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  1. Hello, I've actually been a member since 2008 but I haven't posted much in the last few yrs due to a growing family. We looking for another border collie for our family so we are seeking recommendation for a trusted breeders. A little background. We have owned 2 border collies in the last 20 yrs and have a lot experience with BCs and all of their traits and quirkiness. We were turned down by BC rescues because we have a 4 yr and 8 yr old children despite our experience. Both of our girls grew up with Abby who was extremely nippy with strangers and kids. Thanks Jim
  2. Thanks for the advice all. I agree that Indy (he) has already been exposed to it. Indy is getting older and I'm just very cautious about his health. He is my first dog and my first BC so he means everything to me. Do you guys know how long the virus can be active/live for from a contaminated surface (ie spit up on a rug)?
  3. Our 3 year has a minor case of kennel cough. She got it from her off leash playgroup with the dog walkers. We took her to the vet and she is on the appropriate meds. She’ll be fine but I’m just really worried about my 11 year old. Our 3 year was with our 11 year for the first 12 hrs. We didn’t know it was kennel cough till we got an email from the dog walker saying there was an outbreak. Both dogs are now separated at different ends of the house. Is there anything else I can do for my older dog? Should I do any disinfecting for areas that’s already contaminated? And when can they interact again? Its kind of pain in the butt right now when we are not home. My wife is taking my 11 yr to work her while the 3 year is at home by herself.
  4. I went back and re-read my post above. I had a typo which probably is causing some conflict here. I don't agree with his decision. I was shocked and heart broken when I read the chapter about putting Orson down and the Dog Star chapter which was totally contradictory to me. BTW I'm not a troll
  5. I apologize for bring up a sore subject for some of you. As I have said in my second post, I tried searching before I posted this thread. But I think some of you are making false assumptions.
  6. Maybe you should read my second post and move on.
  7. What exactly are you trying to say?
  8. I think people are making an assumption just because I want to talk about his book.I don't agree with his decision. I just wanted to have an open dicussion about his book...and I explained in my second post that due to the poor quality of the search function I didn't successful locate the discussion thread right away. Yeah I've been here for over year. So what? I dont check this board every day and read every single post.
  9. Do you think Orson would've been a good candidate for alprazolam?
  10. Why is this a wrong place to talk about him?
  11. Assuming he made the right choice...why would you go on book tours and interviews and relive this awful experience? Its almost like he is flaunting Orson's death. And to have the eyes/face of dog he put down on the front cover of the book is just cruel.
  12. I guess I'm few months late...there many threads on Jon Katz. I search for Jon Katz before posting this thread but search have to ahve more than 3 characters. All the Jon Katz related threads finally came up when I searched for bedlam. But if you any thoughts about this book, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  13. Has anyone read this book? The book is about the Author's experience with a border collie that has a "broken soul". I was traveling in the pacific nw this past week and I could not put this book down. I'm dying to discuss this book with fellow border collie owners. I read this book cover to cover in a few hrs. It kind of reminded me of Melanie's experience with Solo.
  14. the bones of whatever meat you are using?
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