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  1. Julie, I must apologize then. I am sorry you have the impression of me that you do. I have taken the advice or board members and I value that advice. I am fully aware that many board members are far more qualified than I. I have notes from this great advice. Please understand my frustration and that it can at times lead to an outburst. As a result of all the advice I have received and partly due to my non-productive meeting with the behavior specialist I have made arrangements this morning for Dave and I to go to a SW Ontario University next week and meet with a real behavior specialist. They
  2. Thanks for your advice although a little less attitude would be helpful. We took Dave to our Vet and the only behavior expert in our area ( not certified ). Dave did not display any of his bad behavior although he did bark at another dog. She walked Dave around and he did the usual follow on the lead with his his tail wagging and looking for treats. He did his lie down and come and all the usual stuff. She was more of a talker than a listener so I am not so sure she understood or payed much attention to our sneak attack story but she seemed to have a plan. Dave needs to be trained and socializ
  3. I won't bore you with the details again of Dave's behavior but he did something today that is either new or I had not payed much attention to before. I had Dave out alone, he is usually with my other two dogs. A lady approached Dave he has seen before. Dave went into full pet me mode with the tail going and he was quite excited. He showed no signs of fear or alarm. She pet Dave for a while and he was right into it. When she turned to walk away however Dave began jumping and barking at her very aggressively. In the second situation a gentleman came to the window of my truck, he had noticed Dave
  4. Deb, you mentioned Dave's job in public, that rang a bell with me. That same thought has crossed my mind a few times. Dave often appears to be on high alert. When he is in the truck he seems to be constantly scanning for other dogs, bikes etc. and often when he spots something he barks and jumps etc.. He will do the same thing with other people and dogs when we are walking. I though about this further. Dave will sometimes appear upset when he does something wrong ( perhaps my imagination ) but when he does this I will call him off his work to get him to re-focus. He will often stop and come di
  5. I answered a question on another thread from a fellow member about my dog Dave. The subject matter has me thinking. Many of you are aware of the difficulties I have had with Dave, he is coming along slowly but, is there something in Dave's history that could offer some clue as to why and what he is today. You may have the answer. I am not a breeder so I know little on the subject. I had mentioned that I have been with Dave literally from the moment he was born. Dave was born to a litter of four puppies. Two days after he was born we discovered that two additional puppies still remained inside
  6. My dog Dave has only destroyed three books in his day. His first was a Canadian Tire catalogue and the other two, The Other End of the Lease and Click to Calm. I have quite a library in a shelving unit in my office. A good portion of the books are withing easy reach of all my dogs, strange Dave picked only the two training books. I have kept the wrecked books for evidence. Go figure.
  7. I have trained so many things into my dogs by accident. Dave was very hard to house train. He was always doing something and he did not have the time to go out it seemed. We tried everything and the best that we could get for a long time was if he was heading in the direction of the door we followed. We tried a bell and it worked fine until Dave figured out that he could get out for any reason when he felt like it. One day without making a single sound Dave managed to get the bell off the door, he did his business in the kitchen and showed up in the living room with the bell and he dropped it
  8. I am so sorry, I can hardly write this. I am fearful I am approaching this point with one of my dogs and it hurts. I held him on the day he was born and I have held him thousands of times since. Nothing brings more joy and sadness to my heart than my dogs. They have given me my life and I will do anything for them, when the time comes I hope I am as strong as you. Please have great memories.
  9. This is the best news we have had in a couple of days, we are glad Sam is home. All we could think about was the horrible feeling we would have if we lost one of our guys. Thanks Sam, you have brought it back home for us to.
  10. I little off topic but concerning pain medications. My Vet talked me into trying Deramaxx on a test basis for my dog Pete who has a problem with his right rear hip. He has shown signs of being in pain. We watched carefully and at first he seemed better but after several days he began to change. I have read some bad stuff about this drug on the internet and it is commonly and widely used for hip and joint pain. First we noticed that Pete's sleeping habits changed. He slept in a different location and still is from his normal spot. He showed signs of being out of it, not attentive. We noticed th
  11. My oldest dog is now seven. With all of the things he has chewed and or broken and all of his vet bills and toys etc. my wife claims he is worth $22,681.72 per pound at the moment.
