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  1. This gets stranger. The owner of the dog that bit me is not all home. I spoke with my local animal control folks yesterday and not too much to my surprise both the owner and the dog have a long wrap sheet. Wait, this gets better. I took Pete to the Vet yesterday and he is now being treated for an infection from a bite. I spoke with the owner last night and discovered something very strange. He gets very upset when we are out training and playing with the dogs. In fact, he hates it and it makes him violently angry although he was not exactly certain why. He thinks it upsets his dog, strange. So
  2. Lets make matters worse, I think I might move back to the middle of nowhere. I did some one on one training with Dave last night and it went well. Afterward I spent some play time with all the dogs. The people who live next to us have a pitbull. He is kept in a small enclosure. While the dogs were playing I heard a load crack and turned around to see the pitbull breaking out of his enclosure. This dog has attacked Dave twice before. I ran over to stop the dog, I have handled him before. He grabbed my hand and crunched down. My dog Pete ran over and grabbed him by the neck and I held him down a
  3. I went through this whole scene last night over and over again in my mind and something stood out I did not mention and I need to question if Dave is fear aggressive. I can understand why he would bark and lunge at bikes, roller bladers and just about anything else that moves quickly especially coming straight at him. I can understand him barking at other dogs. This situation happened yesterday without warning. Let me try to explain. When the man approached Dave, Dave was wagging his tail and his whole body. He does this with everyone. Sometimes he jumps up and sometimes he nips cloths etc. So
  4. Many of you know my youngest dog Dave from my posts. Dave appears to be fearful. He jumps at people, other dogs and anything that moves. I have been working on this with your best advice for a long time. We have made some progress and we have taken a few steps back. I have never had a dog with this problem before so solving it is new to me. BUT, this afternoon Dave took a step backward that could end up in him being put down. I was walking all three of my dogs when an elderly gentleman approached. He asked if he could pet them. They were all waging their tails and looking for attention includi
  5. This has got my attention. I am going to write and article about stupid dog training or dog training myths, I have not decided yet but I would still like to know where this stuff comes from and please give me more examples. I contacted the guy that made the post about spitting in your dogs mouth. He claims to be an expert ( not likely ) at training labs to retrieve. He claims that his methods are mandatory if one is to have a good retriever. I made a comment about how stupid this is and he is no longer communicating with me. Here is another one ( I know, I don't believe it either ). It is fine
  6. Perhaps I have lived in the middle of nowhere with my border collies too long and I am out of touch, I have my own world and when it comes to raising and training my dogs I pretty much stick to standard practice and a logical approach. Since living in the big city and researching to write my articles I have come across some things that I think are rather odd. I am trying to find out where this sort of stuff comes from and why. I am on another board and a person with a new lab puppy was asking for some training advise to get started. Most of the answers he got where normal but a few seemed a li
  7. Desert Ranger, very interesting post and good work. I have been observing our local dog park and other areas where people take their dogs and have noticed something rather odd. I was not going to post about this, I thought perhaps it was just me until you made your last post. I have been seeing a lot of rough looking people with shall we say protection type dogs in our parks lately. Often times there is two dogs and it appears they are completely untrained. In some cases they are quite aggressive, barking and lunging at other dogs and some people. It has struck me more than once that it appear
  8. This is the opposite of a dog park and the subject of my column next week, Stupid Dog People. I was driving a dirt road this morning in the country. It is nothing but fields and fields well out of the city. I noticed a red Honda driving very slowly ahead of me. I slowed down to go around it when this big yellow lab jumped out of the ditch and I hit him. I did not see him because it was so over grown and I did not have enough room to stop on the loose gravel. Luckily the dog was not hurt but I was very upset. It turns out that the owner of the Honda, a middle aged lady from the city owns the do
  9. I will not subject my dogs to a dog park environment. I have other options to work and play with them that is much better. I have made an effort to find situations for them. When we moved from the west to the east I evaluated the dog park in our new community. Basically a useless piece of land was put aside for the park. The areas is too small and offers little in the way of stimulation for the dogs. As a result I found that there is a lot of negative encounters by dogs and people. I also found that the vast majority of people who frequent the park have completely untrained dogs and no clue. T
  10. My oldest dog Mac has had allergies since he was a puppy and it shows up as skin rashes and ear infections sometimes quite severe and very rapid, at times almost over night. We did battle with this for a couple of years until we finally found a combination of food and medication that works. He is on a standard anti-allergy pill every day and Novolexin every day, he has been for years. He gets frequent baths. We find that if we forget or run out of his medication it will flair up immediately. If the owner does not attack it she may find the same situation. We do like like medicating Mac every d
  11. Since we have gone in this direction. I don't remember if I have told this story or not. I take my dogs to seniors homes, my oldest dog Mac loves it. We took the dogs to a home every day for a week and everybody loved them. There was one very old lady who would walk the halls pushing a walker very slowly. She would keep her head down and speak with nobody. She was not very well liked because she did not socialize with anyone. When Mac would see her he would run up to her and sit. She would stop and just stare at him. On our forth day Mac saw her and ran up and sat. She stopped and stared for a
  12. I don't mean to highjack the thread but you just brought up something I almost forgot. My dog Dave was two on May 22. There is a little autistic girl who lives a few doors from us. She loves Dave and a long time ago she asked what Dave's birthday is. She showed up at our door alone on May 22 to our surprise. She wanted to wish Dave a happy birthday and asked if she could hug him. Dave who is normally a little hyper is very relaxed and attentive to her, he took his hugs and liked it. Perhaps it is all dogs but border collies seem to have this strange attraction.
