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  1. I have never given the guy or girl dog preference much thought. I know a number of female handlers but it seems the vast majority of handlers are men at least in my circles. My dog Pete won't work for anyone else and he ignores my wife unless he wants something. Pete was trained by a strong male and this may have something to do with it.
  2. In all my years of having and training dogs, granted I train herding, I have had very few situations where I need to correct a dog. Of course I have had the usual puppy stuff etc. With two of my dogs which are well past puppy years I use a correction command and I very seldom do not get the desired result. If I need to take it a bit further I apply pressure and it works. But these two dogs were born and raised in the middle of nowhere with my wife and I being their major source of contact. My youngest dog however has been exposed to the big city so to speak and I frequently have correction iss
  3. She is a pretty little dog and I am glad she has a good person. I am also pleased you got her at a shelter. I am so tired of people getting dogs and turning them over to shelters. I don't know what it takes to turn a dog over to a shelter but I guess in some cases some dogs are better off without stupid owners. I almost don't want to tell this story, you will hate it, but I had a conversation with the manager of our local shelter. I asked her to tell me some stupid person stories. The stupidest one she told me was about a lady with a poodle who came into the shelter one day and asked if they c
  4. Are border collies next or does mini bc's already exist. I was standing in front of a grocery store yesterday waiting for my wife with my three guys on leash. They always get lots of attention. Some people want to know what they are and others know what they are and argue with me. I get lots of strange things but yesterday was one of the best. One lady wanted to know if she could get one that does not shed and in keeping with this thread yet another lady wanted to know if they come in much smaller sizes and she meant a mini version. If you build it they will come.
  5. Two things have happened this week here in Canada that will be in my column shortly, they are great news for dogs. The British Columbia government has just banned the use of current anti-freeze. Beginning immediately all anti-freeze sold in British Columbia must be in a bitter formula. That is to say that all anti-freeze must contain an additive that makes it extremely bitter to dogs. We all know anti-freeze currently tastes sweet to dogs and many dogs have begin very ill or even killed ingesting it, thanks BC. The province of Ontario has just banned the use of many common toxic lawn care and
  6. I am also in Ontario, SW. I wonder how close you are and if I can be helpful. I like the idea of getting a trained dog and you can learn to handle him, it would not take you long. You could get a puppy later and you would have a dog coming up. I have three dogs ages 2, 4, and 6. One dog can most certainly handle your flock. There are some good breeders in Ontario. My dogs our from the west which also has some good breeders. Let me know if you would like some help finding a dog. I was offered a dog a couple of weeks ago from a great breeder and top handler. She is two years old, fully trained a
  7. I am disgusted every time I see a person riding a bike and their adult dog running along beside let alone a puppy. Lets use some common sense here. Dogs are not joggers and I am sick and tired of people telling me that this is exercise and the way to better health. I am tired of people assuming that this sort of thing because they think is good for humans must be good for the dog. To the original OP, you are well on your way to causing serious damage to this puppy if you keep it up. Are you thinking. Puppy's require exercise but observe a group of puppy's and you will quickly discover they do
  8. Am I correct, you were using a single whistle to get her attention. From what I have seen there is a lot of obstacles in agility and a lot of activity and you are generally close to the dog. Would you need to train a whistle for every obstacle, would you remember all of the whistles and would you have the time amid all the activity to deliver a whistle. Would a whistle be practical in this situation. I do however love the idea of delivering a soft tone, voice or otherwise and perhaps that is something you can work on. I can't tell you how many times I have seen handlers stand at a post whistli
  9. I have two dogs that I have had since they were born and another I got when he was two. Each dog is different. I allow my dogs to be puppy's and I interact with them as much as possible as they are growing up I guess respect just builds in that situation. They are high energy and eager to please. But since I started with the two year old who was trained on stock by someone else he had little respect for me for a long time, in fact I am pretty certain he did not even like me. But I decided to do two things with him. I worked with him on stock but I also practiced with him a lot. It was not need
  10. I have not been able to get on for two days. No big deal except it was driving me crazy that I could not get information on Jin. I am relieved to find this morning that Jin is home. Amazing how powerful our attachment to our dogs is. I don't know Jin or Jin's person but I felt for them.
  11. Has she been completely checked by a Vet. If you don't know the dogs breeder and environment it is a good idea to take her to a Vet regardless. Border collie pups play, sleep and eat and then do it again. They are active dogs but they do require sleep especially when they are puppys but you make this situation sound a little more than just sleep. Take her to a Vet and check her out.
  12. Thanks, I did not have the feeling that Dave wanted to go in and check it out and I am now thinking it was a coyote but it was very black last night. When we lived out west we would run into wild animals from time to time. Dave was a small puppy when we moved but I have had situations with my other two dogs including Dave's father and half brother that were interesting. We have encountered coyotes and wolves, they would come onto our property frequently and the dogs would take a position but never once moved in or bark. We have encountered bears and the dogs took the same posture again never o
  13. This subject is going to come up for me in the near future for a couple of reasons and I could use some input. First, my dogs are not registered anywhere. Although they might have been registered by the breeder but I could not care less about registration and neither could my dogs. My dogs work but as I have mentioned before my youngest dog Dave is a different little character and I have decided that I want to get him into agility. I am certain he can work and play. We will start classes in the near future but if Dave is good enough and he likes it my wife and I would like to compete with him.
