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  1. No worries...its a busy time of year. I've tried to answer everything. is she bonded …. I’ve handled her like I have her brother and sister. Tried to spend equal amount of quality time with them(individually) away from sheep. She’s always had a different attitude than the others. Very independent…always doing her own thing. She’s not a clingy dog. She was one of the most handled pups in the litter because she was so cute. She’ll come when called if the sheep aren’t visible. She will walk with me on lead without hassle. She will stay with off lead again as long as the sheep aren’t around. Have you had her to sheep and done any basics with her like starting her on outruns etc? When I have tried to have her in with the sheep it’s a speed fest…nothing exists but the sheep. The brother and sister I have, I started them on sheep without a down and we have been progressing nicely. I started them with the 2 sheep inside a small round pen 16 feet in diameter and them on the outside. She responded well like her brother and sister so then I moved to an 80’ round with 3-5 sheep. The brother and sister responded to my voice or movements. Bon went off like a firecracker. To get her attention I have to get in her way and be really forceful. So I decided to try and put a down on her so maybe I could have some type of control. Is she refusing to work or is she confused? Not an issue of wanting to work sheep…wants it on her terms. Does she stop when you tell her to lie down or just keep on going? I have to get in her way and be really forceful to get her attention. how she is housed and how much time she spends with you away from working. Since 7 weeks they have each had their own kennel away from the sheep or any possibility of seeing them. I spend more time with her than I do her bother and sister. I work in town so a little time ~1 hour in the morning with everybody just exercising. I get her out as soon as I get home and will spend a good hour individually with her at night away from sheep. 4 hours total with everybody. The weekends I try to take her with me in the truck and have her around as I work as much as possible. Maybe I’m not her cup of tea. I don’t won’t do anything to ruin her. thanks Gregg
  2. Thanks Laurae. I didn't mean to imply that I was impatient. I was thinking out load and shouldn't have. Its a busy time of year and good advice/knowledge from the experts that graciously take time from their busy schedules to participate in this forum is priceless and very appreciated.
  3. Janet, She physically in perfect shape. She is the quickest and fastest dog I have ever had. There isn't a sheep on the place that she can't outrun in the open or over and through obstacles. Its that she seems to not care if its not part of her agenda. The reason I posted is that I was hoping someone with the experience of Bob or Carol or one of the other experts would have some suggestions about getting control of her without breaking her spirit. Carol knows the lines this dog is from, maybe I should try and contact her. She handles being on a lead fine, she will respond to my movements when we moving around the sheep. thanks for asking. Gregg
  4. I have a year old female who is very independent. She will come happily when called, but to try and teach her anything is a battle of wills. She has a terrific desire to work, presents a presence that the sheep respect with no gripping. I have never had a dog that I couldn't coax a "lie down" out of them within a few days with treats. She just stands there and stares off in another direction or at me and does not respond. Her mother and father are very biddable, I have a brother and sister that are coming along wonderfully. It is embarrassing to say but other than getting some pats and scratches and her food dish filled she seems to care less if me or the other dogs are around. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
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