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  1. If I may make a suggestion. Elvin Kopp has a series of 3 DVD's on training working BC's. They take you through training stages from puppy to old pup, they are excellent and so is his training method. Elvin is in Westerose Alberta, his email is egkopp @ telusplanet. net.
  2. I have never attended a trials where there was gunfire and I would not. I can't imagine why there would be gunfire at a trials on purpose anyway for any reason. However, I have seen top BC's work during a thunderstorm. All of them have been sensitive to and aware of the noise in one fashion or another ranging from trying to make visual contact to a full stop. I have never seen one stop working completely. My dogs are aware of thunder. They don't stop working but they will respond to any loud noise when they are not working sometimes by showing fear. I do not have a problem with a dog that is f
  3. Hi, Thanks we are looking foward. Even our vet told us not to be very concerned with ticks, he was a little surprised. I am a little surprised at how much damaged it caused, The dog has an open wound which we are treating and he is on Anti's. This makes me nervous, he is the future of our BC stock. Do you use Revolution. Thanks, Dave
  4. I live in Ontario where there is a pit bull ban. The exact area I live in seems to have quite a number of pits bulls, I see them every day. In fact in my area we see a large number of dogs of that type, PB's, ROT's etc. Ontario and most communities have problems appllying the measures of the ban and they spend most of their time in court over this issue. I am watching to see how this turns out. I have spoken with the Mayor of my city about this and other dog / dog owner matters. I firmly believe that any dog of any breed that attacks any creature for any reason is a problem dog. In virtually e
  5. I think it is important to consider the type of dog you have for the work you wish to do. I have a large male BC, he is 55 pounds, very tall and very powerful. He is my trials and working dog. We never once thought of getting him into agility. He is not that body type and he comes from a long line of working dogs. I have a 40 pound male who has done some agility but I prefer him to do most of his work on the ground. He comes from a line of agility dogs but his parents had problems. He loves to jump and I let him do his thing but limit him. He is now seven and shows no signs of problems. I have
  6. We recently purchased a dog, BC. We did not get him from his owner but rather from a third party. We don't know much about him but, he is fully trained, we think he is four or five years old and we know he comes from a recognized blood line. We also know that he was trained by a professional trainer. We also know that he has been a working dog on a farm most of his life probably with other dogs. He works perfectly with us on sheep and cattle and does a perfect job although at times he wants to work quickly and a little close but will get out when we ask. However, we have been forced to use voi
  7. We just moved from the west to the east where there seems to be a long list of potential problems for our dogs they have never been exposed to before according to our new vet. We inquired about ticks and were told not to worry about them and apply a tick medication after May 15. I found a tick on our youngest dog in April. Our vet gave us Revolution, do you know anything about this product AND, what is your best method for searching for ticks on your dog. Thanks, this would be very helpful, we are very nervous about ticks.
  8. Sorry John, I don't know you and I am highly protective of dogs. I do not mean that you would hit them but I see too many situations. I was recently invited to observe a class by a professional fellow trainer who was demonstrating to several people that paid her to take a professional herding course. I watched her hit her dog with her stick and yell at it for not taking a command. She gave the command again and the dog refused. She threw her stick at the dog and yelled at it again. I turned around and left as she was explaining her method of forcing a dog to take a command. I sent her a letter
  9. Take an anger management course John. If you feel the need to take out your anger on your dogs you have a problem. That may be a little harsh so the best answer is, you do not get angry with your dogs. I trust you are smarter than they are and that they think slower than you. They depend on you to be the pack leader, you do not get angry. They will respond to your anger if that is the only attention they get by repeating the behavior that got them the response from you. Perhaps you are better suited to another breed of dog. BC's can be very difficult. I train them, they frustrate me BUT I neve
  10. I am new to this board, just joined this morning. Recently moved to SW Ontario from Alberta. I have 7 BC's, one is world-class. I train herding dogs. Have worked with Scot Glen, Alvin Copp, George Stanbulic etc. I am an expert on goose and wildlife control with BC's and a biologist. I am looking for people close to SW Ontario in Canada or the US who have the same interests. I cannot locate anyone into BC's or herding comps or otherwise in my area. Please post or send me a PM. Thanks, I look forward to meeting you.
  11. Hi, I just found this board and I will be making a few posts concerning goose dogs but I discovered your post. You have been directed to a Scot Glen clinic and that is a great idea. Scot is a friend of mine. I have a dog from his dog Jed. I can tell you that Scot is one of the top trainers in the world today and his dogs are among the best. My wife and I just moved to southern Ontario from Alberta. I am a trainer but we are not quite ready to go yet. If you are not able to get into a Scot clinic let me suggest that you contact Alvin Kopp also of Alberta and aquire his training DVD's. For a wor
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