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  1. The only Greenfield Puppies that I'm finding in PA is a rather large broker type website that represents oodles of breeds and breeders. If that is the same, I would be very cautious. Make certain you meet the parents and that they are of sound mind and temperament. Friendly and well behaved. Things to watch out for, puppies that are cautious, suspicious or aloof. Many will tell you that it's normal since they have not been off the farm or seen strangers, but we have found that is more of a temperament issue. The pup I took to the vet clinic today has never been off the farm, has on
  2. As far as a 11 week old being to that vet, it depends on the breeder and why they are taking them. Some do hearing tests so those pups would have been to the vet. Some don't do their own vaccinations or deworming and just let the vet do it, so those definitely would have been to the vet. If the breeder is comfortable with giving vaccinations and has a good relationship with their vet and does not have something particular that they want the vet to see the pups for then odds are they won't see a vet until before going home if health papers are required. If the pup is staying within the s
  3. I have kennel cards that we maintain in a three ring binder for each individual dog. A copy goes with each pup when it goes home. This pup is heading to the vet this afternoon for his rabies shot, a fecal exam and health papers so that he can be picked up tomorrow. Heading to a suburb of Chicago to be a companion. After his vet appointment his card will be updated and his new owner will be provided all the updated info. Here is his present card http://leaningtreestockdogs.com/images/kennelcard.jpg
  4. we give our own vaccinations to our doge aside from rabies. Would probably be best to contact your vet to see their take, but here is mine: You want to ask when their last vaccination was given, if over 3 weeks ago and the pups are under 18 weeks of age then you definitely want to make certain the pups receives another vaccination immediately and do not take the pup into any places that will increase the risk for exposure to parvo. Also, if the vaccine was just given, if you take the pup to the vet and they run a snap test it is possible that the pup will test positive due to the vaccin
  5. I wouldn't make any color judgments until he sheds out his puppy coat and his adult coat is in. Would wonder if black/white with a brown/tan undercoat.
  6. Also, depending on the dog, some have little to no interest in cattle and sheep trip their trigger. While the cattle are bigger, they often move slower, where as sheep are quicker which will heightened a dogs drive. Same with ducks, ducks can drive a super keen dog crazy, or a sensitive dog into sulling up or a dog that doesn't have a lot of interest just enough motion to get them to want to engage so that they can build drive. Anyway, it's all case by case.
  7. It depends on the dog and how much drive and want it has for livestock. Some, it won't matter what you teach them before taking them to livestock their drive to engage and control the livestock is so strong that there will be little to no adverse effects and actually a lot of training before you take them to stock can help you with your communication when you take them to stock. Unfortunately, odds of getting one that is that strongly driven may be low so erroring on the side of caution by not teaching that dog to fixate and demand things from you is a good thing.
  8. I would try something to see if it's the door way or the requirement of coming into your pressure to get into the house or the pressure of other dogs. Simply leave the door open and walk out around her and see if she elects to go into the house vs. staying in the yard with you. Pressure sensitivity can make a dog reactive, if it's that she is having problems with the pressure then work on getting her comfortable with being in close proximity of you no matter what you are doing. You don't want to turn her into a lap dog or force her to accept being near you, especially when you are movin
  9. I will put a little water on the bottom of the food dish, put the food in and then drizzle the panacur over the food. The water prevents it from sticking to the bottom. I have only one dog that refuses it that way and it did take a little time to get everyone on board. I'm also told that you can mix a sweetener into it to help make it taste better.
  10. You can order 1000 ml bottles of double strength with banana flavoring from Avenue Vet out of Iowa. I think the last bottle I order was $69.00 so substantially cheaper then buying the goat/cattle wormer and since it's double strength you only give 1 cc / 8 lbs, they send it with the dog dosage on the bottle for you. They will lick it off the syringe.
  11. 1 cc / 4 lbs of body weight for 7 days. That's using a 10% suspension.
