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  1. That is the hard question to ask yourself, if the dog shows talent would the OP proceed? Some are intrigued enough to be able to say they would, others know their personal limitations and know that they would not. The person at the clinic this weekend said straight out that they would not regardless of what the dog did.
  2. Save the sheep, if you have no plans on pursuing stock work, I would suggest taking a pass in the best interest of the sheep. Someone brought a dog to a clinic this past weekend, dog offered three things, chase & bark, follow the sheep and disinterest. The owner was simply curious. Really wasn't much there to see, but the owner thought it was great. If it had been up to me, when I found out that the owner had no intentions on doing anything but to satisfy curiosity I would have discouraged the adventure. Sheep almost crashed the fences when dog went to chase which lead to the dog needing t
  3. These are my favorite if buying new, I use the 28" for the most part http://www.revivalanimal.com/Ultra-Vari-Kennel.html?sku=12430-1164
  4. May want to have a peak at Mr. Williams' dogs on his sire page, Kelpies? Really? hmmm http://www.campaspeworkingdogs.com/Sires.html
  5. Has anyone seen the recent Q & A video that was posted by MacRae's mythbusting trial and chore? The question that came to mind for me after listening to it, are enough of those high level competitors that do expect that high level of work and ability actually breeding enough.
  6. He is directing it toward Australian 3 sheep trials as I recall, but also mentioned that the UK are better but still not ideal if I recall correctly because it is judging the sheep and not the dog.. There is also a major trait that he feels is not being tested for in either venue. Would have to thumb through it again to refresh my memory. The companion dvd that he offers is also worth the look too.
  7. All, no. There is plenty of diversity in size and also the breeders focus as to how they expect the dog to work. We have many in the 30 lb range. Our largest dog is actually one we bought, lines more recognized on the sheepdog side then cattledog side.
  8. the airlines answer to usda and have to follow the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) when it comes to transportation.
  9. I think it depends on the work the dog is expected to perform, while I doubt that anyone wants to write dogs off at 4-5 there is the reality that some work is harder then other work and comes with a higher risk of injury or death. Would need more information as to the context of the discussions before judging as to if the breeders/trainers are actually accepting dogs that will only last a few years or if they are instead accepting that the work that their dogs will be doing is high risk. A 12 year old dog that spent it's life with a small farm flock of sheep or goats is hardly likely
  10. I see where Donald is coming from on this, all you have to do is field a phone call from someone new into sheep dog or cattle dog trialing and have them ask you what they should expect at the trial they are planning on attending in Tennessee next weekend. If it was a AKC trial you could ask what course was announced and give them a pretty good idea, but if it was USBCHA you would have to tell them to get in touch with the event host or someone who has attended that particular trial on a regular basis to find out what to expect course and rules wise.
  11. http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-dying-akc-is-proof-darwin-was-right.html
  12. I recall one of my first clinics with a open handler that I respect, he was demonstrating and teaching shedding to a large group of beginners. The reason? It showed why it was ever so important for a dog to work with you and not just bully the sheep around. Slicey flanks, dogs lacking in their development of rate and feel were all exposed giving everyone who was willing to see that what they allow today effects how successful they will be where they want to go.
  13. New info, different strain then originally believed, may not be covered by the existing vaccine. http://mediarelations.cornell.edu/2015/04/12/midwest-canine-influenza-outbreak-caused-by-new-strain-of-virus/
  14. Bethany, if you have not, check with the rules there where your living to make certain that they don't have limits or even if poultry/fowl is allowed where you live. Some town/city ordinances ban all livestock and chickens/ducks may be included in their definition of livestock.
  15. I just had our vet here to give all our youngsters their rabies shots, he said to just hang tight, keep the dogs healthy and out of high risk environments. His advice was to wait until we see if it gets closer to us and then think about giving the vaccine. He wasn't to thrilled with the vaccine since it has to be given annually.
  16. this is the update from the AVMA in regard to the vaccine posted a couple of days ago: "The vaccine is intended as an aid in the control of disease associated with CI virus infection. Although the vaccine may not prevent infection altogether, efficacy trials have shown that the vaccination may significantly reduce the severity and duration of clinical illness, including the incidence and severity of damage to the lungs. In addition, the vaccine reduces the amount of virus shed and shortens the shedding interval; therefore, vaccinated dogs that become infected develop less severe illness a
  17. This notice just came across my FB feed from someone who is showing dogs "The canine influenza is not the same as canine para-influenza . The disease is spreading. The first dose takes seven to ten days to give minimal protection. The second dose given two to three weeks later does the job. It is pricey but five dogs have died in the Chicago area. You can order 25 doses on line or contact your vet. This is a serious situation with up coming futurities and shows."
  18. This is strictly my opinion which has been formed after speaking to many vet professions, asses the over all health of your dog before taking it to a higher risk environment. At a recent seminar conducted by a well respected vet, it was stated that the viruses themselves are not nearly as lethal if the dog's immune system is not already compromised. Things that compromise the system, stress, coccidiosis, giardia and the big one that he pointed out WORMS. So many say that their dogs don't have worms because their fecals are clean and they never see worms. Well, they could still have a worm
  19. also how much of "intelligence" is in truth trainability? When the dogs are deemed intelligent is it based on IQ or what they can be taught to do so that they appear to have a high IQ?
  20. hard to say, it's all give and take, but in truth, if all the other breeds are suffering from the same pet bred demise the "best of the worst" will still be the best.
  21. what struck me when I read this? "The "Most Intelligent Dog" danger was overcome by "For most people, Border Collies don't make good pets", " that "for most people, border collies don't make good pets" was overcome by people breeding them specifically to be pets, so to me "most intelligent dog" has now evolved.
  22. If the breeder really sent them in a month ago and still no charges and the ABCA office is saying that they have not received them then I would be resubmitting the application. Also, the owner of the bitch is the one that has to send in the application and make the payment. They won't accept the application filled out by the bitch owner with a check written by someone else such as the owner of the male.
  23. The gals over in Nebraska with the rescue do a good job. We see both Karen and Jessica quite regularly, they come and help out at the cattle and sheepdog trials that both Iowa and Nebraska Clubs put on.
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