  12. Sorry, I should have been clear but since you brought this up something has occurred to me I have not mentioned before. No, Dave stayed with his litter mates until they were 11 weeks old but I was with Dave every day from the moment of his birth until we finally took him from the farm at 12 weeks. I am not a breeder, Dave was bred by our Vet out west who is our best friend. But there was a couple of things about Dave's birth that were a little odd. Dave was born with three other puppies. His mother had surgery two days after Dave was born because two puppies were still inside her but not alive
  13. I never got my best dog until he was two. It appears that somewhere along the line he has taken an injury to his right rear hip. He had a very rough start to life and has taken several injuries working in a feed lot. We do not know the full extent of the damage, he is very mobile and my Vet feels that we should just keep an eye on things. He does not work hard and I do not push him. He seems to know when to quite. It is obvious it causes him pain so we treat that with pain killers which gives him some relief. I am not sure what to do, he is only four now and of course he wants to be very activ
  14. What a terrible feeling, my worst nightmare, I hope you get Sam back safe and sound.
  15. When my youngest dog Dave was a puppy he would curl up with my wife and suck her thumb. He is two now but every once in a while he will still do this. We have had him since the day he was born and he has some interesting habits.
  16. Looking for a new approach to training I found a site last night, check out Dancing Hearts Holistic Learning Center.
  17. I have spoken with my Vet about this same subject a couple of times. I have three dogs all from the same blood line. Two could not care less about thunder and the third is fearful. My Vet said no medication, it is a natural fear and allow the dog to work through it, give him help if you can but let him do it himself. The downside of the medication is not worth it and it may inhibit the dogs ability to deal with the problem. When he hears thunder he begins to look for a safe place which is usually a closet. Here are some observations. If my wife and I respond to the thunder it can make him wors
  18. I think perhaps many of the neo-trainers have convinced a following that their methods are better than the old ways and these followers most of whom are new of course have no idea about traditional methods. They are solid in their belief and they are sticking to it. Just over a year ago when I first moved east I was invited to join a group of farm folks who all had dogs they wanted to train for stock work. There was about 15 people and dogs. They hired a trainer from Michigan and payed her quite a sum to come out every Sunday. Perhaps I misunderstood but in every case the trainer would walk al
  19. Don't be alarmed, many of us feel the same way. I have much trouble leaving my guys and when I am gone I need to check. I have never left them for more than a couple of days and my wife and I go out of our way to plan free time and vacations where we can take the dogs. To me life is just more fun having my dogs around. I even work with them and travel for work. My dog Pete seems to want to find me when I am missing and that worries me. I think if I did leave him for any length of time I would look for a kennel that had security. I like the idea of Pete not be able to get away, he is safe and I
  20. You should have last word on this thread but I would like to ask what conclusion you have come to, what do you do from here. I think you had some great input from many members of this board. I went back and watched the video over and over. I see a very frustrated dog but a proud owner.
  21. I have been watching this thread for some time and I have been thinking back to my very first days. I had the privilege of working in western Canada with know top handlers and trainers who have more than proven themselves to the herding world. I cannot support this method and if I was just starting out I would need to reject it. I cannot see where me or my dogs could benefit from leash training herding. I started very differently. I started with a trained dog and I was told to learn from the dog and I did. I was then given a puppy to raise and one day we both arrived at a point where I took my
  22. Dogs seem to have the ability to hide medical problems but sometimes they give us tips ion small ways such as not eating. I watch my guys very carefully and if something changes I go on alert. I saved my best dogs life a couple of years ago. A couple of things seemed to change in him overnight, he did not want food or water and he did not want to go to work. I took him to the vet and he had a dangerously high temp. We treated him but never did find the problem. When my guys seem to change they are off to the vet.
  23. I need to ask the same question about Frontline, is there any connection. We started Frontline in March and have troubles since. We did not have trouble before although we have been through bouts with the dogs that we looked into. Our vet ruled out any other problems after considerable testing. We do not use Frontline in the winter and the dogs are fine. It is odd that they started to have trouble when we started to use it again this year. Thanks.
  24. They really make you think and try to observe. My youngest dog is fearful and I have been watching him carefully for signs that trigger his fear. It tends to make me more aware. Watch for anything that may change around you like a new noise in the area etc. My oldest dog will not go out if he hears thunder or knows there is a storm coming. He knows this long before I do so I always know the weather forecast. I don't force him or show any concern. Sometimes if things are very calm he will come out but does not like to stay long. He seems to be getting better, he used to run and hide in a closet
  25. OK, since you asked. I am a large male, powerful when I was young, pro hockey player, pro fishing guide, you know the usual manly man stuff. I have three border collies and I don't mind saying I love them and care for them like a little old lady if you like. My best dog is a big powerful herder, we do sheep and cows, worked a lot of ranches. I have never once found I needed to be forceful with him in any fashion, I have never felt the need to assert my dominance yet he thinks I am the pack leader, he is my partner. I can't tell you how many times at the end of a day of hard work my pack and I
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