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  1. He looks red and white to me but that mask on the eyes is very different. He looks a bit like a burglar and he even has a tool kit. Cooper is a nice looking dog.
  2. Jake sounds perfectly normal to me including the anger fits. Two of my three dogs have been just like Jake. Jake is a border collie and they tend to be off the deep end. I am sure you will get some good advise but I sounds to me that Jake needs to be on a management program but don't worry he is normal and it sounds to me like he is happy. I will give you some advise an old breeder gave me. Don't break his spirit. I had no idea what that meant until he explained. Allow this dog as much freedom as is possible, allow him to be right on the edge. He will decide to go in his direction and you will
  3. That is very creative. I am told that dogs are not capable of abstract thinking. I am not sure about other dogs but I am convinced border collies are. Buddy is using his blanket as a tool. I believe that qualifies. Not a day goes by that one or more of my guys come up with something that is ver surprising and I hope they never stop.
  4. My dogs get nervous about some of the strangest things. You are probably doing the right thing leaving the raquet for Meg to become aquainted with. Don't push her, let her figure it out. However, she may not. My middle dog freaks out when I wear certain cloths such as a scarf over my face when it is cold. I expect he wants to see my face. We did get him when he was two so we really have no idea how his life went especially associating with people prior. I have decided not to push him. It took me a long time to develop a great relationship with this dog and I don't want to do anything to wreck
  5. You sound somewhat worried about this. This may not be typical of all border collies but it does happen and each dog seems to have his or her own personality. I have three dogs. I can't walk across a room without being followed by they are not really cuddly dogs. I have a six year old who likes attention but is fine with keeping some distance. He will rarely jump up on my bed and curl in beside me for a belly rub. My four year old who is also my big tough stock dog is fine with distance but he will come to me several times per day for some head petting. He will often jump up on my bed at bedti
  6. I don't have a picture of Dave smiling but I am working on it. Getting a smile picture of Dave is on my list of impossible things to accomplish. I have tons of pictures of Dave in various situations. He even has a Blue Buffalo trading card but he is very camera shy. This is a very recent picture of Dave doing his usual deer in the headlights face. As soon as I get one of him smiling I will get it up right away.
  7. Thanks, I love the smile and I think it is funny. He has such a large mouth he almost looks like a cartoon character. I am going to go with the idea of saying smile when someone approaches him and see how that goes. I might try clicker trainer and see if he will smile on command. I got the word this morning that the dogs will be doing beach patrol this summer. I can just see Dave scaring a bunch of greasy people and them running and screaming mad dog as he is doing about 100 MPH down a beach. This is going to be fun. The one that gets me is when he puts his tail down and plants his back feet a
  8. I have been thinking about Fergie since yesterday. I am glad she seems to be back to normal. I know how she feels. Sometimes when I get up in the morning my legs don't want to work and neither do I. I saw a dog once working sheep. He was doing a great job and all of a sudden his back legs went out from under him and he went down. We ran out and the owner picked up the dog and brought him back to his truck and put him in the back. It appeared the dog could not stand so he headed out for the Vet. By the time he got to the Vet the dog was walking again. The Vet found no reason and thought it may
  9. Perhaps you guys are on to something. I had not thought of training Dave to smile. In fact I have been thinking about putting a bag over his head. He may not do it on command but if I can read his body language and get a feel for when he may do it I can say the word smile and everyone can relax. Good idea about the paper. When we did the interview last summer for goose control the reporter was a little nervous about Dave. Somebody mentioned, does this behavior have a name. Have you ever taken a shot of your dog smiling, Dave runs like heck when he sees a camera. I want to get some pictures of
  10. My dog Dave, the little upside down guy in my avatar is scaring the hell out of people. Dave is almost full grown. He has a big nose, big mouth and really big teeth and Dave is a smiler. I have been trying to get a picture for you but Dave is also a very fast runner. I have seen dogs smile but I have never seen anything like Dave. He roles up his nose and has a full mouth smile. Sometimes he does the full body wiggle or wags his tail BUT, sometimes he plants his back legs, lowers his tail and lets go with a giant toothy smile staring directly into your eyes. We know what this is and people who
  11. There is nothing wrong with the language we use. We tend to personify our pets and animals and there is nothing wrong with that. I do it myself in reference to my dogs and I talk to them like they are human. There is however something to be said about persons or groups taking advantage of names for their own interests. On PETA's website there is a section about sea kittens. This is what they would like fish to be called. You should read it, it is very strange. They would like children to start referring to fish as seas kittens to discourage them from catching or eating fish. This is a clear ex
  12. This would be a good time to ask what he is doing. My oldest dog now six ever since he was a puppy would play ball or frisbee with us. After he would make a catch especially with ball he walks around sniffing the ground sometimes in circles like he is looking for something. People have asked many times what he is doing but we have no idea. My youngest dog likes to stand on things that are high like the roof of my Jeep for instance.
