too.
  9. Thankfully, my son and husband are allergic to cats so we get to miss that one. My parents had a lot of interesting names for us kids too. Willow is a good pup, and fun to be around. I'm hoping he will grow out of the need to taste everything. If not, at least he will respond to 2 names.
  10. He eats everything and anything when we are outside. It wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't want to throw up the stray mulch piece he manages to nab. I swear he is going to think his name is "leave it" instead of Willow.
  11. Willow was recently doing the same thing. It turned out to be the beginning of a yeast infection in his ear. We have to put drops in his ear. When he is done with the medicine we have stuff to clean his ears once a week or after he has been swimming, had a bath, etc. Since his ears are still floppy, apparently he will have an increased chance for problems if we don't clean them regularly.
  12. I've heard rumors that if you mix avon skin so soft with water and spray on it is supposed to help repel fleas and mosquitoes. When I looked it up, I saw mixed reviews. Some swore by it and others said it didn't work very well.
  13. Ewwwww. The posts on this thread crack me up. Thanks for the laughs and advice.
  14. oops, sorry I missed that thread. I thought I saw them all when I searched. Thanks for the tip.
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