  13. There is nothing wrong with Scooter, I have been following Scooter's career. What do you think the cell phone situation was all about. My dog Dave is the same as Scooter except he is a little reactive but he does not bother with anything like chewing etc. You may have read some posts I have made about Dave with his interest in being a doctor, he also seems to know what we are thinking, he can finds things that we are looking for. Perhaps there is some sort of higher plane and maybe Scooter is a good candidate for higher plane stuff. I like him.
  14. As the former owner of a remote fishing lodge I have had a number of bear encounters including grizzlies. I was always somewhat reluctant to bring my dogs along on outings for fear they would find a bear and bring it back to me. I don't know if he saved my life but one time while out with my dog Pete we encountered a grizzly in an place I had never seen signs of a bear before. We quite literally walked into her along a river bank. I expect Pete knew she was there long before I did but he did nothing. I saw her first at about thirty yards and stopped. She stood us off for a few minutes and then
  15. Thanks Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to have such great interest in what is going on with Dave and I. Some of what you are saying has crossed my mind but I just not have been able to put it all together. I have not been exposed to this sort of dog before. I have not been physical with Dave other than some neck scruffs which I have decided against now. Dave has not been aggressive with me, in fact he is rather timid but I think part of that could be he is uncertain of my expectations. I am in my office at the moment and Dave is sleeping under my desk. If I get up for any reason Dave will
  16. I am going to speak with my vet about Dave. It strikes me rather odd that this would show up again after so much work. Ceana brings up something interesting. Dave is an odd dog, he seems to be much more in tune with things around him or at least he seems to pay more attention than I have seen in other dogs. He does respond to emotion and he is extremely alert. Most of the people around him, the same folks he barks and jumps at are nervous when Dave is around. In fact where I live you could almost say people are dog phobic. I almost think Dave has taken the job of being the pack protector or al
  17. A new issue has come up with my youngest dog Dave that I am having considerable difficulty with. Dave will be two in a couple of weeks and I have some concerns for his training and future. Some of you may recall posts I made about Dave being fear aggressive. I have been working with him for some time and he was making great progress. I took your advise and things were going along great until a couple of weeks ago. I returned home from running errands with all my dogs and when I let Dave out of the truck to go in the house he ran off and would not take his recall. I spent 30 minutes getting him
  18. My dog Dave has never been a chewer, in fact Dave was a perfect puppy. This surprises me because Dave's brother was the poster dog for whatever a BC puppy can do. But for some reason Dave took my copy of Control Unleashed off my desk a couple of months ago and ripped it to shreds, that still has me wondering.
  19. My oldest dog Mac, a BC comes from a litter of 11. All of the puppies survived and went to good homes, seven of them to working ranches. I have lost track of most of them but four of them oddly enough mostly white developed serious skin problems. Neither parent had ever shown the slightest sign of a skin problem.
  20. My wife was just making a comment this morning that she is so happy to see that our youngest dog Dave can still be a puppy. Dave will be two in May and he seems to daily go back and fourth between puppy and adult. It is quite fun to watch, it almost seems to me that he is doing battle to not grow up. We have had a puppy coming up for the past seven years and it has been fun. I have often thought or wondered if a dog is fixed before they are a year old do they stay in puppy stage longer, do hormones play a part. Dave is a lot of fun. I had him out working yesterday and you would think he had be
  21. I have experienced the same thing with my dogs. I am working my youngest on whistles now and he is coming along great, I am glad you have a down, that one can be difficult sometimes. I am curious about this too. And, I am curious about sound waves. I have a very much lower than average voice and I cannot generate a lot of volumn. When my dogs are close I will use voice commands but I get a more rapid and enthusiastic response on whistle commands at a distance. I would like to read more about this if you can find the paper.
  22. That is a good one and you may be giving an example of how your dog makes an association. If your dog has heard someone refer to you as mom he may be making an association. I have a friend that calls me by a nickname and he is the only person that uses the name. I only see him a couple of times per year for some fly fishing yet my oldest dog recognizes the name and associates it with me. He did this on his own without me realizing but even hearing the name a few times it has stuck with him.
  23. Good post NC, thanks. I have always been interested in how smart my dogs are. I have never done much beyond herding and some basic training with them but something happened a few years ago that got my interest up and has inspired me to take this a few steps further and challenge my dogs. My oldest dog Mac was standing in front of a full length mirror looking at himself. When I walked up behind him I noticed he looked at me without turning around. Something told me to go and get a ball. I threw the ball beside him a couple of feet while he was looking in the mirror and he turned in the right di
  24. If you watch your dog carefully you will likely find they have a larger vocabulary than you think. I have three dogs and they all respond differently to verbal input. My oldest dog knows a huge number of words, the names for all his toys and he gives a head tilt when spoken to. My middle dog mostly could not care less except for herding and our youngest dog who will be two in May is picking up on words very quickly and perhaps he is the youngest he is trying hard. He will fetch anything when asked and if he gets it wrong he will keep going until he gets it right. When he does get it right he a
  25. I plan to write a column on the topic of, how and what puppy to choose and, how and what breeder to choose. I get these questions quite often but just a while ago I got an email from a friend who told me about two things that happened on the weekend. First a young lady took her dog to the park for a run and shortly after they got home the dog died of a heart attack. It was a six month old shepard which she bought from a breeder for $2000. Second, a young man bought a bulldog from a breeder for $1500. Two days after he got the puppy home it had to go to the vet for an eye problem, the repair co
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