  13. This does not sound unusual to me. All of my dogs from the time thy were puppies have had the urge to run full speed, in fact they still do it. Body slamming is also that that unusual. Again all of my guys have done it. We have had to work on it. This past summer my best dog body slammed my wife and she got hurt. He is also not adverse to body slamming sheep. At play the dogs often do it to each other. As for the running and stopping to wait. At work or play my dogs will often run some distance from me and lie down to wait for a command but I do not recall them doing it at such a young age as
  14. I always like to go with Scottish names short and simple but that has not worked with my current group. I have Mac or MacTavish and then there is Pete and Dave. Pete was already named when we got him although it does have a gaelic meaning. Dave was trouble, we had no idea. Dave was 16 weeks old before he got a name. We finally named after an old friend who I love very much who is an animal keeper at the Calgary Zoo, Dave. In spite of the fact he looks like an ant eater with a very long nose and tail we went with Dave. I love the name Jet and it has fare more meaning than just and airplane.
  15. I am in SW Ontario and we are having a nasty cold spell and my guys have had little time outside in the past few days. I have been putting on the heavy cloths and taking them outside often but it does not take long that they are limping around with cold feet. I don't risk the cold with them so I keep them in. They seem to take the lack of activity quite well except Dave the youngster who thinks he should be into something constantly. For me actually this is a good break. I am getting some writing and work done at the computer and my best dog is healing from an injury. The rule of thumb for me
  16. Make a complaint. I expect as much care be given to my dogs as I get from my family doctor, I made a post about this the other day. I placed a complaint with the owner of the clinic I go to now. It was about an employee who was not a Vet giving me medical advise and opinions to me over the phone. If I am seeking medical attention for my dogs I expect it from a professional. I called and I wrote a letter. I got a call from the owner a Vet. He asked if I would bring my dogs in so he could examine them. We did, he examined my dogs personally along with an assistant and instructed us and his staff
  17. Sandy, how have you made out with your dog, what have or are you doing for him. I need to take a look at pain relief for one of my dogs and would like some suggestions. Thanks.
  18. Hello Charlie, he is a great looking dog, wishing you many years of happiness with him. I youngest dog Dave had a white shot on his hip like Charlie. I was hoping it would stay but he grew out of it.
  19. I can't support AKC or PETA. In my opinion AKC is single minded and have made little or no contribution to the betterment of any breed. I believe PETA is dangerous and sensational, they contradict themselves and they are extreme even to the point of inflicting harm on animals. I can fully agree however with any group who takes up the cause in reasonable fashion against animal cruelty. I think it is the responsibility of any breeder breeding for any purpose and any dog owner having a dog for any purpose to contribute positively to the betterment of the breed and the dog. I is every persons resp
  20. I trust Blake will be back to normal shortly. Keep a close eye for any changes. By all means if you do not like a Vet do not go back and do not hesitate to voice your opinion and advise. When we moved for the west to the east we had a lot of trouble finding a Vet we like. We were somewhat spoiled out west, our Vet was also a very good friend. However, I expect a Vet to know his business and be very good at what he does in the same way I expect my family doctor to know his business. I have high expectations and I have the right to feel that way. I know my dogs well and I do not hesitate to offe
  21. All of my guys have been up and running around with no problems very quickly. They were up, active, playing and eating the same day. However, I do not blame him. Keep a close eye on him and give him his pills, watch for swelling or color changes and call your vet if you are concerned about anything. I am also curious about the color, he may hate it, my dogs do. If you are able to keep a very close and constant eye on him try taking it off and see what his response is, it could change everything. Caution though, do not let him at the stitches. If he is better without the collar and there is not
  22. The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell is a book that anyone who owns a dog of any breed should read a couple of times. After years of owning and training dogs I have only recently read it and I wish I would have done so in my teens.
  23. Two of everything they can be chewed, ripped, torn etc., cleaning supplies and a couple of good books.
  24. Thanks everyone, our break has given me time to reflect and plan a better future for my guys. In some ways I think I had lost track and had some unrealistic objectives but through all of this something has been bothering me. I have been up all night. I have tried to write and post this several times and backed out but I think I need to get it off my chest. I hope you don't mind. I hope I do not offend anyone, that is not my intention. I thank you for participating in this thread so far, your comments are kind. I thank everyone for helping me along but here goes. When I lived in the west I
  25. Is it possible that Jacks problem with the doghouse could have everything to do with his past experiences, it sounds that way to me. Could Jack be looking for an open place to sleep away from the house for fear of being locked up or worse, could it be a sense of rejection as well. It sounds to me that Jack does very well in the house and even tries to communicate with you at bed time, my dogs do the same thing. It is the same routine every night when I go to bed. They all come to me for their end of the day social period before we go to sleep. It sounds to me that you could do Jack a lot of go
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