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  1. No, this artist kind of talked me out of it, he said the outline would not be as clean as i wanted?

  2. Did you ever get your tattoo ?

  3. dbaker@dwfinepack.com I'm thinking of a border collie stance but cant find anyone that has one?

  4. did you ever get your tattoo of your BC?

  5. Sorry if in the wrong spot! My Girl Remy ran in her first AKC Agility Trial, Novice A and Q 3 times with 3 1st place! I ruined her 4th run!!! But she is a natural at this and loves the hobby.
  6. My BC is 18 months and is very sound sensitive especially with gun shots off in the distance, she even stops wanting to chase her sheep, any suggestions would be grateful. thank you Darwin
  7. Our yard is very big.......is there any supplement, or old wives tale for getting them to stop eating deer/bunny poop? Thanks. Ok, you asked for a "old wives tale" I thought it was "wise" but at any case, I knew a guy that used to fill milk cartons (1 gallon size) with water, put one in each corner of his yard and no stray animal would cross the line, it worked? no deer or stray critters? remember you ask!
  8. Hello Charlie, your other dog is saying,,,,,,,, WHY, WHY, WHY DID YOU BRING THIS HOME AND LEAVE ME OUTSIDE!
  9. nope, thats not a good habit to start, they will always want to be at your feet,,,,,,,, keep trying:) It would just be my luck to have a bunch of these things running around and I cant get them in the pen,,,, LOL
  10. I can't agree more, you will need to share your experiance from you class! Me, I'm just going to drop in about a dozen head of sheep and hope for the best:) Here's one for you and the rest that read this, I have asked,,,,,,,, How do I get the sheep in the round pen if I dont have a working dog,,,, and I still do not have an answer:) How funny is that!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks, she's 8 months 4 days old! we get to go chase sheep tomorrow, high of 35 deg with the wind blowing about 30, makes it like 10 degrees! I miss the weather & Ocean out there but love the peace & quite out here!
  12. What a "Beautiful Baby"! Keep her out of the smog! I used to live in Redondo Beach, way too many people there now!
  13. I'm right there with you Alice, my baby is 8 mo & 2 days, we go play with sheep once a month and seems like forever. I will be watching your thread for good advice on your questions. At this point we will be getting sheep in the spring and then getting rid of them during the winter, "maybe"! Remy also told me what she wanted sheep more then anything else and add a frizbee too! Good Luck
  14. Remy would if I gave her the command but she knows not to bother the horses, she knows they are barn baby's too! I dont think there's anything you cant teach a BC
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