  12. I believe that AKC has a different process, they have a litter application and then the buyer sends in for the papers by sending in the application, with ABCA there is only one step, all pups have to be registered by the breeder, no applications given to the buyers. I am one that waits until pups are sold and also sometimes a bit longer to see if the pups we are keeping back for one reason or another warrant registration. Typically I have it done by the time they are 6 months old, but had one litter that I held off a little longer on. When I registered the pups they will be in the new ow
  13. I have a pup that is about 6 1/2 months old and his 1st puppy canine just dropped off, his adult canines began erupting about a week ago. You may see that his adult tooth will grow in right next to the baby tooth, don't panic, 99% of the time the puppy tooth will fall out in it's own time under normal play and wrestling conditions. The only time that we have intervened was when a adult canine was completely in and it was clear that the puppy tooth wasn't coming out on it's own. In our experience it happens very rarely, though if you google it, some will make you think it is a pretty c
  14. Boy, it can be one of those deals where you don't know how things will go until your in the middle of it and can see the incoming storm clouds. With us having breeding males, we have a extra dynamic but find that some males just don't get along with other males, it's more of a individual thing. Same with females, some get along well with other females and some flat out hate certain individuals. I've found that we can raise a young male pup in with our house dogs (Jake & Ricky) and so long as he stays part of the house pack things will go well, but if he goes off for training or one o
  15. Makes me wonder what we are doing different that we don't see fleas, been 6-7 years, knock on wood
  16. This takes me back to when we have heelers, I recall being insistent that any dog with a Bentley mark splash on their forehead had to be ACD or crossed with ACD. I insisted because that is what I had been told and I believed the people who told me that, they were the experts for pete sake (akc people at the time). A number of years later we found ourselves working with border collies, there are quite a few border collies that have that type of marking on their forehead, and they are registered dogs, solid lines and their work clearly indicated that they were bone fide border collies. Anyw
  17. Also, please take some time to read the following about this boards so that you are prepared for what some others may have to say as this thread advances http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showannouncement=1&f=6
  18. Specifically when it comes to smooth coats, yes there are smooth coated border collies, probably the best place to send anyone that does not believe it is here http://www.bordercolliemuseum.org/BCLooks/CoatType/CoatType.html There are way more important considerations when selecting breeding pairs then coat type and who is willing to purchase based on coat type. I would suggest reading and researching more about the breed, purpose and what makes a dog worthy of breeding. Coat doesn't have much to do with working ability, aside from when the coats get so heavy and dense that they interf
  19. I've heard of more then one person who had dna testing done to verify parentage and they could not pin point the sire when both sires were closely related, know of two that told me first hand that was their own expirence. Reading other conversations about split litters, many seem to share the same experiences, that the pups were all by one sire or the other. I could see someone covering a bitch with two males if there was only going to be one shot at breeding the female or if there was a lot of money invested into that particular anticipated litter to help ensure that pups were at minimum
  20. I suspect that there would be a fair number of unhappy people if parentage testing was ever to be mandated. So many seem to trust the papers and extended pedigrees, I think they are putting a awful lot of faith into the unknown. Don't know that it happens near as much as it once did, but at one time it was pretty common for people to slap papers on unregistered animals that looked purebred. We saw it quite a bit with the horses, horse traders would have brief cases full of extra registration papers swapping them around as needed. Maybe taking a set of papers off a poor horse that wasn't w
  21. Also, standing against a proposed bill that would supposedly ban dog fighting does not mean that someone is protecting or endorsing dog fighting, that argument is ridiculous. Dig deeper and it will be discovered that there is something buried within the language that if changed would sway opposition to support.
  22. dog fighting is a interesting subject, I would oppose a bill that was marketed as a ban on dog fighting if within the language it placed hardship some place else that was undue, call it unintended consequence. In truth after dealing with some of these people wanting to literally outlaw dog breeding, and yes some do, we found that they slide things in for later. This past year they tried passing a bill that would create a board and fund to increase spay/neutering pets in the state. There was language within that bill that gave all power to regulate all levels of dog breeding to that board
  23. Newly released video from the US Sportsmen's Alliance, listen close, if it pertains to dogs there is not such thing as "doesn't affect me".
  24. 2 weeks ago someone dropped in to look at pups and had their agility dog along who is from working lines. Compared to our dogs, that dog was fine boned and slight framed, but I don't think of our dogs as being excessively thick. To me they are proportionate. We want enough body and bone so as the dog does not appear frail but not so much that they look like a lug when they travel. We have only produced one 65 pounder that we know of, he works on a ranch in Colorado. He was a huge puppy and grew up to be a thick dog. He is not as athletic as the second dog we sold them who is just as tall
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