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  1. There are some dogs that don't do well in certain situations and when put into those situations act out quite severely. In this case I would tend to make the walk as stress free as possible, look ahead and if you see someone coming pick a different route, don't subject the dog to any encounters with people and other dogs, she has made it clear that she doesn't like it and will act on her emotions. This is the type of dog that I would tend to exercise in the back yard and not subject her to the public, for her own safety. Not all dogs are wired to be social butterflies and no amount of behavior
  2. I'm pondering what trial this would have been, I by far don't know all the people in the area but am having difficulty imagining a trial in this region that is run like that with that type of attitude on behalf of handlers in attendance.
  3. How things evolve or could is probably similar to what has happened with parents and children, once upon a time spanking wasn't deemed as abuse, now it is. Were more children who were spanked abused? I'm guessing that there are many of us on this page who were spanked as a child, I was, do I feel like I was abuse, no. But there then will be some where the spanking went to far, it truly was abuse. The answer was to make it where you can no longer physically reprimand a child with out fear of being taken up on abuse charges and having your children removed. Is that right? Some say yes, others sa
  4. The think is TDFOSTER is that you are wanting to know what is going on when no one but the offender/owner and the animal/victim knows. You can't write a law for that, not without invading everyone's privacy.
  5. There is a movement here in Iowa to vote legislators in based on their animal beliefs, it's not outwardly obvious, but it's there by looking at who is endorsing and promoting them, so please, be aware, times are changing.
  6. Please be careful assuming that the legislators understand. Last year I sat down and had to explain to a long time representative in our state with a strong agriculture background that not everyone goes to the neighbor and to the newspaper to buy their next puppy. He was shocked to hear that we fly puppies on airlines or that we can arrange transport. It is very well worth while to meet with legislators to help them understand how and what we use our dogs for and what methods of care, housing and such are important to be preserved and why, so that they don't accidently vote for legis
  7. Example of that discussion.... "What should we make of such wanton cruelty in children? It is a childish prank or sign of deep-seated psychopathology that will someday erupt into far worse violence against people? Researchers who study human-animal interactions are divided over the causes and consequences of animal cruelty. Many anthrozoologists argue childhood animal cruelty is a good predictor of later violence against humans (see, for example, here(link is external)). Others, however, believe that the link between animal cruelty in children and adult violence is not very strong For exa
  8. there has been some debate about that link, there has been quite a bit of discussion that that link has not actually been proven and is a constantly repeated myth that has eventually turned into a assumed fact. Anyway, just saying that it has been debated and discussed and have not seen the actual scientific data or study that proves the theory. But it certainly is a great reason if it were true to push for the registries and such, but....is it?? really?.
  9. "I want the perpetrator that is physically abusive to have the same treatment he gave that living breathing mammal." So then are you all for capital punishment? Shouldn't the same be held true not only for abuse but also death, not just to animals but also toward other human beings?
  10. The wheels of justice turn slow and for the most part we really should be grateful of that for one day we may find ourselves caught in between the cogs. Here is a link to many Iowa Abuse cases that include what the judgement and penalty was, a person can go further to see what the total possible fine or judgement could have been to determine if the judge applied maximum or gave leniency. One of the assessments a person could make is that the problem isn't the laws, but instead that the jurisdiction isn't prosecuting to the fullest degree. The lays at the hands of the persecutors and jud
  11. This comes back to the discussion of do we need more laws or do we need enforcement of the current laws? Those breaking the laws don't suddenly become model citizens when new laws are passed, instead we end up making more law breakers, in many cases dragging some down that didn't deserve it. Frustration that the current laws are not enforced or prosecuted shouldn't be vented by trying to pass more restrictive laws.
  12. Depending on your situation and what you do with your dogs it can be pretty scary what is getting passed in some states that is deemed abusive. There are some states that you don't dare leave a dog in your car, even with the AC on. We talk about it taking the dog trailer places or when we trial and go to tie out dogs, is there a law in this state that would deem our dog trailer unsuitable or the chains illegal? While our dogs are anything but abused while in the dog trailer or chained, laws are getting passed that would allow some to have issue with the practices and in turn have abuse cha
  13. And others in Iowa are fighting really hard to stop more laws that are being presented. Abuse if you leave your dog in a car even with it running unless there is a licensed adult in the car too.....sheez..
  14. Whoa people, might want to check your state laws and many others to see what treatment is deemed as abuse before you jump on this band wagon.
  15. They have to follow USDA guidelines and are inspected both while traveling and their home facilities. There are restrictions as to their housing, such as space, more then most think since the housing has to be large enough to accommodate them for the duration of time they are at shows, amount of time hauled, temperature control, etc. Same regulations apply to any animal act that you see at fairs and such.
  16. Well, it's not illegal to my knowledge... but that's one of the poorest representation of the act that I have seen. But, the condition of the border collies is what has become more common, actually all dogs are more likely to be presented in a over weight condition then in fit condition.
  17. The standard is not what creates that look, it's the breeders that create that look who have decided amongst themselves that that is what a border collie should look like. Most all working border collies would fit in that standard that is written even thought the breeders of them never reference it..
  18. Like to see them lean and muscular, "ripped", muscle definition from front to back with nice tuck leading up into their flank, also muscle over their back. Believe it or not, this dog is a couch potato, though some lines are less muscled then others naturally https://scontent-mia1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/11223310_948654855177930_8478530314046147029_n.jpg?oh=a1f7a49c27a18d52004344785cf41a83&oe=567E4DBA
  19. Looks like our Tory with more white and heavier ticking and over weight, Border Collie. Link to her photo http://leaningtreestockdogs.com/dogs/Tory/IMG_8629.JPG If you share his pedigree some here may be able to show you relatives that resemble him. Would be looking for him to be in the neighborhood of 45 lbs in fit condition.
  20. The higher your goals and expectations the lower the percent there will be of those that can meet your standard. If you want a dog that works, you can easily hit 100%. If you want a dog that is better then the average dog, your percentages are going to fall off rabidly. Now expect a dog to naturally handle the work you have in a specific fashion, those percentages go down even more. So the turn over percentage is going to depend on what the handler is willing to accept and also how well any given cross is at producing that type of dog the handler is looking for.
  21. Nope, don't think so.. I think this is the current list of all breeders http://www.abcbordercollies.com/
  22. Yes, Caesar Millan has been promoting stock exposure to help with behavioral issues, allowing the dog to follow their bred in instincts.... folks wanting to come out following his suggestions also are completely put out if you interfere in a effort to protect your sheep. sore subject.
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