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  1. I am putting Moko in a Foundation Agility class for puppies in a couple weeks and am wondering: What should I expect from this class? What kind of work will we be doing? Has anyone done a Foundation class before? Thanks!!
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies, looks like I am taking a trip to the local library and bookstore -- thank you for the tips on the books Root Beer, I will definitly check them out. Tassie, thanks so much for the link to that article, I read it ancd cannot wait to try it out!! I will let you know how he comes along
  3. I am hoping to compete with Moko in agility and would love for him to work for a toy and food. He is very, very food motivated and has practically no interest in playing with toys. How can I increase his toy drive?
  4. No, don't worry about being a 'wet blanket' I am glad you brought it up. I'm sorry about not being specific about details. I am in Ontario, Canada. The city of Barrie. Moko is not show bred, we purchased him from a farm. His father is a working herding dog on the farm, as well as his aunt. Moko is a Border Collie, and not registered with any organization. Thank you very much for bringing the differences to my attention, I am going to keep that in mind. Companion Dog (CD) title is a title in Obedience, focuses on off leash heeling, etc. So yes, it is lots of attention work and work that requires the dog to be at your side almost constantly.
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies, I appreciate them. Based on what has been said, I am not going to bother taking him in for his HIC, no sense in wasting good money that can be used for lessons after! I have managed to locate a highly recommended trainer. Sue Jewell, she is a CKC judge for herding and has students for her own, etc. She comes recommended from training facilities, my trainer I am with now for Moko, and fellow dog owners. Since Moko is only 5 months old, I have decided that I will not bring him in for herding lessons till he is about 10-11 months. In the meantime I was thinking about putting him in a training class for Companion Dog so we have something to work on and refine his obedience skills. We might even trial to obtain the title. This couldn't possibly hurt him in the herding could it? Also, while I was looking around to see what my options are for trainers, I located a seminar that will be taking place only a couple hours from here. It is a One Day Intro to Herding. I thought it would be great to attend to learn and meet fellow beginners like myself! In the meantime, I will keep doing more research and try and locate some herding trials to gain more knowledge, and I am sure I will be back with more questions!
  6. I am unsure if this is in the correct place ... I am hoping to do herding with my Border Collie, who is currently 5 months. I know we have to wait till he is 6 months old to get his HIC, and I plan on doing so. I am thinking about taking it seriously, and realize it is tons upon tons of work. I do not live on a farm or have regular access to one. The only practice we would get is when we would go for lessons. What are some commands you would recommend that my pup know before he goes on sheep? What commands should he absolutely have down pat? Thank you, and any information on herding you feel like throwing in is more than welcome. I want to learn as much as possible!
  7. What sports do you do with your Border Collie? Are you competitive in any? I am looking into different sports for my pup, agility is a go for sure.
  8. I got a Border Collie puppy almost 2 weeks ago and today I went to take him for a walk, and he hid in the corner when I took out the leash. He's never done this before, and he has had no bad experiences with it at all. He likes going outside, and knows that the leash enables him to do this. He really does not like the Gentle Leader, but generally accepts it except for today. He has the Gentle Leader because of some fearful aggression he has going on, we have a consult tomorrow that will be addressing this issue. Any suggestions on how to allow him to see that leash and GL mean outside playtime? I have put treats all around both objects on the floor and he scooped those up, but when I moved a little bit closer to put more treats in, he backed away promptly. I am completely confused at this behaviour!
  9. Thank you, some very interesting views and helpful advice. The individual dog itself is important, thank you for the reminder More are welcome.
  10. I have heard and read so many different things about male and female BC's, I need a second opinion. Which is your personal preference? I don't care if it is a biased opinion Is there any traits you have found to be consistent through a certain gender?
  11. I am wondering how you provide mental stimulation for your BC's. Do you play games? Practice a sport?
  12. I am wondering why you chose the Border Collie for a pet, working dog, etc. What first attracted you to the breed?
  13. I am considering getting a Border Collie, and was wondering if they are yappy? Kind of like a Sheltie? I am not getting a puppy, I am leaning toward a rescue. I have done alot of research, but if you would like to give some advice, feel free
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