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  1. I could'nt resist, I purchased it when I saw it all Wal-Mart a few weeks back. Really cute and you can learn a little from it...."The power is all in the eye...", and chasing sheep and not listening means you don't get to work your sheep anymore. I was thinking of donating it to the local library, but might just keep it to pass around. Deb
  2. Don't think it won't happen, if your pup truely is understanding that he is moving the cat, one day when the cat decides that it won't move the results may not be to your liking, I have a hen here that is just getting back to her feet after telling Riley she was not going to move, that part did not get her hurt, it was when the hen pecked Riley on the nose when Riley told her she will move that put Riley over the edge, but really Riley was not over the edge, just applied more pressure to make her point, unfortunately it injured the hen. She's ok now, getting around fine with the other hens, b
  3. Last night when I working Jake I was thinking about the thread about allowing the dog to find his way vs. making him be right, if you read my post to Virgil about Jake getting way out to control his stock you know I have a challange. I've have put a lot of thought into where I went wrong, his breeder told me that he does not worry about his dog flanking around to the head, he works on alot of driving with his dog, he said that he knows that his dogs will cover the draw. Made sense, work on driving, what I did not think about, was every time I allowed Jake to just go to the draw and camp I sh
  4. We will have things rolling sometime between 9 and 10 in the morning, we are not sure yet how many people will be here, we have a couple that are talking about staying over night and working Sunday too. Lesha Eggers was talking of coming up, she comes up here to work Molly, maybe you guys can car pool. You might want to give Marc a call and talk to him. How does James get a long wtih Jade? BTW, we are only 4 miles down the road from there, just go into Williams, turn on 4th street and go 3 miles east. We can see his barn from here. He used to train here. Deb
  5. Hi Rachel, Has anything happened that has scared her where she is relating a consecence to the noise? Her reaction, "her ears and head go down, her tail goes between her legs, and she comes to me to hide in between/behind my legs" makes me think she is relating the noise to a punishment, we have had that when Indy our cattle dog male has gotten over excited and overstimulated and ran over one of our pups. For a while everytime Indy got geeked up the pup would go into hide mode, she eventually got over it when she gained the understanding that everytime he reved up did not mean she was go
  6. It's hard letting go, the future is unknown and it is easier for us to leave things as they are, thinking about what could go wrong or asking ourselves whether they are ready makes it worse. Trust in the dog, the solid time you put in, and trust in the new owner. Last year I allowed Sheila to be placed in a new home, I tried so hard to talk the people out of her, what if she could not handle the change, what if they put her into a situation that scared her and she got snippy, what if they could not control her and she started nipping, what if she was a dog.... Last week I heard a report fro
  7. I just thought of an example, when the dog is flanking and we ask them to stop we want the dog to stop without quartering in toward the sheep. Last night Sharon was here working Jay, she asked him to lie down he did, but quartered toward the sheep bumping or lifting them over causing her to miss the line she wanted the dog to walk up on. So we went to working on getting the dog to stop without quartering, she asked him to lie down, he quartered she put him where she wanted him, she repeated a few times and then demanded, he stopped without quartering but did not lie down, I told her to accep
  8. Yes and no, I guess we want it right, but if the dog is wrong we correct it but are willing to accept change the leans toward being correct if the dog tries to change his thought from what was wrong. Then it's followed by the expection of being correct and accepting no less once you know the dog understands what is right or wrong. Sorry, it's kinda deep... Deb
  9. Being totally new to this...is there and option C? Show the dog how you want it, what is expected, expect compliance then let the dog explore and make mistakes but since you have an expectation and compliance instilled in the dog already you have the ability to let the dog know he is wrong and then show him what he should do if he does not figure it out himself via the stocks reaction. I guess a balance between the two? Deb
  10. Everyone is welcome to join us here in central Iowa for our third annual corn roast, herding party and to celebrate Wayne's Birthday, on Saturday July 5th. We have some changes this year, first we are going to have a pot luck so bring a dish to pass, second, stock charges have been waived!!! Come on over, bring family, friends and your herding dogs. We will have sheep and ducks available to work in many working areas including a ranch course. I'm also trying to get someone to bring some agility equipment to set up in one of our shaded work areas (fingers crossed) We also have plenty o
  11. I've been over to the ABCA site, but it tells me how to go about it but not what is expected out of the dog. Regarding searching the archives, I keep getting an error. Deb
  12. I don't know that it has anything to do with the breed, it sounds like she just thinks that she is right and does not know what to do once the sheep have been driven off. I have a male border collie here now that started by doing great drives, nice and straight, the sheep would get to a fence and he would just hold them there for a second or so, then he would return to me, he just did not know what he should do next and is not one to create work, he is lower on drive then our other dogs which is probably why he would just come back instead of stay with the sheep, but he now has a nice little
  13. Can someone with expirence with applying for ABCA papers via the ROM program tell me how it works? What level of training or natural ability does a dog need in order to qualify, etc...? Deb
  14. Thanks Vergil, I want to learn as much as I can from this guy. I'll keep working on little successes with him and try not to get him in too deep. Deb
  15. Meaning just don't bother putting more time into her, has nothing to do with spaying, in the horse industry we say, find a new "Zip Code". Not to worry, she's not going anywhere, if she did I have three different people that want her, all exclusively working homes.
  16. I was just talking to a prospective dog buyer, he has cattle and is looking for a dog to use to move his cattle from pastures into lots, through chutes and into alleys. His work requires a dog that can handle the pressure of small spaces. I know that there are areas of the country that still only require a dog to work out in large areas, but around here the dogs have to be able to work tight, if set up correctly arena trials actually can help identify a dog that naturally is capable of such work, I think... It is kinda frustrating, I have a cattle group that is interested in some working
  17. Update....today I went out with the group of ewes and lambs, I worked on looking hard at what was triggering the huge flanks, it seems to be triggered when I ask for an off balance flank when the sheep are not settled, so today I really tried hard to make sure the sheep were not on the move when I transitioned from a walk up to a flank, if he started to get big I gave him a walk up command in hopes of getting him to think in, if I tried to stop him or get his attention via a correction it would drive him out bigger. When I did have him drive the sheep I was careful to be sure he was keeping t
  18. I have a young male, almost 2 years old that I'm having problems getting him in, he runs out way to wide to be able to facilitate a drive, he has never been pushed out from the stock but he knows that the further out he is the better chance he has at holding against a draw. I try to command him in and sometimes I can get him to come in to the proper distance for a bit but soon is way out again. If I do fetching excersises he has plenty of pace and rate, but when I begin to factor myself out he either makes a mistake and upsets the apple cart or just starts getting bigger and bigger, he is ef
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