  14. Hi Sara, Nice question. I am not sure, perhaps a set of circumstances. It is a bit of a long story but every time I turn around am I lead in this direction. I resisted it at first but I am not so sure that this is not my calling, something tells me just do it, do it for your dogs and all dogs. I think I created the opportunities with passion that in some ways I don't even control. Once I get stated on a subject concerning dogs it is like I am being lead along. I think I sell my ideas well and it comes from this passion. Sometimes when I am speaking with people about dogs or giving a speech the
  15. Several months ago I changed our dogs food because they seemed to be having trouble. I discovered that the formula had changed. I went on the hunt for a new food, read all I could, did my research, took advice etc. I tried raw, canned, kibble, super kibble, raw formulas and even thought of letting the dogs bring home their own food. I wanted a very high quality food but came the the conclusion that I need a food the dogs could tolerate, enjoy and do well on. I had nothing but trouble. It seemed the dogs were sick constantly and back and forth to the Vet. They were also in a high stress working
  16. Ranger please explain further, what exactly was it. I woke up this morning at around 3:30, I hate when that happens. Mac was on the bed, Pete was sleeping at the door and Dave was in my office. I went downstairs and Dave followed me. He wanted out. It was very dark so I put on a long lead. He turned and went to the end of the lead and started making very low noises while staring into the dark. I looked very hard and finally saw a dark animal of some sort about the size of a dog start to move. I wrapped the lead around my hand to hold on tight assuming Dave would be off like a shot but he did n
  17. We have ruled out hearing loss. The Vet feels certain that Mac has not lost any of his hearing but something else did come up. We clean Macs ears periodically, we always have. From time to time perhaps every three or four months we will notice that Macs ears can be a little smelly so we clean them with a Vet provided solution and he is fine. The question, could cleaning Macs ears over a long period of time have anything to do with this. The Vet is not certain and since Mac appears to have no hearing loss he thinks it is doubtful. I brought up the the subject of him taking cues from the other
  18. I had three sheep I had to get rid of and replace. My dog Pete did not like these sheep. When he would work them they would come to me and had to be forced to move again. Even if they just saw Pete they would run for me. I think Pete was really bored with them. However because of their behavior they were great to drive and cross drive and a good challenge for Pete, he had to be on the move all the time. Every chance they had they would break and come back to me so Pete had fun with that. We practiced driving a lot with them and Pete enjoyed it.
  19. I never know what to say but I feel deeply for you and Jin, please be well again.
  20. Thanks everyone please keep your ideas coming. Here is a little story I will not write except here but it is in part the reason I am doing this. When I was very young around 5 or 6, well over 50 years ago my family had a border collie. I loved that dog and even after all this time I still think of him. I will spare you the details but he was hit by a car. I saw it happen. The driver of the car got out and I attacked him. He hit me. The police got involved and you can guess where that went. There is very little excuse a grown man can give a judge for hitting a kid. In any case I remember the ho
  21. I would love some input and I think it is fair that everyone can contribute. I have been asked to write a weekly dog column ( Canada ), it will appear in a large number of newspapers. I have been thinking hard about this. I want the column to be informative and helpful to dog owners and of course dogs. I can include any content I like but I want the column to say something, be important and make an impact. I want it to make a difference for dogs and dog owners. Secondly, I am given the opportunity to write a kids book and perhaps several again about dogs. It is based on the simple life and adv
  22. I noticed something I have never noticed before, just not in the right spot at the right time in total silence. I woke up this morning very early, very dark and very quiet. For some reason all three of my dogs were in my bedroom and two of them were on my bed. They usually don't do this so it was something of a surprise and I wondered why. I heard from one dog several very low and quiet growls and grunts in various tones. They were so quiet I had to listen hard. I thought perhaps he was dreaming but a second dog started doing the same thing. In fact they both did it for some time and I began t
  23. Finn is certainly not too old. I started my youngest dog late last summer and because of a number of circumstances I removed him from training. He seems to be maturing very slowly. He will be two this May and I have made arrangements to start him again this spring. It seems that period of time off has made quite a difference for him.
  24. Don't use tennis balls folks period. First of all they are designed to be abrassive so they will come of the racket true when they are hit. When they pick up dirt it just makes them worst, they are bad right out of the box. I use racquet balls. They are a little smaller than tennis balls but they will not damage the teeth.
  25. I just got a report from a friend of mine from a news story he read. It seems that the Hershey company is producing a common garden mulch called Cocoa Mulch, it contains the substance theobromine which can be highly toxic to dogs and a number of dogs have died from eating it. The owners should have been smarter than they are but there is no warning on the packaging. It is being sold by Home Depot and many home and garden outlets.
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