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  1. My 8 mo old girl, Lily, gets terribly agitated when I look even slightly different. If she sees me right after I get out of the shower and my hair is really wet she gets really upset. I can only imagine what she might think if my hands disappeared..... Those wonderful things that scratch her belly, give her treats, and pat her head!
  2. yea...hehe...I have to admit...That is the first time I've ever felt like a puppy pervert....I guess it could be considered her "PlayPuppy" pose ....
  3. Here we go...this shot should give you a clear view of her puppy pooch. -I'm thinking it's actually her food quality that's creating a good bit of the prob. It's a high grain based and I'm switching to Blue Buffalo Wilderness that is supposed to be amazing comparitively.
  4. My 16 week old gal is growing to be a gorgeous girl. She is just starting to display those famous "regal" bc poses. Her only fault is this very un-attractive pooch of skin on her lower belly. It really presents itself in the "sit" position. In all honesty it looks like a mini-butt (there is no other way to explain it). Is this normal for her age and something that will tighten up or could it be a sign of over-feeding/under-activity?
  5. Let me see if I can remember all of Lily's nicknames...Sorry for any repeats from previous posts...... Lily: ...a.k.a..... -Lil, -Lily-Bean, -Lillikinz, -Lil-Pill -Little Lady, -"Let's make a deal" Lil (She bargains whether or not to obey) -Lily-Bell
  6. This is simply one of many possible theories....but I had a boxer growing up that did the same exact thing. As it turned out, the dog had cataracts in both eyes and he was simply getting confused due to his failing vision....but as I mentioned....that is one of a million possible theories. I hope your hand isn't hurt too bad. I know how upsetting and disappointing it can be to get bitten by your own dog
  7. Congrats on Lema! She looks like my Lily's twin sister!!! Here is Lily at 12 weeks.... I'd love to see Lema's photo at 18 weeks to get a rough idea of how Lily will look in 6 weeks. -Jeremy
  8. Yea...we live in the country..big time....there are probably countless plants/mushrooms/weeds she could have chewed on (including nightshade...which is very poisonous). I'm hoping that is ll she got into....it was definitely something outside though. The inside of the house has been severely puppy-proofed.
  9. yea, we'e pushing her shots back a week and no... I received no take home medications...
  10. She had her 8 week shots, 3 weeks ago and she is do for more shots tomorrow.
  11. It's been 6 hours since the initial seizure and I just picked Lily up from the vet. She seems to be on the road to recovery, although a little timid/woozy from the meds. The vet really had no guess/explanation for the seizure.....I guess I'll have to keep a really close eye on her over the next few days.
  12. My normal vet is closed on Wed. for surgeries. I had to carry her to the reserve vet, but she didn't have a guess right off (or at least she didnt say). They are doing blood work and fecal tests right now. Ill post when i hear, but as of right now it looks like she is staying over night . I wish I was with her.....She's a daddy's girl
  13. She had been chasing her toys intensely(10-12 minutes) but inside where its 70 degrees, not sure if the heat stroke is a factor?
  14. Hey. My 12 week old BC had what I could only compare to a severe seizure today. She was playing inside with my brother and I and all of sudden lost all muscle control, lost her bowels, and couldn't stop drooling. I immediately carried her to the vet and they sedated her in order to put in a catheter, take blood work, and test the fecal sample I brought with me. Has anyone ever heard of something like this happening to a dog or BC? I'm supposed to call back in an hour to find out some results (hopefully). - There is no chance of her eating or drinking something toxic..... I'm hoping it wasn't some version of a doggy stroke....Pray for Lily. -Jeremy
  15. I had my pup on purina puppy chow (her breeder's choice) it took me multiple attempts to get her adapted to a new food, but we found that she realllly likes Science Diet's new brand called Nature's Best. It's about the best thing you can get in my neighborhood.
