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  1. Hi, Sue, Mostly from books that I've read on the breeds. It may be misinformation. I have a book at home on Newfoundlands but I can't remember the author's name off the top of my head. Right now everything is in boxes being stored until I move but, if I find the book, I'll post the name and author. Again, they could be wrong. I know both breeds have a much bigger reputation as rescue dogs. =) Thank you, The Herbal Kitty
  2. Hi, Bill Fosher, I am relocating to the town of St. Albans, ME. Hi, Julie Poudrier, I am very surprised. Newfies, especially, have a very long history with sheep, as do Saints but, perhaps, they were bred and used more in the same capacity as the Borders? Being used for the herding rather than guarding. And, being used more in current times as show dogs, it may well be that it's been bred completely (or almost) out of them. But I see everyone's point regarding my current Saints; they've been pets for too long to be really good for guard duty. =) I assumed as much but thought it worth asking anyway. =) Thank you, Everyone, who has responded. I really appreciate the names, addresses and/or websites provided. I'm sure I'll find someone who will help me learn how to train the border collies. They are beautiful animals. Thanks, again! The Herbal Kitty
  3. Hi, All, I only recently joined this forum. I am hoping to move to Maine within the year with the intent of purchasing land and raising Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep and all manner of fiber goats: Pygora, Pycazz, Angora, Cashmere (I am learning to spin fiber; I already have angora rabbits and am hoping to expand my menagerie of fiber producers!) I am also an herbalist and may add some dairy goats to the mix in the not-so-distant future for the milk to make salves and lotions. I am also hoping to get border collies to help with the herding. However, I haven't got a clue how to train them and am wondering if anyone knows of someone in Maine or even New Hampshire who might be willing to tutor me? Also, there's been a lot of mention of guard dogs on this forum. In Maine there is the same threat of vultures during lambing/kidding, etc., but also the year-round threat of fisher cats. I had thought of using my two St. Bernards as guard dogs but they have not been properly trained for such duty and are older animals...what's that old expression? "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" Or is there any sort of formal training involved? (I'm assuming there must be) I tend to have a special place in my heart for the gentle giants. If not these two Saints, then another or perhaps a Newfoundland or two. I guess my question here would be if anyone could also recommend someone in regard to learning how to train guard dogs? My Saints and I did take a basic training course (just your general obedience lessons) two years ago when I first rescued them from a shelter and I found I really loved working and teaching the dogs. I know this is lengthy but any info anyone may have is appreciated. Thank you, The Herbal Kitty
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