  16. Awesome suggestions all around..which make so much sense....I'm glad I didn't try tethering before checking with the board members.....I like my couch intact
  17. Hey Everyone. I've been allowing my leash skiddish pup to adjust to the terrors of the leash by allowing her to drag it around in the house and now outside of the house some as well. I've been letting her drag it around for about 15 min. twice a day inside, as well as, occasionally when she eats. Now my question.....what is the best way to introduce the "restraining" aspect of the leash. My vet mentioned attaching it to a piece of furniture first so she does not associate the restraint with me, but rather the leash itself...then introduce myself holding the leash later.....Any thoughts or comments? P.S. thanks for the help the suggestions for part 1 of her leash training have worked very well. -Jeremy & Lily
  18. just curious.....how old will they be on the 28th?
  19. I feel absolutely blessed. My 9 week old puppy goes to bed when I do between 11-12 and usually wakes up between 7:00 and 8:00, but she quietly chews her raw hide until daddy wakes up closer to 8:30. However, she knows we are going directly outside the second I wake up...If I dare head toward the kitchen or bathroom she'll give me a warning "mini tinkle"
  20. I agree with Ninso! I had my heart set on a male and a sure fire plan to pick him. I was allowed to pick from a litter of 8 BC's (5 males and 3 females) and narrowed it down to my 2 favorite. When I checked the sexes, wouldn't you know they were BOTH female!!!! So, I figured it was a sign and just picked from those two. I went with the more independent female. Just go with your heart..and don't worry...he/she will probably pick you.
  21. Awesome! I'm looking forward to trying out the leash tips through out the week. They are very appreciated! Here is a photo upon request: She is a tri-color (the only one in her litter of 8) with tan on her back legs, cheeks, and eyebrows.
  22. It's a 4 foot long, 1/2 inch thick generic Petsmart leash. -Although i'm fairly sure that's not the problem at this point. She just hates the restraint aspect of it. She tugs wildly against it about 5 or 6 times yelping wildly...then shuts down as mentioned earlier. I'll give an update though later in the week after I've let her drag it around the house for a few minutes each day. She doesn't mind the actual leash...she even tries to play with it, but as soon as the metal hook clamps onto the ring on her collar......it's war! -If she continues in this regard...I may try the body harness style so at least the leash does not pull against her neck...
  23. O.K. .... Well, I'm doing things mostly as I should. I just didn't want to set a bad example for her early on. I read all the typical BC/puppy books and was worried after re-capping Swann's "The Complete Border Collie" because her pups were "supposedly" constantly at her side at 6 weeks of age..... I will absolutely try letting her run around the house with the leash dragging behind for periods of time. And I tried the "continue walking away and hide ideas"much like Pat and orion mentioned....it worked very well....I'll keep that up. I found that jogging a little further away really helped (the distance really caught her off-guard). I'm thinking the willingness to wander is also because I walk her down the same path a lot and she feels like she knows the area, as well as, her way home.
  24. - Yea she I always give a "sit" command followed by lots of treats while attaching the leash, however, I never have a chance to do anything fun with her once it's on. She immediately wigs out..... in regard to socializing, yea she is meeting lots of people and animals, socialization with my people has gone really well. She gets smothered with love by all my friends and family.....no lack of love and affection for this little lady....
  25. I have had my puppy for just over a week now and she (8.5 weeks old) is starting to show some concerning behaviors. -In terms of obedience: Lately, she has begun wandering further and further away from me on walks and when being taken out to "go potty". She is also more resistant to coming when being called. (hence, Why I'm working on the "here/come" command like crazy. I'm on 16acres of land so traffic/roads are not a problem. I just don't like the willingness to venture so far off. Is she just getting comfortable and wanting to explore the many smells, sights, and sounds? OR should I be concerned at her willingness to leave my side? -In terms of emotions: Lily absolutely hates to have a leash attached to her collar. She immediately screams and resists, followed by a complete "shutdown". She lies motionless unwilling to budge and gives me one of those pouty looks you see in animal rescue commercials...you know the ones.... Also, is it normal for her to be very affectionate one minute (Loads of kisses!) and then not want to be touched the next....to a point where she backs away when you go to pet her. I have never "popped" or hit her, so I know that is not a concern of hers. Is she just displaying a "female moodiness" that some female bc's can have?.....hot and cold..... -Jeremy
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